The death of a homosexual pedophile

Pedophiles can be both heterosexuals or homosexuals. Male or females. Teachers or family members. Amurdikkka and the Western countries however, concern themselves almost entirely with the male, heterosexual pedophiles and not with the more prevailing pedophiles. The homosexuals who are placed highly in areas where they have greater access to children. Sports clubs, the teaching profession and of course that sin-a-gog of Satan…the reLIEgious domain.

Please note that all three major reLIEgion are occupied by pedophiles, including homosexual pedophiles. This is not me talking, but reports, confessions and police statistics played out on the Internet and on the tee vee breaking news on a regular. Yet of the three reLIEgion filled with such abominations, the Christian church, regardless of denomination, is head and shoulders above all others.

Remember Christianinsanity follows a direct line from Greco-Roman traditions and practices. It was just less than a month ago many of you celebrated the feast of Saturnalia. A long ago tradition where Roman men would get drunk, beat their wives and children and have anal penetration with each other. I refuse to call that activity sex.

The tricky Romans convinced you people to believe that this was the birthday of your god, who was born an earthly man, from a woman who didn’t have sex, but a god that could be killed, come back to life and then disappear again. Promising to come back later after we completely messed up the planet. A planet that he supposedly flooded previously because people didn’t believe in his nonexistent ass.

It is in this environment that we woke to the very good news that one more parasite has been eliminated. No I am talking about the cold sore or herpes. Although both would be infinitely more acceptable than the out and out child abuser and homosexual pedophile called Eddie long.

Below is an article by some one with the moniker “Son of Baldwin”, who broke down how the loosely collective of selfish and disunified people called the black community, behaved around pedophilia and the abuse of little black boys and girls.

Bishop Eddie Long Is Not the Only One Who’s Dead


The fact that many parents ignore it in their own dwelling, makes accepting it from strangers or icons of affection, does not make it any better. Just equally pathetic and criminal. The kneegrow loves them some Roman culture so much, that they are fast trying to catch up with Yurugu in all of his debauchery. To show the savage that..“hey boss! I is jus’ like you boss”!

Many are coming out with condolences and offering rest in piss…er..peace for this child molester. The same child molester Kim Burell was raging against when some filthy sick coon secretly taped her and started spreading lies that she hated butt fuckers and strap on wearers galore.

These are the same people that poured hate on the young men who risked anonymity, embarrassment and anger to call out the homosexual pedophile who is Eddie long. The same Eddie Long I saw with my own “lying” eyes, on YouTube. Who was placed on an ornate chair and lifted on the shoulders of four Sambos and paraded round, with a Torah in one hand and a savage proclaiming him the “King of the Jews”.


It is in this atmosphere of adulation where people like Eddie Long is held above reproach by people who would chastise me as a sinner because I would take a long piss on their so called virtues.

It was just this week I was listening to the Mutabaruka show where the bare foot Rasta was  raging against a local pastor who was discovered molesting a little girl in his car. Even though he was arrested, the girl and her mother have been shamed and  attacked by people in the district for causing a “well liked” pastor to go to jail.

Eddie long is not the only one mind you and in fact people like Eddie long is not the problem. The problem is black people have lost their moral compass and have succumbed to the poison of western culture. Here in the diaspora and even there on the continent.

We have embraced foreign reLIEgion. Foreign trends. Foreign culture. And foreign practices. The greatest of which is how we fail to protect the children, but to offer them up on the alter of expediency, lust and selfishness.

The under belly of this ship is rotten to the core and the gangrene has been setting in for the longest time. We support this because we support these pedophiles…both heterosexuals and especially the homosexual child molesters, because we are reluctant to be criticized as oppositional or “hateful”. Well if wanting to do away with a child molester is hateful, then I am the most hating man alive. Me and your fictional Jesus.

“Then people brought little children to Jesus for him to place his hands on them and pray for them. But the disciples rebuked them. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Today another child molester has passed. Unfortunately he never got what Jeffery Dahmer received. A prison sentence and a prison justice. So I will take the opportunity to piss on his memories and shake my manhood at all you Eddie long supporters and Christians who know, knew and continue to ignore incidents of child molestation in the church, homes and clubs in your neighborhood or country.

Speak the truth and speak it ever cost it what it will, he who hides the wrong he did. Does the wrong thing still

3 thoughts on “The death of a homosexual pedophile

  1. I wont be shedding any tears. This man was a known pedophile faggot and these stupid ass black people forgave him. What the hell??? Black people need to wise up and stop letting crooked ass preachers like Long,Creflo Dollar use and abuse them. They’re just throwing their money away on these phonies. And that stupid ass spectacle when he was crowned a king was King of the Jews??? LOL!!!! It was funny but pathetic at the same time. Black people really need to get it together.


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