The Empire has small hands

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

For many of you who have read the 49 laws of power, you will agree that attainment of power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish power, whether via subterfuge or through a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. When Donald Trump rallied white men and women of all stripes, class, income levels and education around his cause to make America great again, it was because he sold them a book of false goods.

The false goods was that the “land of the brave and home of the free”, is being eroded by immigrants, foreigners and terrorists. All trying to remove white people from their loft perch of superiority and their god given position as leaders of the “free” world. The fact that Trump’s rallies included select Asians, Hispanics, black people and others, who would rather associate themselves with the jingoism of Pax America, does not take away from the fact that the book of false good was needed to justify in the minds, heart and legacies, the centuries of atrocities committed against native Americans, Asians and of course the stolen Afrikans, who’s very presence was enshrined in the constitution as three-fifth of a human being.

Ancestral memories are not something the Afrikans alone possess as ethnic groups across the planet. Yurugu also possess his and her own specific ancestral memories that included days of suffrage during the Ice Age, all the up to the middle ages when pestilence, disease and early death was often their daily comfort. Thus imbedded in their DNA is the fear of genetic annihilation, that has caused them to create the ideology of do on to others before they do on to you. This is an instinctive reaction to any and everything, including each other. This is why we should not be shocked these days when Yurugu acts out his savagery of raping, pillaging marauding and violence.

Most political parties seeks power entirely for its own sake. Regardless of where they situate or why they claim to seek power. Under the fallacies of Democracy and Socialism as party politics ( with all others in between) politicians are not interested in the good of others; they are interested solely in power, pure unadulterated power. Political power is about tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.

Hence the past two president’s rise to power are based on two seemingly opposing ideology, which incidentally champion change.


Change for the Obama presidency was basically to hide a iron hand in a pink glove, whereby his legacy will be summoned up by this image


Where as under Trump the glove have come off, but interestingly enough the iron hands are weighing heavy against the citizens in a way that echoes Stalin when he first came to power. Trump has hit the road running in order to consolidate their power. Have you ever tried going mad without power?   It is boring and ineffective and for a narcissistic blow hard like Donald Trump, the yen for power has to match his out sized sense of his own importance. This is why he has surrounded himself with like minded parochial thinking Neanderthals. All power hungry and eager to lick the sweaty balls of the gods of war and dictatorial power mongering.


George Orwell so eloquently put it…War is peace. Freedom is slavery.  Ignorance is strength. And just like in the book 1984….

“Big Brother is Watching You.”

The headline below, reads like something out of Star wars, where the galactic empire brooks no opposition and will crush whole planets to make a point. This is the epitome of a dictatorship. This is Yurugu and the American political mafia, finally allowed to be his true and natural self. Savaging every and anything  in his path. Somewhere along the way in his journey to behave supposedly civilized, he almost forgot his true nature. A nature only exhibited by a few social outcast, who never understood the need to act with restraint.

Louisiana makes resisting arrest a hate crime against cops

However Donald Trump and his cadre of barbarians are putting the story right, by taking America back to the time when men where men, woman stay in the kitchen and shut up, and kneegrows pick cotton. He is harken the country even further back when Robber Barons ran shit, all the while preparing the country for a future Grey State like experience.




Trump to order Mexican border wall, ban refugees from 7 Muslim countries

There are a few things that Donald Trump wants to put his stamp on. Running the incorporated United States as if it is actually one single entity, instead of a large collective of sub divisions or states. Many may pull up to his horse and pony show, but they dare not unhitch the wagon in case the company suffers financial insolvency. They however are enjoying the show for now, believing in their hearts non of the filth will drown them. I mean the country is broke as it is, but the illusion of being solvent is based on how many foreign countries they can bully and steal from to keep afloat. Donald Trump is not only reversing that trend, in his how so clumsy ways, but is in fact speeding up the rush to the New World Order, where Americans will be the test ground for the Galactic Empire`s boots stomping on the face of the people. The wall is his Magnum Opus though. The narrative he fools you into thinking is aimed at the Mexicans, but is in fact set up to keep you in.


First there was the notorious Drone Bomber, now we have the infamous twit(ter), who calls it how it is and so far has done what he says he will do. Trump is doing in one week what Stalin and Lenin themselves took month to accomplish. Making America a true prison colony. Something his supporters never banked on and many are still ignorant of. Still, if you continually throw shit up against the wall, some of it will get on you.


Boxing promoter Bob Arum famously stated `Yesterday I lied, today I am telling the truth, to reporters who question his penchant for making shit up. Bob Arum in that moment was practicing something that lawyers do as well as they steal oxygen from sentient beings. Lie like its life. Most lawyers go into politics because they have found an even more lucrative con game, without needing to adhere to stupid things like rules. Thus lawyers, like politicians engage in doublethink.  Doublethink is when one holds two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. This makes it much easier to practice double speak. Speaking out of both their top and bottom anus at the same time.

In the mind of a lawyer or a politician, two and two make four, is not a certainty but a question. They will question if the force of gravity works? Corporate greed is a myth and destroying the planet is the best way to save it.  And of course one should not believe ones lying eyes, but believe Trump press secretary when she made history in inventing a new word for the political lexicon.

The choice for Americans lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of citizens, happiness is a better pursuit and choice. They only catch is, even a caged bird seems happy in a gilded cage. The Emperor has small hands and tiny fingers and as such needs to drive a big vehicle and speak in a high volume to be heard. Telling the assembled, of the plot to invade the country and preparing for this imagined invasion.


7 thoughts on “The Empire has small hands

  1. Now this was a really good post BMS. I will have to share this. I heard about that documentary Gray State two years ago. They say the director killed himself and his family before the film was finished. Do ou believe that? I sure don’t. I’m not buying that story. That film shows the coming economic collapse and martial law. I personally think this was a message from the government to people wanting to educate the masses of zombies in Amerikkka. The official story is very fishy in my opinion.

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    1. Yep yep! But what the article never said, was that both mother and child was shot and then Crowley :killed” himself with the proverbial giun shot to the back of his head. Also the back door was left unlocked. But people still believe the Orange Orangutan will build that wall and get Mexico to pay for it.

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  2. Yurugu has “buyer’s remorse” already as they realize that they will suffer greatly under trump. Many will outright deny that they voted for him and many will claim that they didn’t vote at all to avoid black blame and non white rage.

    The funny thing about this non-hueman group of beings we call Yurugu is that they never learn there is indeed a little thing called Karma.

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    1. LOL! They are already bawling about “Obama care” and all the tweets he has been posting. The real deal will come when they look closely at his executive orders already. I told a white co-worker that you white people are sitting back now, but wait until the shit hits you. With the amount of white people getting beat up and injured by the police and with the impending laws that make resistance to the police a hate crime, big brother is gonna be stomping on a lot of faces. Thanks for stopping by beloved!

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