By any other name

Playwrite William Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet stated, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

Consequently dog shit on the side-walk of amurdikkka, is still dog shit, no matter how much fabreeze you spray on it. It will just smell like dog shit covered with toxic smelling, chemical laden fabreeze.

Such is the dancing around of the career suppression of Colin Kaepernick by the 32 racist owners and a variety of equally racist or punk ass general managers, the NFL.

Every single commentary i have read, have used almost every single euphemism in the dictionary, without calling out the white elephant in the room.


None of these articles have called any of the 32 team owners and General Mangers, team Presidents and board of governess, what they are. RACISTS!

It’s not hard to say, yet it’s very hard to say, because we live in a world of masculine females and emasculated males, with racist demigogs who make decisions over the lives and welfare of people.

And as we speak of racist demigogs and presidents, don’t forget this thin piece of ass wipe tissue paper, who took time out from his busy schedule of fiddling while amurdikkka burns, to piss on the grave of Colin Kaepernick’s career.

Be that as it may, let’s not overlook the 70% of kneegrows in the National Football League…another euphemism for the National buck dancing league. Seventy percent, with a players union headed by a kneegrow and is dominated by other kneegrows. Not one has called out the actions of the league for what it is.

RACISM! Not black balled. RACISM!

Which by extension will affect those 70 % buck dancers, who have been given a message. Beat your woman, take drugs. Drink and drive. Kill somebody. Shoot yourself in the foot. Do any available criminal or immature thing a grown ass kneegrow can do. Just don’t hold up a mirror to the inherent RACISM of white amurdikkka.

The venom in the comment section in every news and sports article I have read, all echo the same thing. “He is a terrible quarterback” and “he is a coward” and a “terrible human being”.  Also many have called him a “racist”.

Even those “conscious” people who had automatically regulated him to the dustbin of fakery, because he is half white, have reluctantly admitted that Colin Kaepernick has done nothing to warrant this abuse. Not that any of them have called it what it is RACISM! In fact…I am trying to jog my memory if I have seen that word in any posts I have read.

That’s because even black people are willing to look at the pile of dog shit on the side-walk, but tell themselves fabreeze is the cure-all.

Now RACISM is a good thing, depending on what side of the fence you sit. It is good for white people, because RACISM is a power dynamic that involves control over people’s lives and we’ll being. RACISM controls the nine areas of people activity: labour, law, education, entertainment, politics, religion, war, sex, economics.

If you sit on the black side of RACISM you are a victim of those who control your enjoyment to quality and fair food, clothes, shelter, labour, education, religion, economics,politics and law. We are subjected to low-level warfare. High intensity warfare and sexual exploitation.

All of these lack, is managed through the federal and state-run political mechanisms. Enforced by federal and state salaried and armed race soldiers. And defended by federal and state-run legal and media mechanism.

This is why we are focused more on Colin Kaepernick’s lack of job employment, more than he is. Because he is obviously at peace with his decision. As a man who has spoken to and interacted with Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf about the racist reasons for his abrupt end as a player in the other buck dancing league. The NBA.

Colin Kaepernick seems less agitated by his situation and continues to live a life of sacrifice and sharing. He is a real and true example of Christianity, Islam, consciousness and manhood in action.

And while the media conspire to distract us from the obvious RACISM of Colin Kaepernick,not being employed by the NFL, they are really distracting us from the other obvious RACISM of the kidnapping and sex trafficking of dozens of black women, girls and boys.  Many of are victims of police and other federal and state officials including, political entities.

The kidnappers are ever so bold now, that they are snatching us up in broad day light.

Blatantly advertising and setting their traps for innocent and gullible youth, economically needy and vulnerable

This is a job flyer, that when a parent called to I quite about the location of the business, was cursed out and the number changed.

All the while this is going on, a notorious sex trafficker of Haitian children, some one who kidnapped impoverished children for the organization that runs the amber alert program, and is highly politically connected, was jailed in Haiti briefly, before a lawyer also connected to child trafficking was able to secure her release. She is currently employed by a software company that is themselves connected to…you guessed it…amber alert.

The architects of white pathology is playing grandmaster chess, while we are playing beginning checkers. They have used Colin Kaepernick’s situation to get us talking about it without calling it dog shit covered by fabreeze, while having us so emotionally invested, that we ignore the increasing number of missing women and children and the high number of men and women…white men and women engaging in the rape, kidnapping, sex trafficking AND organ trafficking of black men, women and children.

Genocide is its game. Race-ism is its name. Call it by any other name, it still remains the same.

2 thoughts on “By any other name

  1. The media has destroyed peoples perception of reality. You can’t even say racism or white supremacy on television. I’ve even heard some white commentators shy away from saying the word slavery. To avoid even saying it they will it the “original sin”. That’s how you know they want to rearrange his-story and sweep it under the rug. You know we’ve hit the lowest point when you can’t even call something what it is.

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    1. the fact that most black people are tip toeing around the issue is it self disturbing. To be fair though, sine I wrote this piece I have seen a few people start calling the name outright. Still not enough for my liking. And we are still asking paid circus performers to boycott this circus. When most wouldn’t even take a knee with him. instead many criticise him for “going about it the wrong way”. This is why the slave owners can do what they are doing, because the slaves refuse to grab their nuts and man up.

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