The white mans natural inclination is always violence

“The white race is absolutely disagreeable to along with in peace. No other people have been able to get along with white people, since white people have been on the face of our earth.”

–Dr. Khalid abdul Mohammad

Not only is it a scientific fact that no one can get along with this savage set, they can’t even get along with each other. If it wasn’t for other ethnic groupings being available to bomb, shoot, rape, murder, annihilate or enslave, white people would have been extinct already.

His proclivity for senseless, random and wonton acts of violence, is unequaled on the planet. Mind you the white people that conquered Afrika through reLIEgious imperialism… the Arab….are no better and neither are they ever friends of Afrikan people. Still even the level of violence by the Arabs,  pale besides the virulent violence inside the rot that is the white man’s soul.

Keep in mind that the majority of Europe’s violence through out their history often took place between their borders and with in their ethnic groups. Even the Romans, Persians,Hyksos and Macedonians when venturing into Afrika ended at Kimit.

Yet when the savage left his borders with intent, we get 100 of years of European imperialism (their version of exploration).

Today the savage has decided that their own tribal conflict in ww 1 and 2 did not involve the whole planet as much as it should have.

Reagan, Bush 1 and 2 and the notorious drone Obomba, failed to effectively drag everybody else into their circle jerk, wet dreams. So here come the orange tanned monkey with a straight razor, trying to shave it’s ass looking face, in a dull mirror.

This retarded chimpanzee reject, is the perfect foil for the Zionist architects of the “new world order”, because ….well… because you don’t give a untrained monkey a razor to shave.

All of them. Even Russia of Vladimir Putin,  that kneegrows felt would be a buffer against amurdikkklan imperialism, has shown that when the shit hits the fan, the puckered ass holes all look and stink the same.

Two days ago allied troops were fighting besides the Islamic fanatics ( I refuse to sully the name of the deity from Kimit).

Yesterday those same fanatics supposedly gassed helpless women,men and children. Last night amurdikkka bombed the very armament that was supposed to be keeping the fanatics at bay. This morning the same fanatics have controlled Syrian oil field.

Hegelian dialectic, false flag operation, systemic violence and acts of genocide, resources take over, profit over people, check and mate.


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