Rape Culture

Proponents of the Rape Culture, throws the name around often as a heavy stick with little to no real direction. Rape culture is a term coined by feminists in the United States in the 1970’s. It was designed to show the ways in which society blamed victims of sexual assault and normalized male sexual violence. The definition of rape culture indicates a culture that advocates and normalizes rape, which is blatantly not true and why many obviously disagree with this generalized definition.

The feminazis and their mangina slave’s redefinition is a twisted ideological set of bullshit statement that lumps a serious societal issue and concerns. into a collection of unrelated and related issues. Many of these proponents are themselves enablers of this modern western cultural infection and disparagement of rape. They are themselves some of the biggest enablers of the same culture they claim surrounds us. Basically a pseudo-theory that society has been groomed by patriarchy to enable and excuse rape. In other words Rape Culture is wholly a heterosexual male phenomena.

Despite numerous flaws and dogmatic principle, many feminists, manginas, and political whores are pushing it as unequivocal fact. The slogan is “Don’t tell me what to wear, teach MEN not to rape!”,
excuses foolishness that defends mind numbing fuckery like the annual “slut walk”, that have shown stupid wenches walking around half-naked, showing out various parts of their bodies publicly.

The nonsense that idiot females sprout and echoes by pussy whipped simps include:
– questioning a rape accuser is victim blaming
rape accusers never lie
– consent is black and white
porn grooms men to rape
– trials that do not find a conviction are rape culture

Proponents of rape culture are some of the same ones who proudly proclaim their independence from conventional or “conservative” views, which encourages women to fuck around as much as the lowest hanging “male whore” fruits, on the dead wood tree. These unhappy and low self-esteem females believe that the so called equality with men, espoused by decades of feminazis propaganda, includes how many notches a woman can put on her vagina walls. However this alone is not just what the notion of rape culture has wrought.

Women who hate men. Women who have relationship issues and women who are just plain vicious, can use the ideology of rape culture…particularly the lie that “rape accusers never lie”, as proof that ALL men being patriarchs, support rape culture. It’s like a never ending puzzle, whose only purpose is to be unsolvable.

Am I saying that western society doesn’t have an unhealthy fixation and appetite for unnatural and unhealthy sex? Of course not! But many of those who engage in these behaviors defined as rape culture, are themselves females. Females by themselves, with their male counter part AND who defend males who do engage in said unhealthy sexual fixation.

Let me be a contrarian and say that there is a rape culture.

What would it look like? Is it men watching excessive porn, becoming addicts? Unhealthy for sure, but experts have written that porn addiction makes many anti-social, have diminished ability to interact with significant other and can’t get excited about sex unless they are WATCHING porn.

Is rape culture heterosexual males who enjoy the naked bodies of the very same females who demand that they wear revealing clothes or even be naked in public? We do know that heterosexual males, even if they are socially stunted, enjoy peeping at breast, ass and vagina. Unhealthy obsession yes. But no scientific evidence has proven that straight looking at female body parts automatically encourages rape. However, if you combine testosterone, naked female bodies and the intermingling of the two with alcohol, drugs, heavy music, scandalous intent and very little boundaries; one could definitely see how unwanted fondling, harassment and even rape could occur.

But this is what rape culture proponents of rape culture use as proof that there is pervasive urges of men to rape women. Out of the blue. Men will rape, yes. But so have women in western society. Female rapes, like female domestic abuse, are under reported, rarely sensationalized and slapped with lesser convictions and jail times then heterosexual males. Interesting enough, the heterosexuals who usually get a slap on the wrist for rapes, child rapes, same sex rapes, rape in general are the white males. Especially those politically connected or wealthy. The same demographics and images these feminazis tend not to show as much as they would the poorer, darker heterosexual males.

A laugh at the past so called pussy march, by these privileged, connected white females and their :maids”, who after voting in a known sexist, rapist and racist, get all up in their feelings when he brazenly commented about grabbing them by the pussy. !0 to 1 many of these same protestors made 50 shades of grey the best seller it became.

The phenomena of sex conventions where toys, sexual aids and performances are viewed ogled and money is made hand over fist, has been entrenched in North amurdikkklan society for awhile now. In fact the biggest supporters of these shows are couples or gaggle of females. Incidentally police reports have indicated that prostitution rings have found a haven at these shows. But rape culture is a wholly heterosexual one, if you believe the feminazis and their simps.

If we want to talk about rape culture we have to look at what transpired in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq, Afghanistan, anywhere the United Nations sends mercenaries into conflict zones. Where real rapes and violence including rape and murders occurs of men, women, girls, boys sometimes even farm animals.

Below are two pictures of what rape culture looks like:

       Images of US soldiers torturing Iraqi prisoners. Many sources have come forward to say they witnessed rapes of boys and men in front of their families. Stories have come out about whole families of women raped and murdered, as savages “liberated” the country from the so called dictator THEY put in power.




This grainy image is that of a Haitian teenager who was held down and raped by United Nations Soldiers, when they invaded and occupied Haiti a couple of years ago



Before you ask or comment, let me qualify my statements made so far, that rape culture if it’s as pervasive as the feminazis claim, are enabled by women. Female soldiers, including officers. UN officials, including females. AND amurdikkklan government officials, including females like Hill Billy Clinton, Scandaleeza Rice and others in the media who cover up this foul shit. And we have not even gotten to the rapes along still happening on the Afrikan continent, with the French, Belgium and Brutish soldiers leading the rabid pack.

Therefore if rape culture is real, it is not because of patriarchy, but the lack of spirituality, morals, and for lack of a better word…humanity of those who condone it by looking the other way as more and more victims are made by a culture devoid of any such humanity.

The most in your face example of rape culture is when the magic mulatto continued a long European cultural practice of making sex akin to using a public toilet. Everybody comes and takes a shit in a nasty  cubicle, leaving such a  foul stench, that those coming after shrug their shoulders and join in the use. The public toilet is pornography. The public toilet is removing homosexuality from the DSM:

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from its official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in 1973.

This by itself is not even the story, but coupled with Obomba the notorious drone bomber and the supreme courts decree that Soldiers can now screw horses and cows. Which he then went further in making it legal for grown ass bitch as dudes to become transformers, putting on a dress, to go stand and piss in women’s bathroom. To enable and encourage mentally sick individuals, so mad at the proverbial “god”, for giving them a penis and a vagina, they would turn to a group of people who swear they are above god…doctors and scientists…to correct this “mistake”!

At the end of the day rape Culture, as I stated is a group of related and unrelated issues that affects western culture. A culture that has spread its sickness around sex to all parts of the planet. Yet feminazis and manginas, target heterosexual males and this imaginary idea of patriarchy as the reasons why women can’t lie about rape, can’t walk around naked and get cat called or fondled. That women should be allowed to be sexual toilets for male dogs to come and piss on and in. Slut walk, pussy hats and skinning out on the red carpet and at various awards show is NOT CONSIDERED PART OF RAPE CULTURE.

When women and men become willing participants in their own oppression, it is the anti-family haters, rapist and sexual deviants who win. Freedom is never free at any time in the annals of man. And being free to be inconsistent comes with the customary results. So miss me with this rape culture shit and embrace the fact that we have a spiritually deficient and moral bankrupt culture that cannibalize itself.

Whether you are male or female.



2 thoughts on “Rape Culture

  1. This was a very thought provoking post. A very interesting perspective. You brought up a few issues I hadn’t thought about regarding rape culture. I may have to reblog this one. Thanks for this.


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