A house without a foundation.

The loving relationship within black communities, homes and nations are fundamentally based on the positive and loving relationship between the black male and female. This is the Genesis if black culture. This culture extends to the production of black children who continue that culture. The culture is given life through language, symbolism, music, stories and worldview, with a black center. Or a black image at its cultural center.

Every other culture practices this to a far greater extent that black people. Unfortunately after centuries of imperialism and colonialism that extends past the Arab slave trade of 1200, we have a certain type of black people…the kneegrows…who value other cultures over their own. And the culture they value more than any is the white culture.

Despite the fact that when seen mingling among white people, the kneegrow stands put esthetically and socially, in their perverse thinking, they belong. I have seen the kneegrow feeling quite comfortable in an uncomfortable environment and have seen white people feeling comfortable in a comfortable environment. The difference is that we go out of our way to assimilate them and accommodate them, even though they both are as odd-looking, with in the respective grouping as, duck among eagles.

This phenomena of the kneegrow choosing to build an alternative culture comes from emotional and even some mental deficiency, that makes them not just pursue coupling with white people, but do so because they feel they are not getting what they seek from each other.

The old adage that to be with a white mate is a social come up, is supported by our willingness to sabotaging our own uniqueness as a justification to seek that green grass over there.

In other words…any excuse will do!

Which brings up contentious issue where when the kneegrow male gets with a white female, he is deemed a hater of black women and shows some inherent weakness.  When a kneegrow female gets with a white male, she did so because of a lack of available black men, or she is forced to do so because of black male indifference and emotional or physical abuse.

Very few narrative talks about the self-esteem issues that both have and both refuse to deal with. There is a refusal to point this out because drama sells and blaming everybody else but themselves is preferable to and admitting you have a shitty outlook when it comes to your character and choices.

And the wheels on the bus goes ’round and ’round…all through the town!


3 thoughts on “A house without a foundation.

  1. I think self esteem is a big part of it. Many of us really do think the grass is greener. Many times I believe black men and women do it for that reason. I see so many black coworkers with white and Asian spouses. Many have Mexican girlfriends and white husbands. It’s an epidemic here in California! Sometimes when I go to the mall or grocery shopping I might see three black couples and eight or nine interracial couples. I’m dead serious! I’m not joking. The mentality on the west coast is really bad. We really have to get our people to see that unity is the best option. All this race mixing and sex-hookups with non-blacks will hurt us in the end. But of course the black zombies aren’t trying to hear that.


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