The public fool system; a plantation tale of factory farming weeds

During the interrogation of the Orange Orangutan’s educational pick, the Democrats painted Betsy DeVos as unqualified to be in charge of the funding to continue to dumb down amurdikkklan youth. The manufactured entity called the kneegrow is so deeply connected to the nationalistic entity called amurdikkka, that despite repeated abuse, violence and marginalization, including acts of genocide, suffers the tremendous group effect of Stockholm syndrome.

We identify with the savage image wise, politically, reLIEgiously, educationally and socially. So much so that, separating from this succubus called amurdikkka is akin to death. Kneegrows are like tape worms in amurdikkka’s intestine, a blood sucker that is symbiotically attached to the flesh…a decaying flesh..yet cannot for the life of them let go, or they die. Mind you amurdikkka too will die, she needs the blood sucker called the kneegrow to live as well.

Don’t ask me how from a biological perspective, but from a social perspective, the kneegrow will be forever tied into the system called amurdikkka, until death do them part. We all know of and are confused with the kneegrow’s fascination with and cultish embracing of Christianinsanity, the ideology of the enslaver. An ideology that was used to shape our docility and compliance in the face of genocide. Yet this ideology, spread around the world as the largest of its kind, has us enthralled to death and destruction.

We are familiar with the kneegrow’s penchant for involving themselves in folly tricks of the damned, where white interest, homosexual interest, the interests of others supersede theirs. Yet the kneegrow still thinks going back to that well of stagnant shit water and doing the same thing over and over, will somehow make it change in to sweet alkaline water. In other words get a different result.

The public fool shitstym is the second best training ground (after the church) of kneegrow dumb shit. The very nature of this training ground prepares the kneegrow to be the constant joke every other ethnic groups and rational thinking sentient beings have concluded they are. Unfortunately the association includes people like myself, because one kneegrow dumb shit act, is seeing as the dumb shit of every one of us.

This week I read a story about a black mother, Kendra Molden’s 4-year-old son was kicked out of a black run daycare at the Neighborhood Learning Center in Lithia Spring, Georgia.

“There was reportedly no disciplinary action involved with the removal of this young man from the pre-K program. However, this event does coincide with another incident between Molden and a member of the teaching staff. 

For Black History Month many places of education take the time to honor historic figures in the African-American community for the achievements and contributions to society – which is great. The Neighborhood Learning Center, a privately owned institution, followed in this by putting up a display to celebrate black history, but Molden saw something that didn’t quite add up. While there were black faces like Harriet Tubman and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., there were also people like Walt Disney – which could clearly be confusing for any child who sees it. 

Kendra Molden questioned the teacher who made the display, and is also black, in the morning of a school day. By the end of the very same day, she received a call from the center that her child was no longer welcome to attend the daycare center. The young mother used her phone to record a video of she and her son being escorted out of the building when she came to pick him up. According to her, when she asked why he was being kicked out, “They never gave me a reason, and I asked several times,” she admitted.

To add insult to injury, the instructor took the situation to Facebook, where she posted a status saying that, “Pre-K has guidelines that must be followed…GO STUDY YOUR HISTORY…Don’t let ya mouth write you a check that you can’t cash.” These are clearly fighting words of the strongest variety – literally right below “cash me outside”. When called for a comment, the daughter of the director of the Neighborhood Learning Center declined to comment and said that the police would be handling the situation moving forward. 

Kendra Molden told WSB-TV Atlanta, “It really hurts me because my son loves school…he’s really smart…He deserves better than that.”

After seeing the first video on the brief history of amurdikkklan public fool system. After seeing the video above, one should be able to overstand what Melissa Harris-Perry stated, when she was relevant as a mouth piece for white pathology, that…“your children are not yours, but all of us”! All of us being of course the government.

In a case of sole support mother Kiarre Harris, this is more true than she could ever had believed. Some call it a drastic overreach of the state into the private lives of citizens,  but I call it business as usual. Kiarre Harris was arrested and her children thrown into foster care after she was charged with “educational neglect” for OFFICIALLY removing them from public school and enrolling them in a homeschooling program.

It’s been three weeks since Harris has seen her children after their legalized kidnapping by the state.

“I felt that the district was failing my children and that’s when I made the decision to homeschool,” Harris told WKBW 7.

According to Harris, she began researching homeschooling last November, after deciding the failing Buffalo Public Schooll system wasn’t providing her children with the necessary tools for a successful academic future.

Harris says she was methodical in filing documents at Buffalo City Hall, following all the necessary procedures, and informing the school district of her intention to homeschool her children.

Harris provided the officially stamped documents to WKBW, which verified the school district had received them on December 7.

“I spoke directly to the homeschool coordinator and she told me from this point on my children were officially un-enrolled from school,” said Harris.

Only a week after un-enrolling the children from public school, Child Protective Services (CPS) called Harris to inquire as to why her kids weren’t in school.

“I told them that my kids were homeschooled now and that I could furnish the documents if they need to see them,” Harris told WKBW.

Harris then went on with her regular homeschooling routine thinking everything was settled, but she was blissfully unaware of what was transpiring. Less than a month later Harris was confronted by police and CPS workers, who claimed they had a court order to take her children. When Harris told them they could not take her children she was arrested for obstruction of justice.

“Someone, somewhere messed up, and that someone needs to face the music,” said Buffalo Councilman Ulysees O. Wingo, at a Buffalo Common Council meeting on Tuesday. “This does not pass the smell test. This looks bad.”

“Did anyone from the school reach out to the mother? We don’t know. It’s very important for us to look at the details and get all of the details,” Wingo said.

Councilman Wingo has called on Family Court to return the children to their mother’s custody immediately, noting the absurd nature of taking children away from their mother’s care over a clerical error.

The Buffalo Public School District told WKBW that it cannot comment on this case due to Federal Laws, but went on to note that in order for a parent to file for homeschooling they must have full custody of the children. This, of course, should be a non-issue as Harris says she’s a single parent and has always had full custody until her kids were kidnapped by the state.

Persecution of homeschooling parents has been a common practice, not only in New York, but in many other state jurisdictions, that are attempting to criminalize homeschooling. It’s just that the white pathology propaganda arm, called News sites, are not reporting it as frequently as they should.

Kiarre Harris, is and was not the first though. And neither because she was black, as another New York resident Tanya Acevedo faced similar circumstances when she attempted to withdraw her children from public school and begin homeschooling. Acevedo withdrew her child from school this winter, filing all necessary paperwork required by the government. But that wasn’t enough to stave off a visit from CPS, who showed up at her residence unannounced to investigate allegations of “educational neglect.”

Acevedo promptly contacting the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) for assistance with her case, and parsing out the New York Public School District’s mountain of red tape to see if, or where, she might have erred.

The following story is partly attributed to my Facebook compadre, Marc Freeman…a real Free man.

Image may contain: 4 peopleImage may contain: 3 people






This is a picture of two sole support mothers, Kelly Williams-Bolar and Tanya McDowell. You might have seen the picture of the woman on the left, Tanya McDowell, handcuffed in court two years ago. Tanya McDowell, was homeless and spent 1/2 her time in a homeless shelter and the other 1/2 with her friend, Kelly Williams-Bolar,  in the school district where her son attended.

Tanya McDowell was charged with larceny for enrolling her 5-year-old son in a Norwalk, Connecticut school. The 34-year-old Bridgeport woman pleaded guilty in a Norwalk court to charges of first-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit first-degree larceny for illegally enrolling her 6-year-old son in Norwalk public school despite living here.

That case drew protests by residents and civil rights groups who claimed McDowell was being persecuted for her attempt to get a better education for her son.

While out on bond on that charge, the homeless sole support mother, was arrested for selling marijuana and crack cocaine drugs to undercover police officers. Thus her drug conviction conveniently hid the original purpose of her getting a criminal record. Trying to enrolled her son in a so-called “better school” than her black ass should have had him.

To assure that she ceased and desisted… the powers that be had not only kicked her son out of school and charged her with tax fraud and stealing education. They also sentenced her to pay over $15,000 in back tuition, threw her in jail AND kicked her friend who was trying to assure that her son attended school, as well, while his Mom was homeless, OUT OF THE HOUSING PROJECTS WHERE SHE LIVED. In effect these are the only two women on record that have been arrested, charged, sentenced and fined for the terrible crime of trying to get a better education for their children in the government ran and conditioning killing field called the public fool shitstym


They had the gall to send their children to schools that were not in their school district. Kelly Williams-Bolar had used her father’s address to send her 2 daughters to the school in his district. A district that he pays taxes to. So… to assure she ceases and desist… they kicked her daughters out of school and charged her with tax fraud and stealing education, sentenced her to pay $30,000 in back tuition and threw her in jail, gave her 2 years probation, 80 hours of community service and hinder her ability to receive a teacher’s license (she was an education major in college)

Kneegrows hear the term red line and think it is that carpet that the celebrity walks when they go to all these award shows. They think a red line is a line their children makes with crayons. But reality a red line is an artificial geographical mark on a municipal map, that separates people along racial and economic lines. Which often means black people.

Such a line dictates who gets proper school funding ( in Florida it sin something like $800 per child white a month, for black children less than half of that. Considering that the base annual income between generational slave wealth of white people and the generational slave impoverishment of black people, redlining becomes easy to implement and enforce.

Other factors are set in place of course to keep this system concurrent. Such as who qualifies for personal or home owner loans or even gets employed. For if you get a shitty education, you basically are unable to get a quality job. These red lined school district is where municipal and state governments send their shitty self hating kneegrow teachers to miseducated black children, because they are vexed they weren’t sent to a proper white district. Also this is where the a shitty non black teachers are sent, who then miseducate and abuse black children for the same reasons.

Unlike many parents, dumbed down by the food, water and tel-LIE-vision, Kelly Williams-Bolar and Tanya McDowell became concerned about the miseducation that black children receive in districts and communities that are red lined for racist reasons. Unlike other kneegrows, these two women, both with hearts in the right place, but with a risky method, choose to seek a better future for their children.

And while their plan wasn’t as defining as Kiarre Harris’s attempt to take them out of the killing fields, both shows you that the system is like the Borg. Once you defeat them one way, the adapt and are prepared for that same attack. SO you will have to change your tactic or try to destroy the Borg at its source.

We tried to work within the system, so the created the school to prison pipeline. We tried to send our children outside the district and they arrest us and accuse us of fraud. We try to withdraw from the killing fields and we are arrested AND the children are kidnapped by a private agency who’s back is covered by the government.


We have kneegrows promoting so-called higher education as a means to success, while ignoring the very real choice of things like homeschooling, independent schooling ( which means no government hand outs) and even vocational schooling, to teach children how to be technically sound, learn how to run business with that vocational training and thus build up the black community. With Betsy DeVos, the kneegrows protesting her are doing so because the white liberals hate her billionaire ass and not because she is to preside over a failed system that has miseducatd black children since ever.

They echo the liberal sentiment that Betty DeVos never attend public school, never taught in a public school and (wisely) never sent her children to public school. Yes on the surface a billionaire and anti public school opponent seems a bit too much in this dictatorial administration. Till you realize that for eight years the magic mulatto, who is not a billionaire. Is a law school graduate and once supposedly a community activist, never did anything to correct his side chick Killery and her husband’s three strikes law, nor did anything to improve the system, including the school to prison pipeline.

3 thoughts on “The public fool system; a plantation tale of factory farming weeds

  1. Another educational post! Thanks for this. Speaking of the public fool system….have you heard about the Haiti film? It’s a documentary being done by wannabe conscious pimp Tariq Nasheed. You and I have discussed in the past our problems with him. But the one thing I will give him is he knows how to raise funds for a film. He can get black people to donate money and he will make the film. I will give him that much. Anyway the trailer looks pretty good. It comes out later this year.


      1. Yeah that’s a good point. he does films that are good a good introduction to African history. Those of us who have studied a lot and have lots of books tis is not new information.


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