One step at a time. One day at a time.

The journey of thousand miles truly begins with the first step. But the first step is not the last step. Every subsequent step takes you deeper into your journey and closer to the thousandth mile. Mastering every step adds up along the way. But if you stress each step, you stress the journey. And if you keep stopping to get distracted you will never get to the end. Distractions happens because we misunderstand the simplicity and end up playing with discipline. Discipline is not some huge magnanimous endeavor. It is a series of small goals and victories that add up. If we can’t master the first step. Or the next one. Or the one after that. Then we won’t make that thousand mile journey to the end. If there is distractions, let them be closer to the beginning and as limited as YOU make it. If you eat that snickers bar after the second step, that’s alright. For to fall seven times, means to get back up eight. But remember, allow your self at most two falls. Anything more is undisciplined effort, shoddy focus and a lack of motivation. Your philosophy is your motivation. Your motivation should be in line with your philosophy.


You can tell when you have the wrong philosophy or are executing your philosophy wrongly, by the effort you put in and the results. Some of you are lazy in the application of a good philosophy, but whether good or bad the results will always tell. Being lazy in the application of a good philosophy is where motivation plays a role. If you are not motivated by a good philosophy, then this is not the philosophy for you. Then again…if you keep failing in practicing every philosophical entity you partake in, then the problem is not about philosophy.


Never let your ambition exceed your reach. And never short change your ambition by not extending your reach qualitatively and quantitatively, in away that takes you closer to achieving those ambitious goals.

One step at a time. One day at a time. Inch by inch, we get closer to the end, as long as you practice your discipline and discipline your practice.  It’s so simple, yet so hard to do without a good philosophy.




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