New day, same pile…


I am not a fan of this chicken head. She is proven to be a crazy argumentative, exhibitionist, who often exhibits the behavior of someone feeling unloved and is desperately seeking love.

But I also have a problem with people calling her a coon for stating she is Native and not Afrikan. Not when an increasing amount of you kneegrows are embracing this native ancestry narrative for your own damn self. Are you all mad because she don’t speak like you want her to speak? Don’t act the way you want her to act?

So many of you have already embraced native ancestry and refused association with Afrika. That is until someone you all don’t like embrace it too. I seen so many kneegrows wearing native american regalia, but would not be caught dead reppin some colors from an Afrikan country.

And let’s talk about this I am not Afrikan nonsense. As Malcolm X stated…”if a cat has kittens in an oven, does that make them biscuits”?
Did black people spring up simultaneously on Turtle island as they did in Afrika? Is this what you are saying?

Are you saying that none of these dark-skinned Africoid looking people should be associated with Afrika?

At all?

Am i confused or are you people so coonfused and hateful of Afrika that you will ignore commonsense just to satisfy your wet dreams? Then again some of you all still believe in Jesus, Muhammad, integration and appealing to white people for acceptance.

Yeah…all wet dreams.

Either Afrikans sailed to the side of the world for centuries before the European pirates and settle invaders, came to the new world….like numerous books and archeological findings state. Which still make them Afrikans.

Or people who look like Afrikans but are not Afrikans suddenly spring up here, like you “black natives” would have us believe.

Some of you even deny… DENY!..the reality of the Ma’afa. How much more fucked up in the head can a set of people be? I have read where kneegrows demand proof of numbers of the enslavement of Afrikans by Europeans.

Some echo the white racist shit that Afrikans sold their kith and kin in to slavery, as if to lighten the guilt of the savage. I have learned that when a kneegrow ask for proof of something that is irrefutable, to just walk away from that mess….. before “Wayne Brady got to kill a bitch”

(If you don’t get that reference then I can’t help you)

Maybe aliens dropped you off here. Or maybe your black asses need to go back to drawing board and re-associate your DNA with Afrika. I thought the Moor-ons where bad enough with their I am not Afrika bullshit…I am a Moor. Associating themselves with European and Afrikan mixtures that are the modern-day Arabs. Arabs who steal and imitate North Afrikan culture, that some of you are imitating second-hand.

Brand new, second-hand mother fuckers.

But the “I am not an Afrikan, I am Native” crowd is very irksome. You all act as if the current manifestation of aboriginals, all 6 nations of whom enslaved Afrikans like the white people did, really care about your black asses.

Social media tends to encourage foolishness from people who really should be sitting in the dark playing video games, instead of sharing their opinions.

2 thoughts on “New day, same pile…

  1. Keke is delusional in so many ways. Not only does she think she’s Native American but claims to be lesbian as well. This fool is so lost. But I do see your overall point with tis post. Some say we’re Afrikan others say we were in Amerikkka already. I have seen some evidence that we have been all over the planet. It does make sense in a way. If we are the Original people on the planet then it means we were here first. Therefore I assume it we could be found everywhere. But I know what you mean about the anti-Afrikan crowd. It’s one thing to say we are the Original’s another to use it to distance yourself from Afrika. Have you read the books When the World was Black? I have volumes one and two. They were very informative books with some information I didn’t know at the time. I think you might like them.


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