Six degrees of separation

Sunday night there was a super bowl party, held on the plantation. Of course I ended up watching it as I, being one of the good guys, wanted to see the evil empire of Sheeve Pampaline otherwise known as Darth Sidius (Robert Kraft) be defeated by the dirty birds.

Watching the game was an exercise in political intrigue, self-sacrifice and how white pathology works on a sublime level.

This is a made for teevee drama with a cast of characters straight out of a Robert Ludlum spy novel. In the red and black corner we had the Atlanta Falcon. A team representing one of the blackest cities in amurdikkka, but also a team representing a city with the most kneegrow homosexuals in the country. A team that scored the most points in NFL history and was the most exciting to watch,  since the St.Louis Rams of the “greatest show on turf” legend. Ironically the man in the driver’s seat of that record-setting Rams team was quarter back Kurt Warner, who was inducted into the NFL hall of fame that weekend. In the red, white and blue corner representing the state of Massachusetts, we have the New England Patriots. A team whose name represented amurdikkklan pride in resisting “oppression” from the Brutish Empire and whose name harken back to the Boston Tea Party.

Ask any black Atlantean, who was the greatest player in their history and they would automatically say Michael Vick. An exciting quarterback that broke all racial stereotypes of what quarterbacking should look like. Who was on the verge of taking over the NFL for good, before he was jailed on trumped-up charges. Michael Vick was going to be charged for organized crime, because his cousins snitched on him for dog fighting and he had to plead guilty to a lesser charge or be charged with racketeering.

Racketeering is something the FBI routinely level on the Mafia. Or kneegrows too big for their britches.

Ever since Matt Ryan took over quarter backing of Atlanta, the comparison was not only inevitable, but he was consistently promoted as smart, gifted and athletic. A more than subtle jab at Vick who was considered ONLY athletic.

The patriots are considered now arguably the greatest dynasty in the NFL and their 16 years of consistent success is evident of this. The three main powers behind their success are he afore-mentioned Kraft, a man heavily connected to several Republican presidents and is a died in the wool patriot and supporter of amurdikkklan militarism. He is also the only owner who could tell the dictator commissioner of the league,  to kiss his ass and would automatically receive a wet sloppy.

Bill Belicheck is a coaching genius and is very skilled at man management. Something those who study leadership should overstand. His success has caused fans and experts to sing his praise, even while he looks down at these unwashed hoards from his lofty perch in the cat birds seat.

Then there is Tom Brady the golden boy of the NFL, married to a former Brazilian model, veteran of many victories with Belicheck and the Patriot and considered the greatest quarterback in the league.

I wont go into the many inferences of New England being a cheating team, that tends to bend the rules consistently and who often gets the benefit of the whistle and fan excuses. Not that they need it.

What is interesting though, is that the first Superbowl win in Patriots history was over the previous “greatest show on turf”, St.Louis Rams. And their most recent is the current version of that team.

Atlanta was up 28-0 at one point and lead at half time, 28-3. The narrative was no team in history has ever came back from that deficit to win any super bowl game. A 100 percent fact.

Yet the self-proclaimed dirty birds, suddenly forgot how to attack on offense and remembered they were representing a city filled with gay men. So they chose to give up their manhood and bend over for the Patriots, like good emasculated boys they were .

incidentally there is a missile called the Patriot. Mmm…I wonder what kind of symbolism Francis Cress- Welsing would find in that?

Everybody was wondering how could such a high-powered scoring team, all of a sudden forget what brought them there and how could basic fundamental football suddenly be forgotten by a group of professionals?

Here is where the light bulb went off on Monday morning. My friend sent me this picture that was supposed to be a prediction by the Simpson teevee show.


And as we spoke about it, I remembered an article written, leading up to the game, of Tom Brady’s association with the Orange Orangutan.

Inside Tom Brady and Donald Trump’s 14-Year Bromance

Then there is there is this little gem that also appeared leading up to the super bowl.


So here is where all the seemingly random points become interesting when put together. Atlanta who had one of the most exciting quarterback in the league lost him to an over the board and racist attack, for an activity that every red neck in amurdikkka continues to practice to this day. A man who played a sport, many would call human pit bull fighting, where millions are made for a …get this…a non profit organization. That’s right…the NFL is and continues to be registered as a Not For Profit entity, that builds elaborate and expensive stadiums for billionaires at the expense of stupid and rabid fanatics and their tax paying pockets.

They over promote a white quarterback who while good is not transcending, but whose reputation and image is more acceptable than the black guy, forever attacked for pit bull fighting.

The offensive coördinator is the son of a man, who coached in Washington and who effectively ended the career of another black quarterback, by playing him injured and then denigrated him in public. Atlanta’s offensive coördinator was also on his father’s staff in Washington. He is considered an offensive genius himself and is now hired to coach the team in San Francisco.

This genius suddenly forgot to run the ball three times, while the opposing team’s goal line was in sight and the clock was winding down. Where a field goal could have won the game.

But it appeared the coaching staff suddenly wanted so much for the white quarterback to win the MVP over the effective running black, Devonta Freeman, and the even more impact full wide receiver Julio Jones.

So they not only had him throwing the ball unnecessarily, but running plays that gave the defense ample time to stop those plays. He didn’t call short passes or dump offs. And as I said never called any running plays.

The Patriots had already took back the momentum when they tied the score and ended up scoring 31 unanswered points on a defense that stopped attacking Tom Brady; a quarterback that experts say can be rattled and was rattled, when pressure is put in him.

History has shown that Belicheck given time to plan, would out scheme most coaches, but he still is susceptible to basic football rules. Keep smashing the other team in the mouth till they give up. Something the Falcons forgot or chose to do for the second half.

Keep in mind also. The last super bowl before this, the Patriots also won because the other team, the Seattle Seahawks, was on their goal line and had one if the most punishing running black in Marshawn Lynch with three attempts at scoring. Yet they called not only a pass play, but a head scratching pass play that was intercepted.

So now we have the evil empire crowned the best dynasty for going to seven super bowl and winning five. And is one ring away from equalling the Pittsburgh Steelers six. New England is already predicted as going back next year to the championship, and just watch how the love fest is ramped up.

Their history of alleged cheating maybe mentioned, periodically, but there won’t be much mentioned of this very curious and puzzling game, that had so many loose and random parts appear so very interesting when connected.

At least not from the so-called experts. Atlanta fans will be drowning their sorrows in pink lemonade and watching the prancing elites for evidence of more “manly” sporting activity.

I can see certain people now feeling all is right in amurdikkka,as the “right” team who is supported by the “right” president, wins a historic game in the same year their man won an even more historic presidency.

The narrative is perfect, yet so subtle Yoda himself would marvel at its complexity and delivery.

But this is my theory. How say you family?


10 thoughts on “Six degrees of separation

  1. A little something about the NBA as well. The most points ever by a player is over 38,000 points by Kareem Abdul Jabbar. No one will ever make more points than him. No one is allowed to past his points because he wore the number 33. Just my opinion,I could be wrong. Also the Lakers have the longest winning streak in the NBA. Of course it’s 33 wins. The Warriors got up to 28 wins but lost to the Bucks. The Lakers streak was also ended by the Bucks. Coincidence?? You ever heard the expression “the buck stops here”. Just some food for thought.


  2. I also mentioned to you about the symbolism used in sports,films and tv shows. I noticed in the Patriots logo the hat is blue but the tail end looks like red horns. Could this represent the Beast(Satan)? I think the Patriots lie and cheat(deflate-gate) to show the world they represent the white man(Devil). This is why they wanted Brady to win the most Super Bowls. I watched a brother break down the symbolism of the Patriots beating teams in the Super Bowl that are related to African(Kemetic) history. Also Amerikkka seems to go to war every time the patriots win a Super Bowl. It’s to make the masses become more patriotic.
    2002- Patriots beat the St Louis Rams. The Ram represents the Kemetic deity Osiris.
    2004- Patriots beat the Carolina “Black” Panthers
    2005-Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagle(Horus) in Kemet was used to indicate the influence of a regime. Eventually it became a falcon representing the Sun God.
    2015-Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks. If you look at the Seahawks logo the eye looks very similar to the Eye of RA. The Eye of RA represents the Goddess Wadjet.
    2017- Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcon as I said before represents the Kemetic god Horus or Heru.
    So you see brother it’s all about symbolism. It’s not just a game being played. It’s too much money involved to leave the games up to chance. They believe there is power in harvesting spiritual energy. So they use these games as a way of manifesting their reality. They want to rule this world and the spiritual realm as well. Yeah this sports stuff is pretty deep.

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  3. Where do I begin with this post? I will tell you something I haven’t told many people. I had a friend of mine that played college football for UCLA fifteen years ago. He told me that sometimes they throw games to cover the point spread. Point shaving?? I thought he was joking at the time. I wasn’t as conscious of how the world works back then. I thought it was hard to pull off with so many players involved. But he said all you need is three or four key players to throw a game. Keep in mind that college players aren’t making any money playing these games. If they covered the spread the college players could get paid by the bookies. And that’s just college sports. So you know in pro sports it’s a whole different level.
    I have friend of the family that played major league baseball. He retired a few years ago. Out of respect I wont say his name. But has been a friend for over twenty years. He told me that most professional sports games are fixed. Definitely football,hockey,basketball and baseball. It’s a little complicated for most people to grasp. Most of the sports owners are Freemasons. They all belong to a brotherhood and decide in advance who will the baseball,basketball and Super Bowl in football. The elites decide who winds…..not the players. They use symbols,numerology,birthdates,esoteric knowledge and the Gematria. Gematria is a Kabbalistic way of interpreting the Hebrew scriptures. It’s a way of computing the numerical value of words. These elite owners know people have a vested interest in these games. It’s all very tribal. It gives people a sense of belonging. And they take that energy and use it to control your emotions. Symbols mean a lot to them. Like at last years Super Bowl 50 win Broncos beat the Panthers. Panthers only lost won game all season but crumbled at the Super Bowl. I told all my co-workers that the Panthers would lose. All the brothers of course were pulling for quarter back Cam Newton. But many people don’t now that Cam Newton is the cousin of Black Panther founder Huey Newton. And Cam just happens to play for the “Panthers”??? It’s funny how the mainstream media never brings up their relation. A lot of it represents symbolism. Peyton Manning represents the “white” Bronco vs Cam the “black” Panther. They were hyping it using all the racial tension from Black Lives Matter. George Soros funded “pro-black group”. Remember the halftime show? When Beyoncé and all the sistas dressed in black wearing berets like the Black Panthers?? It’s all orchestrated brother. The flashy super talented black quarterback got shut down by an over the hill,out of shape white quarterback. The message is that the white man’s brain power will always defeat the natural athletic ability of a black man. The last four Super Bowls have been a black quarterback vs a white quarterback as well.
    I could go on and on with all the numerology they code in sports. It would take m e awhile to break it all down to you. But I’ll give you a simple one. You know the highest degree of Freemason knowledge is 33 degrees. Which is why the Super Bowl always starts at 3:30. It’s all a ritual in plain sight. It took me years to decode a lot of this stuff. As well was watching some videos on YouTube. The consciousness of the masses are waking up. A lot of people are hip to the fact that sports are rigged. Which is why the government wants is trying regulate the internet. They come up with terms like “fake news”. Which is funny since the mainstream media are the originators of fake news. But they know that truth tellers on YouTube are waking people up to the matrix. And blogs like yours,mine,Diary of a Negress and others need to be shut down. Super Bowl 51 was a damn joke! Anyone with half a brain could tell this was fixed. Falcons have an excellent offense game. How the hell you going to give up a 25 point lead??? That just doesn’t happen. This whole game was to solidify Tom Brady has the greatest quarterback ever. He now has five Super Bowl rings. I know a lot of people that hate Brady and his cheating ass coach. But I wasn’t tripping because I knew it was rigged from the beginning. There was a film called Patriots Day that came out in December. Starring who?? Actor Mark Wahlberg of course. Who happens to be friends with Tom Brady. They were already putting the patriots in your subconscious mind months before. I like the Simpsons video you mentioned. The Simpsons have predicted a lot of things. Like the fact that Trump would become President. Even in an episode of the comedy Suddenly Susan way back in 1997! It’s called predictive programming. It’s a form of mind control. They put events in sitcoms,sci-fi films and cartoons so that your mind will accept future planned scenarios.
    Oh yeah one more thing about the number 33. Remember last year when Lebron and the Cavs beat the Warriors for the championship. The Cavs were down 3-1 in the series. The Cavs came back to win three in a row. The Cavs were the 33rd team to overcome a 3-1 deficit. They also won the championship on June 19th. Which is the birthday of King James the first of England. Isn’t that Lebron’s nickname?? What a coincidence! Kind of strange how the mainstream media never mentioned that. Probably because they don’t want you to know who was really being celebrated on that day. They don’t want the masses to make that connection. 80 % of your news is scripted. Accept for traffic and weather.You have state sponsored terrorist attacks and scripted “reality” shows. And you can add rigged/stage sporting events to that list. Lies on top of more LIES. I don’t know about you but I just want to get the hell out of this matrix! Yurugu has gone crazy! Amos Wilson once said you must be able to tell what is REAL from the UNREAL to survive. How many people out there do you think can connect all these dots? Probably not many. People are too busy raising their children,living paycheck to paycheck at jobs they hate. We live in a fast paced world. People don’t have the time and energy to decipher what is reality. They just accept that what they see on tel-LIE-vision is the TRUTH. That’s the sad part about it. We have become a nation of zombies. And that’s just what Yurugu wants.

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      1. Thanks a lot BMS. I have had a few subscribers ask me to do some more posts on this esoteric knowledge. I think I will if people seem interested. I usually do posts on race issues,government,gender issues,music and pop culture. I didn’t think most black people were interested in this stuff. But I have touched on this in past. If I do a post on this stuff I want to be thorough because I know this is new information for a lot of people. But here’s one I did.


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