When the hate taste like sour grapes


I follow this sister on Instagram. She speaks intelligently and carries a big Iron staff with gold plaiting. In other words, come at her sideways and she will verbally bitch slap the sour taste out your mouth. Like these three savages above in the screen shot, that was attacking her because she had the unmitigated gall to post up an image of a black woman celebrating her love for the black man.

I have concluded that the biggest whinny bitches on the planet are white men. Even white women in their Paris Hilton moment, don’t whine like these broke back mountain rejects. Why in Greco-Roman heaven are these fools offended that a black woman is celebrating her desire to only mate with her ethnic complement? I’ll tell you why. Black unity has always been an “akanundrum” (get it? a conundrum…LOL!) for white people to swallow. Worse is when they see black men and women practicing love of each other. White people have always had issues when we move together in groups. They fear when we congregate and always want to know what’s up? yet nothing make them tremble as much as black men and women practicing what every other ethnic group practices.

screenshot_2017-02-08-15-43-56-1White men, based on their own narratives, historical evidence and anthropological factoids, are traditional rapists of their own and other women. And of children and other men as well. They are extremely covetous and thieving.  So in that vain this dudes ancestral instinct is to belittle a harmless show of self-love, by trying to turn it into a hatred of white people. rest assured him inserting love everybody is a ruse to say you must only love white people.

I believe these perverts that enjoys watching ghetto gaggers porno, so they can stir their fantasies and then proceed to go out trying to buy a black crack prostitute, because his game would prevent him from finding anything but a Stacy Dash or a Sage Steel type bed wench, who will respond favorably to his funky ass, only because they are white.

screenshot_2016-11-05-14-44-54-1This is the kind of action @Samuel_24_weis, @alecburis13 and @questyyy. To cuddle up with their own bed wench, maybe fantasize about raping her or her pubescent daughter, cause they know a white rapist judge will get them off.

I mean how can you not be mad you don’t have one of these delicious bucket of chocolate goodness? All wild flower honey tasting, Cinnamon smelling, coconut butter soft beauties, There are more of them and I ain’t sharing.

423823_478324248858333_184066005_n 431407_488506054512693_1425737644_n 422319_249849291784806_1282001445_n












The savages and kneegrows who reLIEgously embrace and promote how much better sex and relationship with a white person is, will gladly go out of their way to put down black love. They will complain and use governmental alternative facts about black love being nonexistent, yet when their alternate facts are proven as such, they bitch and complain about us being racist for wanting each other.

These are what savages like @Samuel_24_weis, @alecburis13 and @questyyy, want to see.



The meme below encapsulate the issues we face daily. It’s ok for others to love themselves and strive to embrace their mirror image, but it’s all of a sudden is not ok for us to do the same.


Look and envy  suckers, caused as a black man I have tasted her and found I was starving. I love me some black woman like food. And she loves me. This is what black love looks like. Its been looking as fly and clean since forever in amurdikkka, so go jump off a high cliff, with your whinny snot nose self.

426661_10151088422839223_495627560_n 427418_10151088416779223_778993741_n 428965_469751709703827_388277909_n




And the next time you all come at a black woman side wise, overstand that not everybody is going to play that kumbaya game. I have been physically setting the savages straight since I was in high school, so I am well equipped and skilled in making sure one of you don’t act out-of-pocket.











6 thoughts on “When the hate taste like sour grapes

  1. That’s black bed wenches are insane! Sleeping with the enemy like that. And these white faggots are so racist. These faggot ass cowards HATE black love. You see how cocky those white men get when they get with a black woman. They fear any type of black unity because it’s a threat to this crooked racists system. They want us to hate each other. They love the black man and woman fighting is a benefit for them. This post is on point!

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  2. LOL!

    Had to giggle at this one.

    White males act like cocaine-frenzied bitches on their period when they see ANY black people getting along with each other. Black females helping each other in the grocery store, black males chatting away with ease about this and that, even us just saying “hello. good morning” to each other when we pass each other on the street.

    It bothers them ALL.

    I’ve witnessed the hatred that spews from them, both male and female, when a black man tells me he likes my hair.

    When I learned this awhile back, I now make it a point to compliment ALL black people in front of them!


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