Who cosigns this shit?

Somebody please explain this shit to me! I had seen this waste man’s rant on shitty book a couple of days ago, but now he is starting a movement? And kneegrows are consigning this! Yes…cosigning!

Already kats are coming out fiyah burning black women, talking about all kinds of scavey shit that SOME black women do. Haven’t we as men been through this before, with ignorant and bitter women painting every black men with the same funky and nasty paint brush?

How is it making the bitch field even by starting a movement like this? The fuck is wrong with these waste of oxygen? It’s one thing to criticize the trendiness of the kneegress attacking black men as a justification for their swirling, lesbian, feminist and just plain old bitter attitude. But do you really think ALL black women are on that low energy bullshit?

Fuck all black woman movement! Is that a loud and emphatic kick at the closet door you are trying to come out of? Do any of these kneegrows think any self-respecting white, Arab, East Asian or South Asian women will take up your self hating and angry ass?

You think any self-respecting woman would want a potential violent and angry male around them,their children or family members?

I believe this kneegrow is a Shebrew. A fucking power ranger looking Mook, with a deep-seated hatred of black women. So much so that they have called for the beheading of black women. Non of these dingle berries, would step to a regular white citizen or much less a race soldier and slave catcher.  No…they save their venom for black women and is consignee by other faggots.

Yes I went there! It’s one thing to intelligently deconstruct some shit that black women do to harm themselves, black children and black men. But fuck black women movement? No other ethnic group does this. Even the savage Arab who thinks women are inferior, have never done this. What does that say about the manufactured entity called the kneegrow.

The only times I have personally…not third party…personally heard and seen this kind of venom, came from disease infested proponents of white pathological and some homosexual males. Since this kat and his supporters are not white racist, they must be the kind of homosexuals that hate…HATE..HATE! Black women.

Folks we are in deep shit, when something like this is trending.