When brothers fight sides are taken


In my past i have had the fortune of communicating with this ancestor, Chinua Achebe, when i briefly distributed a cultural magazine he published, back in the day. Of the many gems that came from his soul, “when brothers fight to death a stranger inherit their fathers estate”,  is as deep and as thought provoking statement as ever. History and ourstory is replete with fratricidal hate and violence among the varied ethnic groups on the planet.

Fratricidal: relating to or denoting conflict within a single family or organization.

However few fratricidal hate and violence can top that which occurs among the people of the sun. These are the Afrikans who are called blacks in modern times and who became manufactured and commercially made entity called the kneegrow. What makes the fratricidal hate and violence among the kneegrows appear most debilitating than others, is mainly because when we fight, it was not over land or trade routes or power. Real substantial power.

When kneegrows fight they fight over ratchet things like low energy, bad behaving  females, shoes, some nebulous thing called respect and ideology.

Nebulous: (of a concept or idea) unclear, vague, or ill-defined.

Of all the ideologies that kneegrows fight over, reLIEgion is one of the worst excuse to commit violence for. These are reLIEions that are not of Afrika and of the Afrikan paradigm. Some of the angriest of the ideological soldiers for foreign reLIEgion are the Muslims. It doesn’t matter if they practiced the Arabized version called Orthodox Islam or the pseudo form of Islam as practiced by members of the Nation of Islam. If you haven’t been in a coma for the past 80-90 years or just came back from the moon, you must know about the Nation of Islam from its inspirational origin under some white Arab guy called Farad Muhammad and  through the creation of Elijah Muhammad.

A couple of days ago one of my sister friends on stupid book asked emphatically …”Please…don’t tag me in Farrakhan speeches”. A reasonable request one can make who has had much too much being shared about someone she has no interest hearing about. Whether one cares for the request, like to hear such a request or even likes her making such a request; a reasonably sane person, or intelligent person would at the very least suck their teeth, maybe call her names her parents never did and then walk around and away from her page.

A reasonably sane person. A reasonable sane person when told “Ì don’t want to hear from you“, will not fight tooth and nails to shame, bully or try to intimidate others into hearing what they have to say. But social media has maximized the asshole in people to the nth degree.

There is a saying, that reminds us that we don’t have to attend every argument we are invited to. There is also a belief that if someone chooses to take a stance different from your own, its often the best course to continue on your own, without the need to try and convert them to your own ways and beliefs. Unfortunately kneegrows suffer from two debilitating disease that more often than not causes them to be contentious, argumentative and outright dirty. These two diseases are folly tricks and reLIEgion. More black people have alienated, invested hate and even violence on another due to ideological stances contained in folly tricks and reLIEgion. The reLIEgion fanatics though…SMDH!

A plague on hue-manity for sure. I once thought the Shebrews or the Moor-ons took the cake in voicing hate and violence at others…but it appears that the groupies that follow Louis Farrakhan is up there with them. One kat went ham on the sister to the point where people stopped trying to point out their differences and just watched in amazement as the dude went further and further into the gutter.

I took the liberty of screen shooting the comments, to show you how much these people love to talk about black unity and being upright and respectful, until some one questions their guru.





This reminds me of when the Irritated Genie came up to Toronto over a year ago and was speaking on the “Or else” road tour. Genie has always been upfront about what he saw as a trend towards promo sexuality growing within the Nation, under Farrakhan. This is a dude, who embrace homosexuals and ask them to speak at the Million Mores March, YET, refuse to have Khalid Muhammad speak at the same event. Claiming that Khalid insulted the Khazars in his Keens College speech. This is the same Farrakhan who implied that both Malcolm X and Khalid Muhammad were latent homosexuals, because they were too strident in their condemnation of the savage. The same Farrakhan who used similar rhetoric during his younger days and who confusingly laud praises on Tyler Perry’s faggot ass as some form of great leader.

At one point during Genies talk one bald headed sucker jumped up in outrage, shocking the attendees, and was moving dodgy like he was getting ready to go at Genie. Shout out the Bomani Mayasa, Militant Phaze and another  brother who’s name escapes me, but who I will apologise to for my forgetfulness. As the brothers moved into intercept any threatening move, I was quite contented to circle behind him, with my hand on a chair and bad intention in my heart. Fortunately for the back of this suckers head, Genie showed better poise than me and defused the situation. Only one person saw my move and that was the person I evicted from his chair as I was bent on bending it around this dudes head.

I  mention this incident as a context to how I feel of lately around many of this Nation of Islam dudes, who have been behaving badly around people who disagree with Farrakhan. After seeing how this dude went in on the black woman, on her own page. A woman who herself is a staunch soldier for the New Black Panther Party. After seeing how Farrakhan has opened up the Nation to whites, Latinos, Asians and scientologists, even having one of his sons marry a fat cow savage, I can definitely state that Farrakhan went on a 50 year magic trick to bamboozle gullible and ignant people to sip the tainted juice of the Southern Baptist Preacher’s snake oil. Yes…I said ignant. Which is on levels way below ignorant.

Just check out the tone of this dudes argument. I remember when Malcolm X was revered for his unmitigated manhood and commitment to The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam and to black people in amurdikkka. People on the outside knew more about Malcolm X than Elijah Muhammad, mainly because it was under Malcolm X’s indefatigable and committed efforts, that the Nation rose from a small collective of insular mosque, into a nation wide and eventually world wide organization. Many have felt that jealous kneegrows, whispered sweet tales of bullshit into Elijah Muhammad’s ear, telling him that Malcolm X was trying to usurp his position as leader.

Yet it was the revelation of the 3 or 4 pregnant and unmarried females, each pointing to Elijah Muhammad as the father, that eventually created a rift between the two. From what I gathered Elijah screwed these young women, but none was married to him, according to Islamic custom. Which didn’t sit well with a man whose many discipline, including sexual, was exceptional and undeniable. They called Malcolm a hypocrite for going to the press, but didn’t`t call Elijah a hypocrite for knocking up some young women, who were not his wives. Something the Nation preaches against, when they talk about recreational or unmarred sex.

These NOI stooges and groupies, misinformed and overly emotional kneegrows point to Malcolm X coming back from Mecca as El Haj Malik Al Shabazz ( Shabazz, a made up name by the NOI) and proclaimed in wonder how surprised he was to be sitting in the presence of white people. Sharing food and drink and prayer with them. Which is what the Hajj was supposed to be about. Despite the blatant racism in Islam and specifically in Saudi Arabia. All they became fixated on was that statement and not those following where he emphatically stated he is a Muslim but black first. And his main concern was the “22 million Negros”, that where oppressed in amurdikkka.

I even read where one dolt suggested Malcolm might have been all for embracing white women in his life, yet are silent on Farrakhan’s own blessing to his son for marrying a jersey cow. The NOI groupies  like the dude up top claimed that Malcolm or even those who don’t care for Farrakhan’s rhetoric anymore, haven’t built anything. Its almost as silly as saying that Nicki Minaj is a better rapper than Remy Ma, because her on paper money is way more than the other female. This last part will have you scratching your head around its relation to the post. But that is precisely the point I am trying to make. They come up with bullshit distractive rejoinder, that has nothing to do with the topic. Or they lie like white peoples fur, after a thunder storm.

To say that Elijah MADE Malcolm is a lie. The ideology of the Nation of Islam was a vehicle that brought out Malcolm’s best qualities. No one can MAKE you, they can only point you to the truth and hope you follow it. Rest assured Elijah WAS crucial to Malcolm’s development, but don’t act like Malcolm was like the rest of you lap dogs who couldn’t think for himself. Despite the absolute reverence he had for his ideological father. If the Nation of Islam was a rap group, Malcolm was not only its greatest hype man, but its best set up man. And he actually stole much of Elijah’s thunder due to youth and personality. Now Farrakhan came up emulating Malcolm to the ‘T’. Check out the speeches o the youthful Farrakhan compared to now. He did and said the same thing he accused Khalid Muhammad of doing. For going extremely hard on white people, Jews and the government.

A lot of people rode on the Farrakhan bandwagon, until we noticed his dalliance with the Arabs. The dude took a combined 8 million dollars from Colonel Gaddafi, to help improve the lot of the Afrikans in amurdikkka. He raised more than a million dollars from the Million Man March. He claimed to have rebuilt and bought back most of the lands and properties that Elijah’s son Warith sold off, after he embraced Orthodox Islam. Yet Farrakhan remains wealthy and the majority of his congregation has not seen much of anything trickle down to them. Just like the Southern Baptist preacher he is, he lives large while the congregation live small. Classic cultist shit. And as he looks into the sunset of his life, he has grown so soft, that he is just filled with even more empty feel good rhetoric and not one iota of functional action.

Even with all of these inconsistencies, the dalliance with Scientology and race mixing, something Elijah and Malcolm opposed, kneegrows will blast Malcolm for that statement over 60 years ago after coming back from Mecca, yet give Farrakhan a pass. And they will attack anybody who doesn’t bow down and worship this charlatan. Even threatening violence. I even had one fucktard invite me to come down to his Masjid in California for a confrontation. This is how these kneegrows role. The would never, even with all their martial arts training, would never roll up on a savage for black people. They MIGHT if a n NOI was attacked. MIGHT! But then again it was this impotent behavior why many black people in the early days viewed them as being all talk and no action. Something that Malcolm chaffed against and had to be reigned in by Elijah Muhammad.

Malcolm wanted to bust heads and started training these Kats in how to defend themselves. Yet these Kats act like Malcolm contributed nothing to the nation of Islam. When that fool invited me down to his home turf with his home boys, all I could think of is, those who do, don`t talk and those who talk don’t do. The kneegrow cannot have a civilized conversation on who is the best sell out in hollyweird, so it is impossible to have one around reLIEgion and folly tricks. And like clock work, they get in their feelings when others don`t embrace what they embrace. This goes for a majority. The so called conscious. The educated. The political and the reLIEgious. No wonder most black people choose to remain a sleep. Because waking up to potential violence and or threats of violence from these wackos, is not and never will be a recipe for growth or learning.

And while we fight over shit we shouldn’t be fighting over, our traditional enemies sit laughing at our money asses, even while they steal our legacies, land, our intellectual properties and even ourstory.


All you kneegrows who reject Christianinsanty and rub behind the Arab are worse hypocrite than the Christian. Because in the west Islam is a choice and Christianity was branded into us against our will.

Paedophilia and rape: rife and accepted within islam

This is the kind of reLIEgion you serve. You know this goes on, but many of your kneegrows will never challenge this shit, because you know your head would be caved in by the Arab. So you spend your impotent rage on non Muslim black people. your brothers and sisters from the same Afrikan mother.



5 thoughts on “When brothers fight sides are taken

  1. Good post BMS. Yeah I’ve gone back and forth with Muslim brothers. They love to shit on Malcolm. And they kiss the ass of Farra-con man. It’s sad to see how our people can worship Jesus and Muhammad and get really violent when you don’t believe as they do. It shows that we are still very mentally enslaved. And don’t know how to put aside beliefs for the common good of the black collective. We are clearly zombies. Like Negress said,totally insane.

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  2. This is the reason why whenever someone comes to me in the spirit of “black power”, I look at them warily and wait to see what I’m getting.

    I knew this militant black guy who took extreme pleasure in cursing the white devil every chance he got but had zero trouble sleeping with multiple white females…some at the same time.

    Then he quoted the bible and grinned deliciously at the devil’s defeat.

    Then I knew this female who received a large sum of cash once and immediately went to the mercedes dealer forgetting that her children were hungry and the rent was due at the first of the month.

    I’m not sure exactly what happened to us, but all I can surmise is we’re totally insane.

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