Of green grass and astro turf

The grass us always greener on the other side. We have heard this statement practically all our lives. Even used it on occasion to explain an optimistic view of future hopes. Or as a whip of derision, used on others whose aspirations we feel makes it appear they have tried to reach a high shelf with short arms.

Natural grass is of course not 100 percent green. At least around urban areas and areas where “civilization” has encroached on nature. Natural grass covers earth that have lumps and hidden holes, pebbles, stones, snakes, bugs and others of nature’s wonders.

This was why Monsanto to created Astroturf. Bet you didn’t know that bit of trivia did you? Astroturf was big corporation’s attempt to maximize athletic performance and health, in order to maximize their profit in sports. Unfortunately Astroturf has done more to athletes joints, more so than any gopher hole or dip in the natural earth. And the cost has been (astro) nomical.

This is why I often say the grass IS NOT necessarily greener on the other side, as it could be Astroturf. Two days ago i came across another example of fools gold, or Astroturf that jumped up and wrecked somebody’s anterior cruciate ligament or a tendon in the knee.

I had to do a meme about this because …well…because I could! I remember only a short while ago the kneegrow female ( well some anyway) were having collective orgasm by association, as one of their icons decided that she was going chase after the money AND the non black male.

Because in her mind nothing is better. Overstand that Janet Jackson comes from a brood that hates their skin and features and has done a tremendous amount of work to eradicate what was essentially a very strong series of Africoid features.

These pictures don’t include Michael’s fake white children that “feel” they are black. But that’s a story of another time.

For the longest while Janet was the most beloved of the brood, mainly because she appeared to distance herself from LaToilet’s craziness and Michael’s and Jermain’s self hate. Unbeknownst to us though, Janet was very good at crafting an image that despite flaws ( her child sge had with whomever, that she denies) her fans simply ignore it for the made up ones fed to them. Heck…by the time Rhythm Nation dropped, Janet Jackson was in full dominatrix, sexual freak mode.

But her fans, like the attendees at the church of Beyoncé, will never allow mere mortals to besmirch their icons images by pointing out their fuckery. Women like Janet Jackson and Serena Williams are praised for jumping the fence looking for greener grass. Partly because they are celebrities. A blatant praise not given to the male celebrities. Mainly because it’s a natural tendency for females to bitch and complain more than seek solutions.

Isn’t this why when a male exhibit similar traits we accuse them of bitching and complaining? Like women?

And speaking about bitching and complaining and not making a god damn sense.

Somebody come take a look at this shit and tell me what in tarnation has this fool been drinking? It must be that purple shit them rappers been drinking, because healthy people wouldn’t come up with nonsense like this.  Based on her statement, black men should love women like these for doing something black women are hating on black men for doing.

In her world disliking her swirling is a sign black men don’t love her. Well kiss my frog and call him Prince! I have done heard it all.  Black people this is where we are now.

Personally I am at a point in my life where I don’t sweat it when a black person gets with a non black person anymore. It’s a waste of energy and I have to say that with the antagonism between black women and black men, I can see somebody giving up and bouncing for greener pastures.

I only have two things to say to their choices though. One…don’t use your choices as an excuse or bludgeon to decimate the image and actuality of black couples that do work to make black relationship the magnificent state that it is. Positive black relationship is real, has always existed and will continue to exist.

Two….the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Over the years we have heard about the males of other ethnic groups sexually and physically abusing, even killing their kneegrow female spouses. These days it’s the women from other ethnic groups who are abusing sometimes even killing their kneegrow male spouses.

But that narrative is still rarely mentioned as the ones about abuse and violence inside the black relationship.

Now I am not saying Janet Jackson got abused by her Arab husband. But he is an Arab. A wealthy one at that. From a culture with a strong antipathy to Afrikans. Especially when it comes to Afrikan females.

So in conclusion I say…go ahead and look for greener pastures. But the green you find may NOT NECESSARILY be grass.