Denying a Afrikan reality

In the allegory, Plato likens people untutored in the Theory of Forms to prisoners chained in a cave, unable to turn their heads. All they can see is the wall of the cave. Behind them burns a fire. Between the fire and the prisoners there is a parapet, along which puppeteers can walk

Whenever I read or hear about kneegrows arguing incessantly that they are not the abstract term called Afrikan, yet elect to choose abstract terms such as Moors, aboriginals, Hebrew or something that divest and separate them as far as the Continent of Afrika as possible, I think of them being like the people of the cave. People who have embraced the Afrikan continent as us, our ancestral home and place or origins, are those who came out of the cave of Christianinsanity and Arabism. They are the people who stopped calling themselves Hebrew, Moors, Asiatics, “Niggahs”, colored or variation of their slave masters descriptions. The people who escaped the cave and have gone back to patiently explain that you can not call your selves aboriginals and claim to be “from” this continent, when documentation, indicates that Afrikan seafarers have traveled to many other lands and settled there.

This is something that the “black-Aboriginals” claim, while at the same time renouncing the Ma’afa as some made up stories, asking foolishly where are the documentation of slaves being brought the “Americas”. How can you reject documented narratives of the Trans Atlantic slave trade, because YOU are too lazy or ill informed to research it. Yet claim to be “Indians”, totally ignoring your phenotype which is typical of one of the numerous Afrikacoid phenotypes that exist on a continent that has the most varied of looks on the planet? The people still in the cave, also embrace Hebrewism from a book long identified as being made up and a mish mash of lies, myth, plagiarism and allegory? These are some of the main people who constantly claim that the earth is flat, because they believed the moon landing was a hoax, yet have never addressed the phenomena of one side of the planet dwelling in darkness, while the other half dwell in the light of the sun. A sun that does not rotate, which indicates that the planet has to rotate and its much better to believe a sphere rotates than a flat plan does. But I am sure they also probably believe half the planet being at night, while the other half being in day light as another hoax.

My emotions have ran the gamete from astonishment, to consternation, to incredulous to finally settle on disdain. Because these people in striving to prove their juvenile points, will go out of their way to denigrate long established narrative from as far back as Kimit, the Dogon, the Zulus and numerous other Afrikan cosmological and ourstorical evidence that WE ARE AFRIKANS, the earth was CIRCUMNAVIGATED ( key word is circum…short for circumference) and while the name Afrika is and was a Roman attempt at addressing the skin tone f the people, the term MOOR is an Arab (Some mish mash of mongrel breeds) who believed that dark people…even Muslims are slaves.

I try not to insult people for their belief. I honestly try. But when you refuse to sit your ass down and just enjoy your personal ideology, not try to recruit other ignorant and like minded individuals by insulting Afrikans and people who believe something different, then I am seriously tempted to throw shit your way. The Moor-ons and their “nationalism” hustle has now ran its course. With the amount of  people buying their programs but still getting murdered and locked up by the system, people are watching them with side eyed looks.

The Hebrew power rangers have just plainly alienated everybody with their anti-black women hatred and inciting of violence against black women are just a swat team away from the end of their angry existence. The black aboriginals are being rejected by those who used to enslave us, yet we still sticking our lips under their assess, when amurdikkka is smaller than Afrika. But thats what you have when you would rather be seen as “American” so white people can magically embrace them as equals. This too will pass and they too must be left to die in their ignorance. On that day I will be watching.

A lot of people on the continent have self esteem issues. Just like we in the diaspora. It serves neither one of us to widen the divide that colonialism has wrought, but instead try to close it. I would never give up an Island or some random culture for Afrika. Thats just not sane.

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