The myth of Black Economics:

Economics concerns itself with factors that determine the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The term economics comes from the Ancient Greek οἰκονομία from οἶκος and νόμος, hence “rules of the house”.  Political economy was the earlier name for the subject, but “economists” in the late 19th century suggested “economics” as a shorter term for “economic science” to establish itself as a separate discipline outside of political science and other social sciences.

“Our livelihood is intimately tied to the food we eat, water we drink and places where we recreate. That’s why we have to promote responsibility and conservation when it comes to our
natural resources.”—-Mark Udall

There is a meme going around where a group of aboriginals on a “Turtle Island” land area, stood across from a group of European settler invaders, that had been purged from the dungeons and sewers of Europe. The caption to the meme stated: “Give a man corn, feed him for a day. Teach him how to grow corn, he kills you and steals your land”. According to Dr. Claude Anderson “race-ism is a competition” between people of different ethnicities. It is a philosophy based specifically on cultural or racial lines, where the competitive advantages are sought at the expense of others, in a world of scarce or limited resources. Under he system of white pathology, race-ism takes on a very sinister feature in that its not enough to have an advantage, but to maintain that advantage not though innovative means of mercantile or economics, but through oppression, rape, murder and genocide.

“Racism is wealth- and power-based competitive relationship between Blacks and non-Blacks. The sole purpose of racism is to support and ensure that the White majority and its ethnic subgroups continue to dominate and use Blacks as a means to produce wealth and power…True racism exists only when one group holds a disproportionate share of wealth and power over another group then uses those resources to marginalize, exploit, exclude and subordinate the weaker group”.

Race-ism is an artificial construct, created by Europeans to elevate their particular ethnicity and varied cultures over non European ones.  Since the heights of the Greco-Roman empire, all the way to amurdikkka, the IMF and the World Bank…to name a few current entities…the European mode of competitiveness is based on doing onto others before they do on to you. It is a paranoid and savage mindset based off of their gestation in the harsh and unforgiving climate of the ice age.  Invasions, imperialism and colonialism has been the hall mark of Europe’s 6,600 plus dominance over the planet.

He who feeds you, controls you

—– Thomas Sankara

Political or economic power is the ability to get things done despite the resistance and opposition of others. An individual’s power or economics is based on the production, distribution and consumption of goods and wealth. Since Black people were turned lose off the cotton and sugar plantation, we have practiced group economics, often in the face of hatred, violence and governmental genocide, as well as those in the form of legislations and the prison plantation system. We use to pool our meager resources and group unity and dynamics to produce, distribute and consume in a way that creates goods, in the face of violent land theft, Jim Crow legislations and segregation. The pooling of our resources for ourselves remains a constant reminder that Black people  must control our means and ends, for survival.

 The ideology of racism crosses all disciplines and philosophies, from the highest point to the lowest point. It affects every Afrikan person, regardless of education, employment, class or party affiliation. It does so because we have been conditioned to mistrust economic unity, which affects political trust and even interpersonal relationship.  Any ethnic group that is conditioned to love everybody else and hate itself will eventually become its own oppressor. Since integration was legislated into being, Afrikan people have been oppressing each other in a way even the most aggressive Afrikan nations in bygone eras, never, ever did.  Since we live in a world that breeds discontent, by defining success as having the biggest homes, nicest cars and more materials to wear than a department store, it is only natural that worshipping these trappings of individualism clouds our judgment and taints our overstanding of the process.

The idea though,  that wealthy countries stealing land and natural resources from a less wealthy country, is the only form of economic piracy is deluded and short sighted. In any competitive environment, if an individual or group is non-competitive they are sure to become extinct or a permanent underclass/indentured slave. Einstein once implied that epitome of madness is to do the same thing over and over while fully expecting things to somehow change. And because of our self hate and mistrust, what we perceive, we believe and what we believe eventually controls how we behave.

Our perception of our inferiority to the savage starts with our image and intellect. This naturally extends into what we believe is our economic viability outside of being an economic slave in a competitive environment. A few very pointed examples of our economic retardation, that was built on the backs of our self hatred is evident in our celebrity worship.

This is no different than when OJ Simpson after his football days where clearly over,  was moving in the hollyweird circles, and decided to divorce his wife because her unadulterated Afrikan female presence was not fitting for his new circle of friends. It was no different than countless other kneegrow celebrities who married down, financially, as long as their choices are white, feeling that they were actually winning. Tiger Woods married a damn baby sitter and ended up giving her $750 million. Halle Berry ends up paying her ex, Gabriel Aubry, $16,000 a month in child support for their daughter, Nahla, 6.

One of the most famous example of passing generational wealth to non blacks though remains that of Reginald Lewis, the investment banker, who once owned Beatrice foods. He married a Filipina and for a time was alleged to contribute to various black institutions. However, after his death, his wife then choose to focus all the wealth she inherited from him, on the Pilipino community and cut all the others off. Was she wrong? NO! And no amount of hand wringing can change my stance. Because the widow of Reginald Lewis was practicing racial economics. And if Alexi Ohanian and Serena Williams should ever split, a majority of her wealth will transfer to him, which he will in turn pass on to a white woman or if they have children, to the white community through the offspring. It will be passed through the children because the precedent set is that half-breed children of wealthy kneegrows, tend to stay in the same circle as their parents, marrying people they are comfortable with, which is often other white. This is one way that white people ensures that wealth remains  in their hands. Because we don’t practice race-ism.

The savage, being very strategic need not burn or lynch or steal our property at gun point anymore. In the world of the celebrity and even business circles, he merely presents his woman, often some one of ill repute or someone that was passed around prior, to the gullible self hater to cling to as if it was his choice and not decades of self hating conditioning. When you are the only one like yourself in any industry, you will eventually grow comfortable with which ever group you are in and with whomever you interact with. The entertainment and sports industries, of which both are the same, is notorious for plucking impoverished and talented (these days marginally so) individuals making them famous and rich, then attaching a white woman or a white man to them.

These individuals quickly forget that without their black fans purchasing their particular brand of goods or image, they would not make money for the zoo keepers and themselves. And while they are purposely insulated from their community, they are glad to appease the whispering in their ear that the folks in their current circle is more desirable than their own. These rich celebrities now, start relating to the other on a superficial and overly emotional level.  Consequently white pathology continues to practice race-ism, by economically oppressing black people, to the point where, we in their emotionally and materially impoverished and self hating state, makes demand of the celebrates that are often too unmanageable.

Here in this video, he breaks down how the Serena Williams situation, smacks of the same old giving away of potential black economic inheritance due to self hate.



Here is an example of the myth of black economics. This is Floyd Mayweather. According to him, he is worth upwards of $800 million and has numerous real estate investments across amurdikkka. I was a fan of his boxing prowess and the fact that he is hated by the establishment and the fans that hated him purely for being a black man forging his way in a sport traditionally abusive of black men. I said WAS, because since his retirement, his access and reminder to me that boxers are some of the most ignorant species around, was more evident. One has to be around a boxing gym for a while to overstand what I mean about them being ignorant.

Floyd Mayweather grew up in the state of Michigan, in a family of professional boxers. Two uncles and a father, who all inspired him to be the boxer he became. He grew up in poverty and for awhile his father went to jail for selling drugs…including to Floyd’s mother. This is one of the reason why he doesn’t drink or smoke


However, the poverty mentality remained under the surface and came to fore when he started commanding money. Once the money came in, the materialistic me first personality came out of its hiding place. According to some reports, Mayweather drops as much as $10, 000 on a bald fade and can be seen on his past boxing pre-shows buying up jewelleries and other materialistic shit for himself, his few employees and the bevy of women, willing to spread their legs for him for some hand bags and other wasteful stuff. He felt this was all good because he is making money on real estate investment. But Floyd is just another  rich kneegrow who may pass his money down to his immediate children and perhaps their children, but does not practice Black economics as a ideology of race.

Floyd Mayweather is not an idiot and despite what the naysayers like to promote he can read. but as a professional athlete and a boxer to boot, who came from poverty, he has no real sense of proportion. I am using him ONLY AS AN EXAMPLE… not to call him out as if he is the only one to do this. I am using him in conjunction with another Michigan native.


This is Dan Gilbert. He is 52 years old and has a current net worth of $5 billion. He made his money as a Loan Broker, with a company called Quicken Loans, which is headquartered in Detroit and has abut 10,000 employees. As an aside Quicken Loans has been in the past investigated for predator loans, but hey, who is checking …right?

In 2006 0r 2007 he bought the Cavs in 2005 for $375 million at age 42. Gilbert also owns the Lake Erie Monsters of the American Hockey League and the Cleveland Gladiators, an arena football team, and he operates The Q — which is home to the Cavs, Monsters and Gladiators. Then there’s Fathead, the company that sells life-size wall decals and is part of Gilbert’s Rock Ventures. Although you might already know about Gilbert’s involvement with Fathead because of this: “LeBron James Fathead Price Cut Is Sparked by Birth year of Benedict Arnold.”

Gilbert reportedly saved about $5,000 from his college pizza delivery career and used it to start a mortgage company in the mid-’80s. That company grew and expanded online; Gilbert’s Rock Financial was then purchased by Intuit, a software company. “My last semester at college, I only had classes from 8 to 10, then I’d deliver pizzas to office buildings from 11 till 2, and then I’d go take a nap with 150 bucks in my pocket,” Gilbert told ESPN.

“But it wasn’t about money for me, I wanted to build. Build businesses, houses, create stuff. For me, and I think this is a secret for a lot of people, if you want to get wealthy you can’t chase money to get wealthy. If you build something, the money will follow you. That’s what happens.”—Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert currently is investing money in Detroit real estate. A prime series of give a ways that precious few black people have taken advantage of. And I have not heard of one athlete from Detroit or currently living in Detroit purchasing blocks of abandoned or depressed real estate to revamp. NOT ONE!


Gilbert has invested $1.6 billion of his net worth buying up these depressed buildings in the black neighborhoods and building generational wealth for himself. He is providing jobs for white people ensuring they have opportunity and to make sure his legacy lasts.

This is how celebrities or kneegrows with money operate. Not from group self preservation, but from a selfish me first state. Let’s be clear, I overstand what he meant , when he asked in the past, what has Afrika done for him. This was said in a context of someone demanding that he does something for Afrika. As a group we often demand too much unrealistic things from our celebrities. There is no way Floyd Mayweather “DO SOMETHING” for Afrika. What does that really mean? His response though is not one of hating Afrika, it is one of selfishness, by implying that he worked hard for his money and Afrikans were never in the gym or doing road work with him.

So he comes across ill informed and selfish…even hateful of Afrika. NO! What he is just another kneegrow with money, who refuses to pass the love on. Not GIVE AWAY his money! Because Dan Gilbert is certainly not giving his money away is he? But pass the love on the way some one like Dan Gilbert or that other Michigan product, Kid Rock does. He also decided to manufacture and produce a beer line while employing white people. These same people, Gilbert and Kid Rock, employ can in turn benefit and their families benefit.

Once Dan Gilbert finishes his project, Detroit will be gentrified. Black people will lose out and many will look to the likes of him to be an economic savior. All the  while the numerous kneegrow celebrities like a Serena Williams will pass on her financial worth to a low level savage. Floyd Mayweather will kiss the assess of Warren Buffet and hope he doesn’t lose his money when Buffet and the circle he moves in decide he is not needed anymore. And due to the celebrity worship and bad economic knowledge, we continue to make NIKE, the Asian hair and nail business and all these homosexuals in the fashion industry wealthy. The mythical trillion dollar buying power, has no once of power, if you are not buying predominantly from your own producers and manufacturers. If your own are not directly benefitting from all that buying. People like Floyd Mayweather and Serena Williams who thinks only as an individuals, either choosing to give their legacies away to others, or who refuse to create a vehicle for group wealth are as bad as the drug dealers on the corner. They are all killers of hopes and dreams and are poor examples of what black economics and race-ism, is supposed to mean

3 thoughts on “The myth of Black Economics:

  1. Great post. Thank you. And “Any ethnic group that is conditioned to love everybody else and hate itself will eventually become its own oppressor.” is the realest statement I’ve read in awhile.

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  2. I really enjoy the insight of your posts, especially this post and your last one posted earlier today. Once we stop looking outside of ourselves (celebrities and entertainers, false gods and idols, etc.) and start to look inward (the God in us, “we are the creators of our reality”) collectively as a group, things will change for our good. I think it will happen someday, I really do.

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    1. Bless! We may not be responsible for some of the situations we find ourselves in, but we are 100 percent responsible for how we deal with it. Its not enough to sit back and wait for others to do for us and its not enough to swing for the fences or make a big splash. We however need and have to do the small things that eventually adds up as one big something. Thanks for dropping by Afrikan

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