The hypocrisy of Serena Williams and the female swirlers

For decades now feminism has taught the black female to distrust the black man. Especially one who makes it in the so called white world of business and economics. The black man is taught to mistrust the black woman, as soon as he makes it.  Athletes and entertainers are considered performing zoo specimens and are controlled by zoo keepers, who presents them with the false trappings of wealth and materialism and then take the wealth back, either through deceit or out right theft. Or after securing their allegiances through demonic practices that are recorded for future extortions.

Both the kneegrow males and kneegrow females, have been conditioned to always accuse the kneegrow male of deceit and race treachery due to the false image of him being in relationship with non black females. Despite statistics that counter the emotional laden belief and targeted propaganda that successful black men shun black women, many still promote these images as the norm.



DEAL WITH IT: Queen Serena Is Marrying A White Guy And SHE OWES BLACK MEN NOTHING

This ^^^^…sums up the response of kneegrow females upon hearing that Serena Williams had finally went the extra two yards, in her 100 yard dash into the white man’s arm. However, just like a self hating wretch and supported by the professional or secret swirlers, Serena Williams   justified her bed wenching by stating that the well known boogie man…black men…caused her to become engaged to a white man. After all they never treated her right.  This is a mantra ignorant females and numerous manginas echo, without rhyme, reason or fact.

Before I go further peep this video of all the men she is alleged to have “dated”

I have seen real ignorant shit from kneegrows saying that in the case of Serena Williams, her choice was due to that dirty four letter word… “love”… and it is, as per the excuses,  because black men treated her bad. Listen people’s personalities never change. Your circumstances may change, and with it, how you react to it, is indicative of your hidden personality. The Williams sisters are ghetto born and bred. They grew up not loving themselves. Especially early in their career, when the savages would malign their femininity. Their dad would try and insulate them from it, but once the parents separated, the mother, the epitome of “ghettoness”, their self hate took off.

They started dating white men, as well as certain types of black men. I said certain types because the men they chose over all, either were all looking to be the one who screws one of the sisters, or where in awe of her celebrity image and thus worshiped her. The self hate that come out was when Serena blames black men for her getting engaged to a white guy and black people bought the shit. Yet nothing was ever said about whether the other white guys treated her good. Remember she said ONLY this dude Alex Ohanian treated her good.

When they verbally abused her, slandered her and made mockery of her image, intelligence, gender and ancestry, most black men defended her. Of course they odd self hater doesn’t count, as does the few kneegrow females who also vomit out that shit that she looked too manly.

Lets be real. Serena Williams has masculine energies. A lot of black women in todays society carries masculine energies, but Serena Williams definitely does. Overstand I never said she looked like a man, nor did I say she is ugly. I said  SHE CARRIES MASCULINE ENERGIES! Women who carries masculine energies tend to be overly argumentative, aggressive and domineering. They tend to ignore wise counsel, especially from men and swear up and down that this apparent independence is because they are strong.

Women who carry masculine energies have little respect for men who carry feminine energies. Men with feminine energy are not necessary homosexuals, but men who are considered “soft”, gentle, not aggressive, complaint and accommodating. Now while a black women with masculine energies refuse to deal with a black man with feminine energy, she has no problems accepting white men or other ethnic males with feminine energies.  I am not familiar with the first black man in the video of her “dating” choices, Common stands out as someone with feminine energy. Any man that goes public and states that Erykah Badu’s vagina changed him up, was always a mangina waiting for an excuse to put on some panties.  On the surface we don’t know if he treated her bad, but based on his personality and energy I can’t see him doing this. And the video below kind of alluded to this, destroying the lies that Serena and her swirling fans like to toss out.

Now amare stoudemire is a masculine male, despite his idiotic comment about him becoming a Jew. And just like a  women with masculine energies are turned off by a man with feminine energies,  a masculine man is turned off by a woman with masculine energies. Its notable that the shortest relationship she had was with amare stoudemire. Why is this? Is it because him being a masculine male, made this relationship a necessary short one? Then Serena Williams committed the cardinal sin of dating a white women… Drake! A bitch made nukka if I ever seen one. But the fawning over Drake is for another post about colorism.

When viewed through the prism of common sense ( no pun intended), one can see that Serena Williams, like numerous kneegrow females have poor choices in men and like most females, fall for one of two conditioned lies, society fosters on women. Find a man that looks socially good beside you,  find one whose financial worth is acceptable because he must take care of you. In both of these scenarios the acceptable male seem to be a white man or one that looks white….in the case of Janet Jackson. Serena Williams on the other hand, suffers from an additional issue, the ignorance of what she wants in a relationship. You can tell by the variety of personalities she “dated”, that she has no clear cut idea what she wants. One does not need to squeeze every ball on the rack to know which ball is preferable. Yet women today are equal to men in the desire to taste every fruit on the shelf, ending up screwing up their taste buds.

Serena Williams like a lot of kneegrow females and many males as well…but kneegrow females, who make poor relationship choices based on image, gets disappointed, runs into the arms of another ethnicity and accuse black men for her poor choices. These people will give the other ethnicities the time and patience, benefit of the doubt and even compliance, they rarely give another black person

How is Alexis Ohanian complimentary to her? He is not financially on her level…something well off kneegrow females often use as a deal breaker when it comes to black men. Is it because he tells her everything she wants to hear? It could be. But one of the problem with dealing with a woman with masculine energy, or women in general, is she quickly loses interest if she get her way all the time. What I am trying to say has nothing to do with her choice in a mate. My issue is why throw black men under the bus when you “date” more white men than black men, yet never mentioned if any of these white men treated her bad. Remember she felt ONLY Alexis Ohanian, treated her best.

The video above indicating that she was screwing this savage, WHILE on ‘dates” with both Common and Drake, says a lot about the kneegrow female in the era of Fifty Shades of Gray and Scandal. They celebrate the same thing they accuse the kneegrow male of doing, cheating, whoring, lying and crossing over the color line.

I can conclude that despite the overwhelming and for me unnecessary worship of her, Serena Williams never liked black men, as much as she like to be with men, so people wont think she is all those hateful words white people throw at her. Words such as transgender, ugly, manly, monkey, roided up… etc! Yet she runs into the arms of the kind of men who would call her these names. She has self esteem issues going back to her childhood and was evident in all those naked picture she poses for. Trying to dispel the white hate about her looks. But who is responsible for this?

Definitely Serena Williams now. But I always believed and have been saying, the genesis of her self hatred started at home with her mother and even though her father tried to put both sister son the straight and narrow, once he was out of the picture, you see how it went down. Don’t get upset I point to the black mother, old heads will know that no matter what kind of freedom fighter the father is, if the mother is not reinforcing Afrikan consciousness


7 thoughts on “The hypocrisy of Serena Williams and the female swirlers

    1. That’s the point beloved. No rational person should tell her how she must choose. Its when they make excuses as to why they made those choices, that has people up in arms. I am not one to care about other peoples movement, but don’t through us under the bus, because of cowardice and self hate. Thanks for dropping by.

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