Invasion of the baby snatchers-revisited

One of the puzzling things I have come across in my long incarceration in the big freeze, is the confounding issues around adoption.  Maybe it was because i was quite young when I left Jamaica, because while I was aware that there were homeless children either living on the streets ( a rarity in my childhood), there were many more who were always invited into their homes by other family members or even families in the district they lived in.

Now mind you that was MY experience. Some one else may have a different one, but unless you lived and grew up the same time as me and in the same neighborhood, then you will have to accept what I state here. Growing up in Ice Box North, one of the things that came out of the fight for relevancy, between age 17 and age 35, was not just poLICE brutality, housing discrimination and other obvious forms of race-ism, as practiced by the so called “Nice Canadians”, in Toronto. One of the things was the increasing amount of Afrikan children being taken from their homes, by child snatchers, calling themselves the Children Aides Society of Toronto\ Ontario.

Most people in this Country don’t realize that the CATHOLIC CHILDREN’S AID, and CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY OF TORONTO are PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS. What most government organizations do is designate PRIVATE organizations as sort of stand alone sub contractors. Like the FAMILY RESPONSIBILITY OFFICE, another organization that is drafted to go after men in child support cases. FRO, as they are called often work in conjunction with Children’s Aids to not only use the black woman against the black men, but to steal the black children from the homes, especially when parents, mainly black women, foolishly call the poLICE on their children, or when said children run afoul of the school to prison factory.

Just like the CRA, Canada’s version of the IRS. And its not a coincidence that the Children s Aids society, FRO and the CRA are all connected through shared information, that lead right to the family court farming system and the prison industrial complex. While the level of abuse is believed to be lower, in Canada,  than in the United Snakes, due to the fact Canada is a more closed society, never believe the level abuse is actually smaller. Sexual abuse, molestations, physical harm, psychological abuse and even rituals are what black children can increasingly expect under this system.

I have heard often that black people don’t adopt. And I had believed that for the longest time. And i will admit that our lack of self love and unity does, make adoption wanting, due our selfishness. A selfishness that often affects our own biological children. But what do you do when you’ve stepped up to take your family members out of the foster care system and the system refuses to work with you?

Often these organizations fight to KEEP black children in the system, for a bevy of reasons, mostly made up or mostly due to a higher standard of acceptability than white people. These organizations seem to rarely if ever see a grandparent or an extended family as an option, but would farm out the children to strangers.

One of the most hurtful things I have seen in my life is watching the mother of a young boy, signing him up for adoption with the organization Big brother. Big Brother while not a directly homosexual organization, is filled with pedophiles and homosexuals. Why do you think this is? In Toronto, the organizations head office is on Isabella between Yong Street and Church Street. Torontonians fully well are aware that Church street is the heart and soul of Toronto’s homosexual community. The office is a hop skip and jump from the Children’s Aid Society..also on Isabella.

Increasingly international adaptation has been a big news items, particularly by celebrity and church members adaptation of children across Afrika and the Caribbean. While the national news tend to dampen down the amount of adaptation stories that go wrong, while hyping up those that supposedly goes right (the movie the Blind Side is an example), inevitably stories come out that should enrage and get us mobilized to shut these incidents of child snatching down.

Ask yourself…with all the available homeless white children in Europe, amurdikkka and Canada, why are so many white groups and individuals in a rush to adopt black children?

As some one who has worked with homeless adults and youth, working as counselor in both types of shelters, i have seen black children being turned out of their family homes or voluntarily leave. But I have also seen white children experiencing the same. I have seen black children languishing in these foster care homes, much longer than anybody else except perhaps the native Canadians. And while I have to honestly state that we, in our slave mentality are to in as much a rush to adopt as one would want, many of us who attempt to do so are blocked through a myriad of “technicalities: that is very frustrating and cause a lot of people to give up.

Many of these organizations use the artificial factor of income, to decide which family gets to adopt. Black people as a demographic have less yearly family income than white people, here in Canada and amurdikkka. And in a society where profit over people is the mantra, income has been proven to not be as decisive a factor as thought. The white family is believed to be better equip to be a more caring family, than black families. Even when it comes to black children. Even when it comes to your own biological children.

Foster care is a incubation of environment of abuse. Something that he various government agencies are fully aware of, but do nothing about it. As something like Pizza Gate has proven, there is more than urban legends going around concerning child abuse of all types.

Several stories from Front line; the Toronto Star and even other sites give brief narrative of child abuses in foster care, especially when it comes to black children.

While a few Afrikan government has put forth token efforts to prevent the predatory adaptation of children, more can be done, but less is actually being done, because of the loose adaptation regulations, unfettered access to the children via the open tourists markets and failure to practice ancestral ideology that the child is precious and should be protected. The idea that it takes a village to raise a child is a thing of the past, when colonialism, material poverty and the worship of western (white) culture creates an environment where Afrikan children are served up to savages on a platter. It is not just the pedophiles and the celebrities looking to accessories, who adopt, but also the religious fanatics, looking to save the Afrikan children for a white heaven.

IN the past I have posted two articles on this very same subject. Two years ago and in 2010 and as the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. With the amount of documented sexual and physical abuse of foster children, adopted children, by pedophiles, homosexuals and reLIEgious fanatics, it appears that the decimation of Afrikans world wide is being stepped up ten fold by the savages. The other question I will ask of myself and others is what solutions do we have to do our part to reverse or stop this trend?


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