Self fulfilling stereotypes

As a younger man, I grew up in a particular neighborhood, that was notorious for violence. It was a neighborhood i earned my stripes both with my fist and with my honesty and consciousness. It was these attributes together, that gave me respect among kats who thought nothing about bodying another brother. They respected the fact that while I tried to get many to walk the straight and narrow, i never downed. clowned or act superior to them, for making choices I wouldn’t. In other words I never acted like I was not of that neighborhood.

I remember one notorious chemical disseminater, once answered me thusly, when I asked him why he was moving weights of snow….“the white man is making it hard for us to get a job, so I have to sell drugs to make a living”.

That one statement encapsulated for me, the mindset of the defeated black male and how we as a disjointed people, choose to act in the manner and belief, that fulfills the negative stereotypes that our traditional oppressors expect us to act and believe. Regardless of how the stereotypes look to us, as long as we embrace them, then we fit nicely in a category of their choosing and which makes them feel comfortable about our place under white pathology.

Today I saw this image and comment on my Instagram feed (@akwesisankofa ). I have seen it and similar images and comments in the past, and this too has made me aware of how self fulfilling stereotypes have become our everyday norm.






The unaware kneegrow often points to these images and practices as to why they don’t associate with the Afrikan. Yet at the same time the kneegrow will accept scarification and piercings and ONLY justify association with these WHEN they act in a distorted fashion.

In the mental health field, scarification is often viewed as self harming, or “cutting” which is a …”non suicidal self-injury, often simply called self-injury, is the act of deliberately harming the surface of your own body, such as cutting or burning yourself. It’s typically not meant as a suicide attempt. Rather, this type of self-injury is an unhealthy way to cope with emotional pain, intense anger and frustration”.

Once tattoos and piercing becomes EXTREME, we should intelligently view it as a cry for help from people with emotional issues. I don’t overstand why we laugh at white people for doing this, then turn around and do the same, yet try to justify it being an Afrikan holistic practice.

In the book Destruction Black Civilization, author Chancellor Williams speaks about how the continent was devastated by centuries of invasions on their soil. A majority of the more established empires where either by the shores or on roads that connect empires and nations to each other via land and ocean trade routes. For centuries Afrikan civilizations where conquered from the exterior into the center.  Fortunately for the longest time, these invaders could not penetrate into the deep interior of Afrika below the Sahara, until arrogant and show off leaders took on foreign morays and culture and invited the invaders into their center.

Before penetrating into the interior, the invasions devastated the coastal areas and areas on the trade routes, forcing a situation where formerly civilized people were reduced to a hand to mouth existence.  As devastation spread from the coast into the interior, the survivors used many various methods of avoiding slavers, by running, fighting and distorting their images to prevent capture. After awhile the only things that endured to this day, was the physical distortions, which originally made them useless as slaves.

Such physical distortions…scarifications, piercings have become practices without meanings or ourstorical context. Therefore if the continental family have forgotten why they distort themselves, how is it possible for us who are the children of stolen ancestors, to confidently claim to know the reasons why they do what they do?

Selffulfilling prophecy is a false definition of
a situation or state, evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come true. This specious validity of the selffulfilling prophecy perpetuates a reign of error.

All of us at one time have taken our Que on what is Afrikan from the European history books and conditioning in the reLIEgious temples, in the halls of academia and from the propaganda arm of the military industrial complex. Media! These Que’s have never placed us in a favorable light. But the kneegrow, trying to climb out from under white pathology, by himself, without a Jegna or community support, will latch on to what they believe is Afrikan, based on the European model and will claim things that have very little foundational strength. Just to make themselves feel relevant.

We have to have knowledge of us before the white man’s invasions, during the white man’s invasions and after the white man had invaded, in order to effectively speak on the Afrikan conditioning right now. Or else we will continue to practice numerous activities that lack meaning and carries values that the ancestors would be proud of.


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