Wagging the dogs of war

According to a meme going around awhile now. Amurdikkka has been a nation for roughly 241 years now, yet has been at war for roughly 222 or more years. That’s a 93% success rate….if you are a free throw shooter in the NBA. Not such a glowing reason for celebration if you are a nation and a society that promotes itself as the leader of democracy in the “free” world.

I edge on the amount of war because many of their proxy wars have not been exactly documented. The movie, wag the dog was a very interesting movie that more than a few considered purely entertainment. Until one realizes that the entertainment industry has been in bed with the military industrial complex ever since the MacCarthy era intimidation. Many don’t know that certain movies have to be vetted by the Pentagon before being let loose in the sheeple.

The quote, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”. Is a popular quote attributed to Mayer Rothschild.  However, is not truly appreciated without viewing the history of warfare since the he, Mayer Rothschild, instigated and profited from the war between the Brutish Empire and the French Republic between 1803 and 1815.

It was there the Rothschild’s family wealthy was truly built,after playing on the sentiments of both nations fear of being conquered to buy up properties in both countries.

If land is wealth, resources on contested lands are the ultimate goal for the war mongers.



3 thoughts on “Wagging the dogs of war

  1. Great videos! I wish more people knew how bankers control these wars. These war mongers start wars for G.O.D.(Gold,oil,diamonds). There is no spreading of democracy and freedom. It’s all an illusion. And many of the leaders are puppets for the Jewish bankers. They don’t care how many women and children get killed in the process. Trump is no different. I told people there was going to a be a World War 3 whether Clinton or Trump got in office. This has all been planned out years in advance. They want a global police state,one currency and to monitor everyone in the process. They want everyone with a microchip in them so they know where you are at all times. Is anyone paying attention?

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    1. People have been accepting the chip, the Kool aid and everything else the doers of ISFET has been hive out for decades now. It’s just more open. And the kneegrow is that sheep happily singing and twerking his/her way to the slaughter

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