Predators in our midst: a prevailing sickness


My sister Tonya Saafir-Ankomah, hit the nail on the head wit this statement. I have read where some people have stated that Afrikans wanting to kill homosexuality is because they are phobic or insane. Kneegrows kill yourself. Kill yourselves slowly and record it live.

Homosexuality’s rise in Afrika and in every black community is from rape. Rape by imperial colonialists and enslavers. Rape by the chrustian and Islamic missionaries. Rape by international aid workers.  Rape by members of occupied armies under the umbrella of the United Nations. Rape by “educators” and rape by pedophile tourists. White people use euphemisms like sex tourism and other benign terms to soften the tradition of savage white predatory sex on Afrikan people.

This is why Afrikan people on the continent and in the diaspora have a strong dislike for this unnatural behavior. It has nothing to do with fearing them, but having no desire ro be around a reminder of how we were victimized and assaulted by savages for their sick pleasures.


When images like this becomes normal or fashionable. When this becomes material for social media comedy or acceptable as the standard of the new male. This is when we have lost the final battle for the soul of black folks. The kneegrow rides hard for these kinds of self expression and will savage an Afrikan for rejecting this. They will ride harder for this than any kind of attempt at a social cohesiveness for our ethnic groups. The irritated Genie said it best. We can grow our own foods to counteract the enemy altering the foods to make us effeminate. We can shun vaccinations that have excess estrogen or testosterone that they give to us. But we need to have a serious dialogue and plan of action against agressive white predatory sex practice, that starts at miseducating us on homosexuality being normalized. That meanders into the area of job discrimination, educational discrimination and social ostracizing when we reject that lifestyle. That ends in so many reports of rapes of little boys and girls. The media and the promosexuals love to talk about the filthiness of heterosexual pedophilia, yet ignore or often the more prevalent and infinitely more damaging homosexual pedophiles, who conspire, organize and traffic in little children and youth.

We are our worse enemies because we allow a foreign ideology to taint our perspective and worldview. We spit on the graves of the ancestors who’ve had to deal with this physical violation from the slave holding pens in Afrika, in the middle passage and on the amurdikkklan plantation. And we spit on the children’s legacy by failing to protect them from predators, even teaching them that little Johnny can tuck is dick between his balls and call himself Joanne. That Jackie can wear boxers and act like her dick is bigger than mine, while she calls her self a stud.

We definitely have to be as agressive in rejecting the predators in our midst as much as we reject those outside. This is the last frontier for black survival. It’s not economics, though this is vital. It’s not politics, though this directs our purpose. It’s the destruction of the mind,body and soul of our children who would be the economic and political vanguard of Afrika and Afrikan progress.

4 thoughts on “Predators in our midst: a prevailing sickness

  1. Tonya Saafir-Ankomah is correct! This is why we reject with sick behavior. It’s not out of fear. It makes me sick and is heartbreaking to know how my ancestors were abused by these cave beast savages! This is why I attack this sexual perversion so much on my blog. It’s where I draw the line. I have even told my subscribers to go ahead and unfollow me if you think transgender,lesbian,homosexuals,bisexual or pansexual is normal. That is one issue I will NOT budge on at all. Most of my subscribers know this by now. I don’t care how many black people try to tell me homosexuality was already in Africa years ago. If it was it sure wasn’t celebrated like in Greece or Rome. I’ve never seen any African artifacts or any homosexuality on the walls of Kemet…have you?? They just want us to accept this sick behavior and brainwash our children into thinking it’s normal. I’m not buying it. And great video by Genie. I have that dvd among others by War on the Horizon.

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    1. Man…I had one stupid female dog, trying to battle me over a quote by John Henrik Clark, that there was no name , artifacts or stories about homosexuals in Afrika. The female accused me of taking his quote without investigation, then turn around and quote homosexual information without investigation. I made the mistake of trying to reason with her only to be insulted. I had to remove myself becasue I promied not to argue with people on somebody else’s thread. But man…I was this close to calling her all kinds of names. But had to remember to be careful of people thinking we are both he same

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      1. Yeah I know what you mean. I’ve gone back and forth with people like that. Some want to see if they can sway your opinion. But you have to stick to your guns no matter what. They also like to twist the words of the ancestors to fit their sick agendas. I’ve had to call people out for doing that.

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