White vs Black rage


The following commentary was written by k. Janssen for the Chicago tribune Newspaper, and an be searched on that papers website.

“A depraved attack on a mentally disabled white teen broadcast live on Facebook allegedly by four black Chicago-area residents became a national rallying cry Thursday for conservative pundits who tried to pin the blame for the attack – without evidence – on the Black Lives Matter movement. Shown repeatedly on cable TV and shared tens of thousands of times online, the grotesque video of the 18-year-old being cut with a knife in the scalp and forced to drink toilet water led familiar right-wing talking heads including Glenn Beck, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and others to call for increased charges and to find fault with what they characterized as excessively permissive policing.

Beck urged his 1.1 million Twitter followers to “Stand up with me and demand justice in Chicago for the beating of a disabled trump supporter by BLM,” also accusing the media of “blindly encouraging” similar crimes. Clarke, appearing on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Wednesday, cited the case as evidence that “Rahm Emanuel has allowed Black Lives Matter and the ACLU to run the Chicago Police Department.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News, “If this had been done to an African-American by four whites, every liberal in the country would be outraged, and there’d be no question but that it’s a hate crime.” And after Chicago police, who are under a federal investigation of their policies and practices following their shooting of black teen Laquan McDonald, later Thursday charged four defendants with a hate crime, conservative author Mike Cernovich took a victory lap. He told his 185,000 followers that their activism had led to the charges. 

“Sorry you are a loser with no impact,” Cernovich tweeted at an opponent who dared suggest that the case would have been charged as a hate crime without the conservative outcry.

The attacker’s shouts of “F‑‑‑ Donald Trump” and “F‑‑‑ white people” on the filmed attack convinced many on the right that the attack was motivated by the Black Lives Matter movement, though Chicago police spokesman Frank Giancamilli said Thursday they had found “no indication that it’s linked to any specific group,” and another police spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, said investigators believe the man was targeted because he had special needs, not because he was white.

Black Lives Matter Chicago tweeted Thursday that “BLM doesn’t condone violence and we are abhorred by this travesty. We hope he’s well & receiving care.” In another tweet, it added, “In the mainstream imagination of today, anything horrible done by Black people will be associated with BLM. Funny how oppression works.”

I am, late to the party, but by now everybody in north amurdikkka and in many parts of the world have seen the images and the actions of thee very stupid kneegrow youth. Social media is and continues to be the death of many of us. From the keyboard warriors and basement revolutionaries whop don’t know when to shut the fuck up and stop hyping up their fantasies, to actual players, who may have the balls to make noise but still don’t know how to move silently. For the longest time the cry of the retarded is world star hip hop and do it for the gram or some shit like that. Forgive me if I got the last one wrong. I am still learning about that other mess, called Instagram.

Anyway…this is the main image the “chè whitey” has been plastering all over the place and has given the race soldiers and other savages…even the dark skinned ones, a reason to ask for the head and flayed flesh of these four young people.


According to “chè whitey” and his circus barking pitchmen, this is the definition of hate crime, because two “numb nutz” and two “phantom dick having idiots”, decide to have playtime with this dude and committed the cardinal sin of kneegrows over the last 5-10 years, advertise their foolishness on social media. In doing a bit of tertiary research i found out some very interesting things about the whole affair, which while doesn’t excuse the four from what they did, says a lot about the savage. mainly how they constantly keep plumbing the depth of their hatred, disconnect from reality and deprivations.

First of all look how quick “chè whitey” gathered together and collected $100, 000 for their own in time of his distress?  A lesson we still haven’t mastered or even “middle schooled”, as yet. Now according to the information gathered…the media claimed that this innocent and mentally retarded white”boy”, was kidnapped by four  “young adults” and beaten mercilessly. Well, according to Donald Drumpf, the fake media had actually put out less than stellar information in conjunction with the “boys’ mother.


According to the “boy” and his parents, the “boy” who wasn’t a boy but a fully grown man, who met with one of the suspects, 18-year-old Jordan Hill and the other youth, at a McDog food’s feeding through, on December 31,  so they could all enjoy the company of one another at a SLEEP OVER!. DING’ DING’ DING…so much for the kidnap part. Now if he was mentally retarded, why would his savage parent allow him to do this? I mean they are pioneering free range parenting, but does this scenario so far makes sense? For a sleep over, with some strange black people?

One of the article I read stated that the “boy” looked to be in his early 20’s. Note the white”boy” who is now maybe in his early 20’s, with no specific age, met with a black teenager with a specific age…18 year old.So he is a man then? Why would a grown man, meet with a teenager at a McDog food franchise for a sleep over?  Is he a pedophile? A homosexual predator? Why would this black teen meet with this apparent adult with a predilection to meet with teen age boys for a sleep over? Mind you this retelling came from the mouth of both the alleged victim and his mother, according to the  paid race soldiers of the system.

Another interesting gem gleamed from the story is the presence of the two females. Where they part of the original plan for the sleep over? Did they come late to the party or where they part of the bait for a sex predator?


Desiree RobinsonRosales

This is Desiree Robinson. who was having ritual rape activity with this Neanderthal. Anthony Rosales 32 killed this 16 year old female, who was from the South Side of Chicago. According to the predator, he met her on Backpage.com and according to the narrative, Robinson and two friends showed up at the Markham home where Rosales was and witnesses saw Robinson and Rosales having sex in a truck.

Afterwards, Robinson and her friends left, but investigators say the three girls came back a short time later because Rosales wanted to have sex with her again. The two went into a garage next to the home.  Meanwhile, Robinson’s friends fell asleep in their car. Rosales told police a fight started after he didn’t have cash to pay her.

The state’s attorney’s office says during the altercation, Rosales punched her in the face and strangled her as she tried to call for help. The state’s attorney’s office says Rosales then used a knife to slash Robinson’s throat. He reportedly locked the garage, went out and told Robinson’s friends she’d be out shortly and left.

Around 9:00 a.m. on Christmas Eve, Robinson’s friends woke up and realized she hadn’t returned and asked the homeowner to open the garage. That’s when they found her naked body on the ground inside, along with a bloody knife. Meanwhile, police say Rosales went to a friend’s home, then his sister’s house. He had cuts and swelling on his knuckles and blood on his pants.

He turned himself into police on December 27th and admitted to the murder. Rosales has a criminal history-he served two years in prison in Indiana for robbery, assault and battery.  He had current warrants out for his arrest out of Massachusetts for a robbery last August.

I am aghast at how young black teens are becoming sexual toilets for sexual predators across the nation. I am appalled that many kneegrows don’t  know what their children are doing and where they are. These children on social media offering their bodies to savages and are paying for it. In this light I believe that this “boy” who wasn’t a boy, but a grown man, met with 18-year-old Jordan Hill, who was a go between for either one or both of the two girls, for some ghetto gagging fantasy. Or even Hill himself, for some “Greco-Roman wrestling”. Apparently the “boy” who wasn’t a boy but a fully grown man, was set upon by the four, who preceded to explain to him the errors of his ways around trying to seek ritual rape fantasies with teenage black children. For 30 minutes. And then stupidly put the shit on social media.

According to additional information the Chicago teens, as well as the white “boy” who wasn’t a boy, but a fill grown man,  are all what is called learning disabled; and all did drugs together. So in effect they were all “retarded”, if we want to follow the fake news narrative. Also Jordan Hill and the as yet to be named “boy” who isn’t a boy, but a full grown man, lived in the same area and both Hill and the white mother knew each other? That the mother had indeed dropped him off and he ended up doing drugs in a van with Hill on those days he was alleged to have gone “missing”?.

Now do you actually believe that four random black youth just kidnap a retarded “boy” who wasn’t really a boy but a full grown man, and “terrorized” him?. Is Chicago now the Kenya, Thailand, Vietnam of amurdikkka? where depraved cave savages go to seek young children for their own version of Ghetto gaggers? Because Chicago is broken and many feel desperation will make even teen agers do crazy shit? Savage amurdikkka became outraged and are demanding the head of these four, along with whatever shoe, gloves and jacket they can get from their flayed skins.

Image result for human leather from slaves

Now whypipo’s outrage is perfectly understandable, because they see themselves as survivalists and will circle the wagon when one of them is hurt by a non white. Contrast this with the fucktards that ARE STILL FORGIVING DYLAN ROOF, for cold bloodied murdering nine of their own.

Image result for dont go full retard

Contrast the outrage from black people and white people, again when this happened….


Or this….


Here is an even better image of how white people deal with black crime and black crime….


The savage who raped the toddler? She was black! And he had planned to rape a three year old next. But he not only got no jail time, but if complete community hours, won’t be registered as a sex offender.




Where is the black rage for this activity. Heck where is the white rage? Its not for white people to feel anger at our pain and hurt. The very foundation of amurdikkka and Canada was built off the backs of black peoples pain and hurt. Where are the anger and rage form kneegrows?

Yeah! I am still waiting


5 thoughts on “White vs Black rage

  1. I came out of my hiatus to say something.

    All of this planned and very staged “torture” is all tied into Trump’s Presidency. More events will occur this very year showing black on white crime. Real or not.

    This will:

    1.. Allow white cops to further kill and maim us in “self defense”
    2. Facilitate the long over-due martial law
    3. Help Trump and his KKKongress pass new stricter laws against us
    4. Give the common white man a free pass to shoot us with impunity

    Esau knows his lease is over and he must quicken up his pace. The next 4 years are gonna be bumpy for us as more and more of our fluoride-ridden people plaster images of ourselves ALL over the internet so their Facial Recognition Technology can properly identify us and our activities at ALL times.

    All apart of their plan.

    And we’re gonna help them all the way to the bone yard.

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