Speak the truth and shame the stupid


The collective retardation of the entity called the kneegrow is so astounding, that my neck hurts from all that SMDH, I have been doing. It’s bad enough you claim Pan Afrikanism. To fight for black love and the black family. Yet follow a bottom dweller and bottom digger like Faggy dogzo. A notorious shit disturber in more ways than one. But when I hear people claiming that enslaved rape victims like a Sally Hemming had a consensual “relationship” with her enslavers and torturers. Or even worse…the countless tales of other raped black women on the plantation, who were bred like horses and had their mongrel issues discarded by history and ourstory’s first dead beat dads.

When I hear kneeggrows defending this steep pile of alternate facts, I really wonder if we are not truly an inferior people. Kneegrows are on a way out into the twilight zone other kind of trip. Out in the outer limits of rational and sanity. No raped woman can have a relationship with a jailer, even if she breeds repeatedly for him. And Faggy Dogzo can never be on my frontline or trenches during a real conflict. He can however be dead center in my scope, because like a good man, I  always puts out the garbage.

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