Manufactured celebrity leaders and leaders who are manufactured celebrities

“…Yet our best trained, best educated, best equipped, best prepared troops refuse to fight. As a matter of fact, it is safe to say, they would rather SWITCH than fight..”   —-Fight the power intro
Since Kanye the “medicated” West and a few other kneegrows came out stumping for Trump, Steve Harvey being the most “porch monkiest”, of them all, kneegrows and even supposedly conscious Afrikan people are getting upset. But it is not the savages fault to use these celebrities as background props to bolster their own images to the world…not to you kneegrows…to the world. The world already knew  that amurdikkka is the bane of black people. It’s our fault for continuously allowing kneegrow preachers, singers and movie actors to represent the loosely collective of black people called a “community”, as our leaders. It’s our fault because we are so celebrity obsessed, that we elevate these performers and entertainers over real, boots on the ground workers for Afrikan liberation in good old amurdikkka. The ones upset at Kanye, Steve Harvey, FLoyd Mayweather and others who can’t get the shit in their own personal lives together, do so because they may not be your celebrity of choice. But when Jay Z was stumping for the magic kneegrow, it was cool. Until he started doing the same for the pant suit psychopathic Kill Bill rip off.
Then you bring up the illuminati and other boogie man excuses. You talk about Jay Z being detached from the “community”, not realizing that these celebrities have all detached themselves in order to get and maintain their riches and fame under white pathology. Many of them also detached themselves to get away from many of you trifling haters, who would just as quickly rob them as much as you talk bad about them, if they didn’t give you some money or attention.  In fact I had never up to that point been as disgusted with kneegrows as when you all swooned and had mass orgasmic moments, when Killery’s rapist husband went on Arsenio and played a trumpet for your clown asses. On that day, the old rapist was declared amurdikkka’s first black president”.
Did you all remember that? Those of you old enough to remember?

Back in 1989 the anthem fight the power was not just a song, but a suggestion, because integration and civil rights ( whoever civil is to get any rights) made you all addled brain and numb to the cold hard fact that all that marching, dog bites, batons upside the head, water hose, groping of black women by race soldiers arresting them, spittle in the face and knuckle sandwiches, was all for naught. Because you were still took! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! led a stray! Still running amok! Without any agenda or purpose. Winging it. Raising the flag and pledging allegence and praying to that gay surfer dude, to intervene in your impoverished spirituality and life.

When Public Enemy stated…” No! We not the same, cause we don’t know the game!” They were stating how it was, how it was going to be, when dealing with the disunified kneegrows. When they stated that…” Elvis was a hero to most, But he never meant shit to me you see, Straight up racist that sucker was, Simple and plain…”  It was not about Elvis per say. It was about all those culture vultures who ride in singing and stealing the snippets of culture we GAVE AWAY for a pat on the head and a slap on the ass. When Flava Flav shouted… “Mother fuck him and John Wayne..” That was the rallying cry against celebrity worship. But we mistook it for just a song. You say you black and proud. You say you hyped and amped to vote, fight in the white man’s invasions. Ready to join the race soldier gangs and the political machinery, because that is the ONLY way to effect change.

How did that work out for Mr Barbecue sauce, Bobby Seal and and those integrationist who hid in the back when kicks and slaps, where being handed out to Martin Luther King and the others up front?

Not one bill passed to defend black rights. Even though since the 50s there is a provision on the books to put aside specific protection for black people, these same folly tricksters allowed the establishment to introduce a “civil rights” bill, so the specifics of blackness was ignored instead of addressed. And to this day the biggest beneficiary of the civil rights bill are female savages and corporations.

And despite the reminder that, “…Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps…” we in our greatest moment of retardidness approved the image of Nanna Harriet Tubman on amurdikkka’s dirty and blood filled fiat currency. And some of us are doing it again around some commemorative coin with the depiction of lady liberty with  Africoid features.

How easily we are fooled? We are like that dog that keeps chasing the stick, not realizing why the stick is not to be found, even when your massa is doing the throwing motion. Because he is not letting go of the damn stick. The kneegrow keeps jumping and jumping and jumping, chasing after imaginary tossed sticks and waterfalls.


One if the greatest examples of the celebrity as a leader that we mytholize, is that of Muhammad Ali. More an athletic boxer than a fundamental sound one…as evidence by how he looked as his athleticism waned. He of a strong will, but an addictive personality that made him do more stupid and foolish things than he did righteous. This was a man today called the greatest boxer. Yet he was more impactfull as a social and political icon…over a 3 year span…than for his actual boxing skills.

Ali when Malcolm X was his jegna:


And this is Ali years after he rejected Malcolm and after Elijah passed. When he became a “true” muslim


This is an example of what happens when a celebrity gets caught up in the lime light and forget what 500 years of race wars have done to Afrikan people in amurdikkka. But we love us some Ali still. And we love us some Kanye and Jay Z. And black women still have Steve Harvey’s book on their shrine to their “God self”.

We have celebrities not in the entertainment business becoming lecture circuit celebrities. People such as Umar Johnson, Polight, Saran Suten Seti, Dr. Sebi and a host of others. And if you dont think Sebi didn’t enjoy his celebrity status, check out his youtube interviews laying in bed, smoking weed ( which is counter productive since smoke destroys oxygen in your lungs), while some young female fawn all over him. Check out how we act like Sebi is the begining and end all of natural hygiene. How Johnson is praised as the “Prince of Pan Afrikanism” and we still havent even seen one classroom, $250, 000 plus later. How Seti would swear up and down on youtube and talk about his coke habit and not a care is given. How Polight is loved or envied for his harem and his information on sovereignty…$79.95 weekend special get it now before the price goes up.

We live in an era of the cult of personality worship. Where celebrity worship is both a vocation and a reLIEgion. Where if you look at Beyonce’s picture the wrong way, members of her “church” would eviscerate you on social media and would do the same in person if they catch you.

We live in an era where the magic mulatto still has a high approval rating and much love, even after eight years of lifting his skirt and mooning us and Afrika. Trumping for Sodomy and the rights of everybody else but the people that look like his father. A magic mulatto who has killed more people in his peace time tenure, while in office than the two bushes and Clinton the rapist did, waging actual wars.  His current involvement in Syria and what he did in Libya is technically a war. But not a declared one, where as those other three did declare.

It’s amazing that kneegrows declare their love for Donald Trump. Unlike the ones like myself that sarcastically chaired his selection,hoping he would slap the stupid out of the kneegrows, who fell asleep under Obomba. But for the kneegrow, sleep is a dish well loved and prefered. Hell..Omorosa wants ro recreate Olivia Pope’s roll as she looks for assignment on the Caucasian house.

While Trump refuses to leave Mordor… er.. Trump Tower.

Everybody else has lawyers, politicians and business men to identify as leaders, because they have plans, blue prints and experience. Not to mention they practice a race first ideology. The kneegrows of the same ilks are more concerned with upping their money, moving to the burbs and keeping a low profile. Popping their heads up occasionally to bark at passing cars. So it’s left to the celebrities to jump into the fray, because their fragile egos love the lime light. Without which they become inconsequential and unimportant.

 “It is pardonable for children to yell that they believe in fairies, but it is somehow sinister when the piping note shifts from the puerile to the senile.”

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