Jamaica, Jamaica: An addendum

ORGAN TRAFFICKING by the chinese, small hats and arabs….yurugu birth rate is LOW so dem need Black womens’ organs, esp their uterus, heart, brain and kidney. This is why all a di ooman dem weh dem find ave dem organs missing outta dem body, don tink seh dem a CUT OUT dem inside fi no reason. Afta dem done wid dat, dem run guh sell di organs dem to di chinee ppl, iz BIG $$ dem a mek fram dis. It’s a way for dem to get large amnts of money dat most of dem have never seen in their life. The cost is they have to kill their own women for it. This is not my “personal opinion”, some elders in Yaad have informed me what is REALLY going on. Da only way dem ago stop is wen dem get murda.

The above was sent to me by a friend who has her  hears to the ground in Jamaica. Her information indicated, and which is supported by others who have posted up their comment on social media, is that the uptick in the kidnapping and killing of women and young girls in Jamaica, is part of an organ stealing network.

What would be the incentive for black men to steal black women’s organs? Numerous internet stories abound, including official news stories speaking on arrest of certain segments of society for organ harvesting, north amurdikkka and Europe. Now they are paying a few animals to kill women and steal their organs.

From what my friend is saying,  biggest perpetrators are the scavengers, the Camel fuckers and the khazars. And guess which two are prominent in Jamaica? Listen no amount of thirst for money or materialism should make a black man take a black woman’s organ and sell it for profit. Or any other reason in fact.

Where are these shooters who would hold up business when they want to do selfish things.

The social impoverishment of Jamaica and the decades long neglect of the people’s welfare and their benefiting from the quality of life that should be theirs by right, is driving the population to become savages. It’s not just them succumbing to a drug and gun culture, fuelled by amurdikkka and international forces. It’s also the government getting rich off the backs of the people while foreigners exploit and steal whatever meager opportunity that should have been afforded to them on such a lush Island. Listen to Mutabaruka break down how the scavengers are practicing the Chinese game of GO.

Capturing space in order to encircle and conquer their “enemy”. In this case the enemy is any Afrikan or Afrikoid, who is in the way of their economic expansionism.

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