when subliminal suggestions become overt


There was a time when subliminal  suggestions permeated advertisement, ever since amurdikkka started selling soaps to stay at home moms. Ever since the Brutish government started encouraging women to leave their homes and get back in the factory after realizing that extra income was lost after its second tribal war with Germany. In both occasions, appliances and what to do with them, were sold to white women in both nations.

After Alfred Kinsey and his homosexual and pedosexual infusion into modern cultural lexicon, the government decided that doing away with conservative barriers against the social sexualization of the masses, would make it easier for the homosexual and pedophiles to have more prominence as they come flying out of the dungeons and moldy closets they had been regulated to.

These days, subliminal suggestion is not subliminal anymore. Advertisers with the consent of the FCC and other supposedly conservative politicians have too decided that an overly sexualized society is a better society. How else should the brave new world allowed to come into view?

While Europe is still ahead of North amurdikkka in its sexualized advertisement, rest assured Europe’s bastard and twisted off spring has noticed, studied and has decided to join the fray in bringing pornography to mainstream.

Does life imitate art or does life imitate art? When we don’t have standards, we can’t complain about the loss of innocence and common sense.

This is the state of society now. When we complain that society is more sexualized and our children are now doing things that even the free wheeling 60s never did, consider how each of us have watched many of these changes from our sofas, like rubber neckers on the free way. This is where we are today and forever moving forward, unless a dramatic shift back to a puritanical state. Which will never happen.

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