The enemy within

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”

This has always been the case for civilizations as far back as Kimit, Kush, great Zimbabwe, Ghana, Khart Haddas, the Persian Empire, Greece, Rome, the Ottoman Empire, the Brutish empire and so on and so on.

Among the many reasons given for the destruction of these civilization or Empires, where the loss of their moral compass which usually follows the influx of foreign entities such as foreign cultures, ideas, people and merchandise. These things eventually become the dominant entity inside the dying Empire/civilization, hastening its demise. While a continent and therefore cannot be classified as a single entity, Afrika none the less suffers from the same fate of internal destruction from foreign infestation of cultures, ideology and materials that dominate the local ones.

Rest assured it was not the superior fire power nor the higher level of barbarism that made Afrika a current colony of Europe and Asia. It was our failure, then and now to accurately accept that each and every society on the continent is in a submissive position. Is placed in a submissive position and will always be submissive to imperialism of the European and the Asians. Nature abhors a vacuum and will willingly fill that vacuum as fast as possible.

Afrikan people have a vacuum of the retribution gene, in which they fail to practice protectionism of their culture and hence their legacy, because we are always having our hand out for a help up, instead of pulling on our own shoe laces. Afrika is the wealthiest continent and land mass on the planet. At times it seems as if there is limitless minerals and riches in the earth to sustain Europe and make Europe the economic giant it is today. Despite the fact many may say that if Afrika stands up and grabs its collective balls and take back possession of their wealth, it will not happen until each Afrikan country actually does that. Anything else is just talk.

The few countries and leaders who tried to do so, where stymied not by invaders…again..but from internal forces, who open the back door for the invaders to come in. When Hannibal Barca, had Rome cowering behind its gates and needed reinforcement from Khart Haddas, it never materialized because they were too busy back home being haters and denying him these things. Talking grimy about this war being a personal vendetta. These people choose to ignore the fact that Khart Haddas and Rome were battling for maritime supremacy in the Mediterranean before Hannibal was born.

When Thomas Sankara took over Upper Volta and renamed it the “upright man”, instructing the government and the people that hence forth they will feed themselves, clothe themselves and trade with each other, it was his alleged best friend, who eventually married to the daughter of the president of the Ivory Coast…another French Colony, who murdered him and plunged the country into a 25 year chaos. The invader forces came from the Ivory coast with French support.

When Nelson Mandela came out of Jail, he threw away the political and cultural investment of Steve Biko, Walter Sisulu, Pan Africanist Congress founder Robert Sobukwe and the countless dead and tortured at the hands of the animals that invaded ands settled the country, by allowing the devils to continue to control the military, judicial, legal and economic centers of the country. He even committed further sins by rejecting his greatest supporter as part of him coming out of jail. Along with a legacy of 10 million dollars.

Tanzanian farmers are facing heavy prison sentences if they continue their traditional seed exchange

In order to get developmental assistance, Tanzania amended its legislation, which should give commercial investors faster and better access to agricultural land as well as a very strong protection of intellectual property rights.

Today Afrika continues to freely hand over its children’s legacy to foreigners by failing to unite and develop from within, but would rather invite Europe and Asia to come in,purchase, lease to take lands at ridiculous prices, take out their wealth, invite criminals, death pushers and sex offenders to thrive openly to damage the women and children, through inoculations, pumping and dumping on their women and children and poisoning the people.

Part of the problem is rice was never a traditional crop or part of the traditional Afrikan diet

This is the by product of taking loans as part of structural adjustments…or bad predator loan agreement, where easy access to land and agriculture is demanded

I have been searching in vain for a video I saw on YouTube where hosts of Chinese and Japanese men are marrying Afrikan women from Kenya, Ghana and others, breeding them and then leaving them as sole support mothers. A position infinitely more difficult to navigate in Afrika than it is in North America.

Imagine such a thing as a whole flight crew on a Chinese airline? Have you pictured this as yet?

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