Reasons why the kneegrow steady loosing

A false narrative is the construction of a narrative (a story) that is falsely made in order to support or explain a given position. It can be partially true or have a ties to plausible arguments but its purpose is to mislead, to convince the target that the argument is true and therefore real.

The kneegrow has mastered the art of the false narrative in such a way, that the original masters of false narratives…the cave savage…act like proud parents over their still born child, which is the kneegrow. Its psychopathic, pathetic and requires copious amount of weed and liquor to even comprehend the thought process behind the motive.

Some of the biggest examples of the false narrative of the kneegrow centers around the idea that a black man cannot chastise a black woman as equally as the black man is chastised. Due to this phenomena where low self esteem people keep telling the world that the black woman is a queen, a goddess or is so abused that any highlighting of her actions that are less than queenly, or godly is looked upon as a further heaping of abuse on her self.

Interesting that despite the fact I have always been even keel with my criticism of the behavior of the kneegrow, somehow I have been accused, more than once by black women. of being sexist and often attacking black women. As if black women are supposed to be absolved and above reproach.  If I, an authentic and masculine man cannot strive to save black women from themselves. From committing destructive behaviors that sets them back, hurt them or their loved ones. Then what is my  purpose as a black man?

I write the above because of this comment made about the movie Get Out!

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit

April Showers
Just in case y’all missed the memo SINCE Serena aint shiiii and mfers loooove discussing black women YET y’all RUNNING to the theaters …#YallAintShit. … GET OUT (lol, pun intended) The irony of it all is quite hilarious to me lol
My question is…what does Jordan Peel’s half white self and his movie have to do with Serena Williams throwing black men under he bus, after she screwed her way up and down celebrity row, with some of the most fugliest of savages? Of course she ain’t shit, because she has screwed a lot of kneegrows and savages, yet willing throw the black man under the bus, while giving all the other white men that fucked her, a pass by omission. The kneegrow does talk a lot of shit, about shit they know not one shit about, and think they are steady winning.
 This right here is some serious false narrative, to find a reason to bash black men who question any black woman acting out of pocket. Using this movie and the directors marriage as point of contention because her idol got dragged on the carpet is not slick at all.

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