The homosexualization of the kneegrow

Our esteemed ancestor Dr. Francis Cress-Welsing argued that “white males fully understand that males who are forced to identify as females will be programmed simultaneously into submission to the males they call ‘The Man,’ as opposed to aggressing against those same men.”

Dr. Welsing also said that the black male’s passivity, effeminization, bisexuality, and homosexuality are being encountered increasingly by Black psychiatrists who work with the Afrikan patient populations.  These issues are being presented by family members, staff working in schools and other social institutions or by Black and Afrikan men themselves.  Many in the Black population in amurdikkka, are reaching the conclusion that such issues have become a problem of epidemic proportion among Black people in the U.S., although it was an almost nonexistent behavioral phenomenon among indigenous Blacks in Africa.

While we who are acutely aware that all Afrikan people are oppressed.  We also overstand that black men are more oppressed because ultimately, it is male muscle mass that oppress a people, and only male muscle mass has the potential for achieving liberation.  If our men are being oppressed, the women are brought under oppression, as well, because   they are dependent on their men for protection and defense. Something the feminazis and strong independent swirlers like to believe is not so.  Women do not have the muscle mass to liberate a people and protect the young.  Women develop the young, but their men must provide the protection and the security apparatus.

When us as black men cannot, refuse to are incapable of protecting our women, children and environment, it stems from decades of conditioning, direct oppression and psychological programming.  While one cannot come back from death, on can be an influential force while a prisoner of the system. However, neither death or incarceration can top the destructive nature and imagery of black male bisexuality and homosexuality, which has been used by white pathology and its adherence inside and outside the black community, in its effort to survive genetically in a world dominated by non white people. Our acceptance of this infection does not solve the major problem of our oppression but only further retards its ultimate solution.

Below is an example of the vileness that homosexuality and feminism has wrought within the black community and among black manhood. Once we were a people that exemplified black masculinity and black femininity. Today we are a clown show of prancing elites, under cover fags, pedophiles, rapists and retarded transformers who’s ignorance of basic biology is a mental health issue of mega proportion.


In the past, we had luminaries and celebrities from Jessie Owens, Langston Hughes to Bessie Smith and Zora Neal Hurston…to name a few…who were well known homosexuals and lesbians, but who, while known by many to engaging in such activities, neither fought against black unity, nor went so far as to even deny their biological reality.

It was really under Martin Luther King and the Bayard “Gayard” Rustin who opened the door to in your face homosexuality in the civil rights movement and laid the ground work for the next decade of  infection by the integrationists and feminist movement. James Baldwin, tried to make Nat Turner into a homosexual, the feminist movement not only sought to steal black women from black men via sexual perversion, but stole black men from black women vie sexual mixing. They then turned around and encouraged black women to be masculine and black men to be feminine.

This was don thoroughly through miseducaiton in the school system, media propaganda, medical tampering via the ‘things’ we consume and of course how rape is passively AND aggressively encouraged the prison system.


It is not the prison system that remains the thorn in our side for freedom. Imprisonment and even death has been our obstacles since the first Afrikan was shipped here in the  1400s, not the 1600s like they made up in his-story books. It is not the miseducation in the public fool system that is so detrimental that we have lost track of our total mental sanity. Because even a miseducated kneegrow, could one day be saved if he had the right spark to drop squad their ass back to reality. It is the gender destroying, biological madness of homosexuality, cross dressing, switch hitting behavior that will make a grown man or woman believe they are anything but males and females.

We need to leave these parasite over the fence where you all think the grass is greener.

11 thoughts on “The homosexualization of the kneegrow

    1. Nokware beloved. Trust that is refreshing when sisters don’t fall for these vile things, by allowing the enemy to manipulating the female’s nurturing nature. Now if we could collectively protect our children from this poison, by teaching them how vile such behaviors are.

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  1. Wonderful post! This subject can’t be brought up enough. Some people get upset at me because I always cover this subject. They don’t realize how important this issue is to our people. We are being socially engineered living in this European culture. It is corrupting our minds and killing our souls. And I can’t stand to look at that he/she Janet Mock. It is a mock-ery of a human being. Thanks for the post. Insightful as always brother.

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    1. sometimes we have to just let the dead bury the dead. I didn’t even know about this thing until yesterday, but it is disgusting to see this paraded around as associating with civilized beings

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