Your woman, your lover, your comrade, your mission

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This picture, was the first image I ever put up on this blog, almost 10 years ago. It still remains one of my most cherished images and speaks to me deeply on the necessity of having a strong and committed female complement in your corner. The Dahomey women of the Kingdom of Benin, not only smashed the lies of the powerful and almost superhuman abilities of Amazonian women of the early Hellenic period.

It introduces the impetus for the creation of the myth of the Amazons. Because the Dahomey women are verifiable and documented as real. In viewing this image, reading about them and other great female warriors…Asafos…if you will. Women as disparate as Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Amy Jacques and Amy Ashwood Garvey, Robert F William’s wife, Mabel Williams, Kandace of the Kushite empire, Hatshepsut of Kimit,  Angola’s Nzinga,  Yaa Asantewaa of the the Ashanti people, Nanny of Jamaica and so many others lost in the annals of time and story telling.

In thinking about these women and meditating on the modern women and how they so easily claim to be Queens and Goddesses, I weep for the standards that are set so low as to what feminine power, presence and spirit looks like. Its bad enough that men and manhood have become parodies of that status, yet it has always been the women who have inspired weak men to be strong and cowardly men to be brave. From the bite of their tongues, their emotional appeal to our manliness, to their value as conduit between the spiritual and mundane realms, our women have been our Asili. She is that blood which infuses our purpose and gives meaning to our life.

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In the past I have urged peeps to view our complimentary relationships as a form of business. I felt that if we view it from a business sense, we would have a better chance of using our emotional investment intelligently and with better control of our passions.  Many fail to overstand this and accuse me of seeing our complimentary relationship as a cold and heartless union. I however, view the complimentary Afrikan relationship as primerely a partnership, instead of just a sexual one. It is because of this overemphasis on sex and the emotionalism that comes with excessive emphasis on sex, instead of on a partnership that relationships end up as situationships.

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The Asians have a saying, quickly picked up and incorporated into their lingo by the Europeans, that business is war and war is business. This is not to say that the Asians created this ideology. No! Its as ancient in practice as the man has walked the planet. But they gave it a name to it and gave it a life of its own. Only the Afrikan compliments fail to practice it today. There is a story I read where women of ancient Kush and other civilization, would kill themselves and their children, instead of surrendering to a victorious invasion that had devastated their men. They knew that surrendering to the animalisitc acts of these invaders would be a living hell and choose the dignity of death instead. The men of course when faced with the prospect of their women and children being endangered would go down valiantly, taking measures of the opposing armies troops.

If relationships can be treated as a business. A well run and effective business, with the correct balance of intellectual attention and emotional inspiration, such a business should be handled as an element in a war against its destruction. Black people like to proclaim that we are in a war with white pathology, yet treat our complimentary relationship as a game of pokémon, where superficiality takes precedent over actuality. The actuality that our relationships are not what it is supposed to be. Based on ancestral terms.

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There are three types of relationship a man can have with a woman. And they are as different as the relationship between different women in a mans life can be.

The relationships are is that of a friend, that of a lover, and that of a comrade or fellow soldier, in the fight against white pathology. A woman a man loves is not often trains in the way of war. For we have been conditioned to act from a purely emotionally driven state, that emphasizes FEELINGS, instead of duty. Such an untrained lover is lead by her heart ONLY. Being lead by ones hart solely can cause one to step on a mine filed unintentionally or even give unwitting aid to an enemy. Because she is purely emotionally driven, she can end up hurting him, hurting herself or hurting them both. Thus hurting whatever mission he has on tap.

A woman who is a mans friend is often loyal to more than just their friendship. Loyal to more than one person. This is because she is untrained as a soldier, but also because her interest is varied and may not have him as a priority. Which is necessary for her sense of worth and survival, but not his. Such a person can easily betray him, if her interest and needs becomes paramount over his, in a time of necessity and urgency. A friends multiple loyalties can interfere and jeopardize a mans mission in life and can get both him and her hurt.

A woman who is a comrade….and I use this term since we are talking from a position of war under white pathology…is someone who is not only trained to view and participate in a mans mission in life. She will be of like mind. She will seek of or already have similar skills. And she will have either trained for or have developed a loyalty to the same goals and mission of his.Such a woman is an asset.

Neither a revolutionary woman or a revolutionary man, can have a reactionary women or man, for each will lead the other astray from the mission. A woman who is a comrade or fellow soldier, places the mission first. Before her heart and before her personal needs, wants or even comfort. Such a woman is often more loyal to th emission than any person, place or thing. Such a woman will sacrifice her body before compromising the mission, consciously or unconsciously. A woman as a comrade would never destroy the teams effort of completing the mission.

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Often times we know of reactionary men, disguised as revolutionaries, bring in a revolutionary woman on to his team. Set out on a just mission, only to betray her down the line. Such a man is lower tan a bottom feeder. Lower than the tick that dines on the ass of a dog. Such a man has wasted a valuable asset, compromised the mission and betrayed the spirit and effort of a comrade. Such a man deserves vilification or even death. For to build up a woman as a comrade, allow her to deny certain niceties that many women crave, only to hurt her to the core is not worthy of such a woman and should be prevented from ever doing the same to another.

These are shallow men who would use a woman, but would never defend her or fight for her. Such a man would never kill for her and to preserve the mission. Note the mission and the woman as a comrade should be inseparable.  A woman who is a friend, a lover and a comrade is the trifecta of what a complementary relationship should look like and is a divine prize from the realm of the ancestor. If a man is not willing to be uncompromising in is mission, he should abandon it. If he is not willing to sacrifice himself for his woman, who is his comrade, then he is not worthy of such a mission. If such man can infuse and inspire loyalty and focus on a mission of worthy, in a woman as a comrade, only to compromise or abandon it, he is destined to a very painful karma.

What is this mission? Remember relationship should be treated like a business in the sense that a successful business has roles, positions and requires discipline and sense of purpose. Such a business/relationship will have competition from others bent on hostile take over or destruction. In such an environment a military approach must be instituted, in order to protect the players and the mission.

The ultimate mission for the black man and woman under world wide white pathology is to grow a black heterosexual family, that is drug and alcohol free. Free of the many social addictions, that tends to compromise and destroy the black family. Such a mission should have at its core a moral code. Such a mission should have a political stance that views Afrika as its center. It should have a spiritual component that is not institutional or carries the mockery of cultism. Such a mission should have a 5-10-20-50 year plan, in which generational wealth and generational strength is incorporated in it, so that it can withstand any outside aggression that dares to attack it. This mission must have at its core a basic training component, akin to a rights of passage, so that the next generation is equipped to carry on the legacy of the prior generation and keep the mission alive.

Your mission black man, should you choose or decide to accept it, … As always, should you or any of your comrades be caught or compromised, the ancestors will disavow any knowledge of your actions. They will view your transgression as an affront to truth in action and your chances are squandered. Your purpose is forfeit and whatever traction you have built up in the eyes of those who look to you, will cause a self-destruction in as much time as it takes to compromise, sell out and betray the mission. Choose wisely or choose to go home.


“He supports them both, but she gives him balance…”



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