When the devil looks like you

Its very disconcerting writing this post a couple of days after a previous one, dismissing the notion of Rape Culture. As I stated in that post, Rape Culture has been used as a blanket statement for almost anything the feminists, manginas and proponents of this biased bull shit, spreads against heterosexual or masculine men. As I stated men and women both engage in risky, immoral behavior that damages the very fabric of the society they live in. Yet it is ONLY the insipid behaviors of certain men that are highlighted and called a culture of rape. These risky and immoral behaviors are not just regulated to western or white societies or European dominant countries, but any society that HAS non organic Afrikan influence and engages in risky and immoral behaviors. Even the Afrikan dominant ones.

In following the on going stories of up to twenty five young black teens going missing in the D.C area this past couple of weeks, many have wildly speculated that these missing teens are victims of organ or sex trafficking. With over of 64000 females and 1.5 million black men missing, black people in amurdikkka are dealing with a genocidal epidemic. Of these 1.5 million black men, 900, 000 are said to be unaccounted for, while the rest are housed as cattle in amurdikkka’s prison factory farms.

Those missing could only be speculated on as victims of organ trafficking or a variety of other crimes. Or maybe not.

Of the 64000 black women missing, the statistics doesn’t say how many of them are also housed as cattle’s in amurdikkka’s factory farms, but the speculation that many are victims of sex trafficking is not whistling in the wind. Not when rapes of black women inside and outside of the prisons happens daily. Stories of organ trafficking and sex trafficking tends to be whispered or spoken of in hushed tones. That is until the reality of evidence of both show up.

Most black people will confidently assure you that a majority of these vile acts are primarily committed by the savages and we won’t be far off. Unfortunately we are not banking on the fact that many black women and men ALSO are engaged in these acts. Usually as middle men or grunts doing the hard work for the money men in organ trafficking.  But many kneegrows are also often independent contractors in the sex trade industry. Independent contractors is a euphemism of pimps, kidnappers and rapist themselves.

FBI searching for man in connection with juvenile sex trafficking in DC area

With the revelations that authorities are looking for a 24-year-old man they say is involved in juvenile sex trafficking, the image of local sex trafficking has rudely reminded us of the long narrative of predators in our midst, kidnapping young girls off the streets and forcing them into prostitution. As well as raping boys and girls in the family homes, in the churches and wherever they position themselves as powerful authority figures and ending up abusing that authority. Hollyweird and the record industry have conspired to glorify pimping. From the Supa Fly movie, that launched the crafted image of the pimp as a suave, street smart hustler, to every asshole who raps about pimping or raping some females, sexual abuse has become  a not so popular, popular celebration.

Which is why bitch nukka’s like Gary O’Neal Bell is wanted for pimping underage female over a series of months. Kneegrows who accuse the white men of keeping him down, sees no contradiction in him keeping the black woman down, abused and raped, to satisfy is sick perverted world view of manhood and success.

Nothing like social media though, particularly through porn and X-rated films, has made sex trafficking and sexual abuse of women a spectator sports. And nothing like what transpired two days ago, that really drove home the reality that not only are black men failing and refusing to protect black women, but they are conspiring with our natural oppressors to do so. Chicago Police are searching for as many as six people involved in the sexual assault of a teenage girl that was broadcast on Facebook Live, a police spokesman said.

Police: At least 40 people watched teen’s sexual assault on Facebook Live

The video shows at least five to six males — some possibly juveniles — sexually assaulting the 15-year-old girl that had gone “missing” a few days ago. Obviously kidnapped. However, even worse, if you can imagine it is the fact that at least 40 people were watching the live stream at one point and not one single one, thought to call the police.
The video came to light after the girl’s mother approached Chicago Police Superintendent on Monday , and told him her daughter had been missing for 24 hours. She showed him screen grabs of the live broadcast, which indicated that at least 40 people were watching at the time. The images distressed Superintendent so much he immediately brought the woman inside to file a report.
Fucking screen grabs.
Which meant not only were at least 40 people watched this rape of a minor, but many of those 40 circulated the images among their social media “friends”. Which is how the mother eventually got wind of it. Can you imagine a parent seeing this shit and not loosing your damn mind?

When did kneegrows become so callus that we become excited viewers of rape?

This reminds me of that scene in Goodbye Uncle Tom when that thirteen year old girl was offered up by the white savage to be broken in by that black savage on the sex farm. As many as six males in Chicago raped that 15 year old girl. AND posted the shit on Facebook.

Yet when certain members among us, who advocates death for all pedophiles, people get all scared and looking over their shoulders for the PoPo. Understandably because motherfuckers would call the police for making that statement, but would turn around and whip out a camera to record all kinds of fuckery. Including pedophile rapes unfortunately.

Laurel man charged with human trafficking, prostitution of teenage girls

Many of us if we are honest, knows some ex-pimps or some want to be pimps. Many of you admire them too. Don’t lie. You interact with them unnecessarily as they advocate rough sex or talk about dominating the “pussy”. You think the are sick, but you don’t really overstand how sick they are and how bold they are to be talking shit to you, trying to make it seem like some intellectual discourse. Some of you admire them until hopefully they don’t touch any female in your family. I say hopefully because sexual assault of black girls and boys can never be excused away as anything but a sick perverted infection among us. There is no blaming the white man for this. there is no blaming poverty for this. There never was back in an earlier times and there definitely is none today.

And while many women engage in prostitution as an economic viability ion a society that devalues black women, don’t you dare tell me that you are only facilitating her success by handling her business. All of you are worse than the white man you like to talk ill of. Because the white man has a system to protect and maintain, so his excuse is valid in a sick way. A kneegrow pimp and rapist is nothing but an animal. A predator who wouldn’t do shit if the man in blue rolls up on them and sticks in fingers up his ass searching for drugs..

It would be easy for some of us to call on black men to stand up and be counted. By that I mean to intervene in sex trafficking when we see it. And while there are people who do insert themselves as their duty, to disassemble this heinous behavior, don’t for one minute think that these animals are acting on an island. they have friends, spouses and family members, who know what they are and what they do. Just like drug dealers, dealing death in black neighborhood are loved and protected by friends, spouses and loved ones, so are these rapists and sex traffickers.

To many kneegrows the easy money is good money. Easy money being tax free, until the FBI or local forces tax your fucking ass. Then all of a sudden these people, who looked the other way will come out and bawl about police brutality, claiming that pookie was such a loving boy. Yes, yes I know, the slave catchers and race soldiers will kill and abuse innocent black men women and children. Their purpose is to maintain white pathology like I stated. By any means necessary. But why are we upset when they occasionally take down a few rabid dogs that should be taken down? In fact why are we waiting for them to do our job. Which is to clean up the garbage in our own neighborhoods?

As a man with two daughters, though they are adults, I am still affected by these stories. Because I care about the welfare of the youth and my people. And I don’t want our antipathy or spectator behavior allow these animals to do the work of white pathology and practice self genocide. I am calling on responsible black people to at least sick the race soldiers on these devils, even if they are family members or loved ones. Better still we need a clean up squad in cities across amurdikkka. Know that these devils will be strapped and coming at you hard, because you are not who they fear. But when we start putting the fear of life and death in their hearts, perhaps we can being to make inroads into this sick and perverted behavior.

The book of Job 1:7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it. 

The devil is a man, and he walks to and for on the land. Bear this in mind when you allow rapist and sexual abusers to walk freely among you. They have no discretion and will cross your path eventually. Will you be a spectator then? Or a garbage man, taking out the trash?

3 thoughts on “When the devil looks like you

  1. A very important post! It should be getting mass media attention in my opinion. I did a post on this earlier today as well. We can no longer let this shit slide! We MUST protect our children from these evil bastards! Someone is taking these little girls and who knows what they’re doing with them. I don’t give a damn if it’s white devils or their black devil helpers! This can not stand. I think I need to do more posts about this subject. Nothing is more important than our boys and girls. I have NO patience for pedophiles,rapists and kidnappers. if you’re black and involved in that sick perversion than I consider you an enemy! I don’t take kindly to those that prey on the weak and innocent. We must inform one another of we have information on these missing children. We have to work together and use social media to our advantage.
    The Facebook rape is disgusting and vile! Those boys(or men) are demonic! They are useless and waste of sperm. Their mothers should’ve had an abortion! What type of monster what film a gang rape??? It’s deplorable and unforgivable!


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