The Killing fields

As an addendum to the post  The public fool system; a plantation tale of factory farming weeds, I feel it is imperative that black people and Afrikan people overstand what it means when the Afrikans stay…” “Until the Lion Learns How to Write, Every Story will Glorify the Hunter”.

On public transit. Sitting in your personal vehicle. In the mall, on the side-walk, inside a movie theater for heavens sake. We see people doing it. Head down and focused on their hand-held devices, totally shutting out everybody else. I have actually seen real people on dates, paying more attention on their PDA’s and smart (or Dumb) phones, instead of on the person across from them.

We have become a society enamored with these devices, as well as, teLIEvision, especially the new ones that watch you watching them. All designed to dumb down the children and even the adults. People coming in from work and head straight to the teeVee. Families don’t eat food together around the dinner table but in front of the idiot box. Children don’t know how to communicate directly with each other outside of some social media type bullshit. Because children rarely read a book anymore,

The benefit of reading in children’s lives are real.

Building Bonds

Reading is one of the best ways to develop bonds with your children, researchers say. Parents should schedule reading sessions often and use the moments to enrich their relationships with their children, as well as build their vocabularies.  Children in turn learn about complex aspects of life and relationships when they engage in stories with themes that can be more mature than anything they’ve encountered in life. Going through those educational moments with a parent allows them to confront these issues in a safe space.

Secret to Success

In March 2013, the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research introduced research that showed that children four to five years of age who are read to three to five times a week are six months ahead of their peers in terms of reading acumen. Those children who are read to daily are a year ahead of those who are read to less often.

Rich Vocabulary Equals Advantage

There is a clear difference between conversing with a child and reading to him or her. Speech is full of jargon, colloquialisms and truncated sentences. Literature, on the other hand, is much more intricate and therefore vastly more educational. “The language in books is very rich, and in books there are complete sentences. In books, newspapers, and magazines, the language is more complicated, more sophisticated. A child who hears more sophisticated words has a giant advantage over a child who hasn’t heard those words.

Teaching by Example

“A child who has been read to will want to learn to read herself. She will want to do what she sees her parents doing. But if a child never sees anyone pick up a book, she isn’t going to have that desire,”  Reading increases a child’s attention span and a parent’s own cognitive ability. It is one of the most essential and valuable activities kids can inherit from parents simply by observing them being engrossed in a book or magazine. Knowing how many habits children pick up from grown-ups around them, reading is one activity parents should aim to get caught doing in front of their kids.

Boosting Self Esteem and Communications Skills

Early readers will be armed with the vocabulary necessary to communicate to their peers, teachers, and parents. Children who have the ability to find the words they want to use are more likely to have a strong self-image, sense of confidence, and higher academic standing. Also, well-read kids are more likely to attempt to formulate their thoughts before becoming angry or demonstrative. “With more knowledge comes more confidence. More confidence builds self-esteem. So it’s a chain reaction. When a child is well-read, people look to them for answers. A child’s feelings about themself can only get better.

And then of course there is social media. Social media has joined video gaming as a tool to drain the soil and personality of individuals. I have heard of people losing themselves inside world of warcraft and other games. Emerging days later for pop and chips, only to dive back into that dungeon looking for dragons.

There are a whole host of forums our there to tantalize you. And that includes the infamous Dark Web. Which caters to a particular segment of society’s predilection,  that are best left in the shadows.

People have stated that they can find out more about some one on social media, without  even actually meeting them. Just this weekend I read an article where some kneegrow females were complaining about a scam artist insinuating himself into their lives, gaining access to personal and financial information and then stealing from them. All these sad and pathetic females found the dude on dating sites.

We live in a society where men and women are reluctant to and even fear speaking to someone sitting on the bus , next to them, but will be on social media and dating sites, showing their breasts, ass vagina, dicks and baring their souls to people half a continent away. Sometimes half the world away. And it’s not just about exhibitionism or voyeurism. Many of these people are looking for that fable, called LOVE.


There was a time when uptight adults were once free wheeling children. Flying around , exploring and expressing their natural curiosity of the world. For the world to see. I am not sure when the notion that children are to be seen not heard, but it obviously has been around a long time. Maybe it came out of the Victorian age and the European fantasy book, which admonish us to “spare the rod….spoil the child”.

Ancient Afrikan cultures, some of which still practices it today, believe that children are individuals and free thinking entities, that with proper guidance from the village, will grow into functional hue-man beings. When we once ruled the planet, we impart those teachings to others. Still overstanding cultural paradigm or lacking the overstanding of the cultural paradigm of other ethnics such as the Eurasians, wasted centuries of attempt to civilize them into the human fold.

I am very exact when I state civilized, because no culture militarize their children like the Eurasians. And in order to create a Borg  mentality into personalities that are not hive like, one must indoctrinate them in such away that their personality is stripped away to be rebuilt to specification. This was something I gained a overstanding of, after making in through basic training. Basic training was not about insulting and or abusing untrained members. I found that out the first time I surged ahead on a PT run and was verbal dragged back into the fold for being a goddamn individual who should never leave his “buddies behind”!

No basic training was bout breaking you down and stripping you of your personality and then building you up to where…as on of my instructors told me…”I give a command to storm up that hill and assault that machine gun, hunkered down in the cut, you should be half way up the hill before I finish the command”. Basic training is and will always be about turning the individuals into a drone. An unfinished universal soldier. This was why Hitler and the allied governments, especially amurdikkka, experimented with LSD and “Jacobs Ladder” to make the soldier a mindless killing machine.

SO what is the association between soldiering and children? Or war and society?

The documentary I intrude to you is for the purpose of getting you the reader, why amurdikkka specifically, but the world essentially, are becoming dumbed down automatons. Subject to the whims and pleasures of psychopathic personalities. In fact I will be bold in saying that the only people, truly free and independent, are those people far removed from so-called civilization and western society’s influence.  Watching this video will change how you view public education and public policies around education. The real heavy stuff starts around the 15-20 minute mark, as she first lays the ground work behind her qualifications to speak on this topic.

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