All gods children

Christianinsanity is a condition where extreme foolishness or irrationality, abounds in the thoughts, actions and worldview of a group of people who choose to divorced themselves from reality, to live in a vacuum of fairy tales and fantasies.

Christianinsanity embraces the basic tenet that a benevolent deity created mankind from dust, then marred the creation by removing a rib to produce womankind, telling them that they would gain its favor as long as the remain stupid and don’t seek to grow mentally. This deity then loosened a talking snake, which symbolizes a phallus, to tempt womankind to eat a forbidden fruit in the form of knowledge, share it with mankind, which in turn turned the deity’s benevolence in to malevolence and turning them into a homeless couple. Mankind and womankind being of curious mind and body, according to the fantasy book this story was based on, found out that they could procreate so they di and produced three sons.

One killed the other and was banished further away as another homeless person, to start a family. Considering that the womankind had the only womb available, the fantasy book did not say whether the world was populated by homo-sex, bestiality or aliens, although the later quest for fire may have mentioned it somewhere during the savage raping scene.

Fast forward in the latter chapter of the fairy tale book, we find the same deity who had imaginary sex with a womankind, impregnated her and then forced her to sell the pregnancy to her older simp of a husband, hoping I guess to get child support. Apparently the child born from that creeping, was supposed to be the deity itself, who proved its divinity by allowing a group of mankind to kill it, as a penance for the sin of all man and womankind that it had released in the earlier chapter of the book, when it made the first mankind and womankind homeless. Then the deity who birthed itself through womankind, then defied its own death ( because it was a deity after all) but rose up to the skies to warn of its return in some future time.

Since then Christianly insane have been celebrating three things: The birth and death of the deity, at different times of the year. The practice of gathering emotionally damaged and potentially insane people and incorporate them in to their group. And sex. copious amount of sex. Sex that produced little Christianly insane off springs. Gay sex. pedophile sex. and of course the peculiar brand of Christian insane sex. Christian Ho sex.

Christian ho sex is a very unique brand of sex where you have to be sanctified in it by calling our the name of Jesus ( the street name of the afore mentioned deity). I am not sure this calling out happens during orgasm, from the moment of inception or as a ward against some imaginary damnation, the results of a bipolar/ schizophrenic episode of fear or acceptance of the committed act.

Over the last decade, many who follow the ideology of Christianinsanity have opened up to the idea that they too can have their cake and eat it too. By selling sex to show they are not out of touch with modern times and indeed would compete with regular folks on the sex-o-meter scale.

This is a self proclaimed leader of her own flock. A flock of maybe her and her husband, but a leader of a flock in her mind. She definitively puts me in the mind for some milk and honey, with some cookie on the side.

Here we have some one promoting a Christianly insane dating site called Christian mingle. There you can go and share inspiring words of Jesus the born god, share some peach cobbler and talk about a variety of things. By the looks of her selfie, I am of a mind to talk about money shots and wrapping her breastusis around my own snake.

This lovely scene was taken at a funeral. My assumption…and I could be wrong…but my assumption is that this is another hidden Christianly ritual, I am not privy to as an outsider. I ass-sume this is a sex ritual send off by those dickmatized by a leading member of the flock. The specially chosen dancers are simulating a tried and true Christianly position, called the twerking cow girl. Apparently it incorporates the ancient ode to the Kimityu deity Auset, who did this dance for her consort Ausar, thus raising the dead snake and impregnating herself to produce the son of a deity called Heru.

NOTE: Do not try this at home nor at your cousin pookey’s funeral. Only trained dickmatized dancers and those who are acolytes should do this. The risk of falling and severely damaging your lady parts can be of insurance concern.

Recently many flock leaders have been unfairly targeted for running a business enterprise from the Church, in the tried and true way of the western European model of sex slavery. Christianinsanity has been in the business of slavery and sex, since the Romans, figured out if you can’t beat them, incorporate them into your Bacchanalia and sue them as disposable. Sex slavery is as amurdikkklan and Western Democratic as mom’s apple pie, lynching’s and invasion of sovereign lands for profit and stolen resources. One can only presume that this leader of flocks failed to pay his membership due and attempted to branch out on his own, by passing the blood and taxes that was owed to the Vatican and the heads of churches. Neither Don Vito Corleone, big brother or the pimp called slick back has time for kneegrows who want to break a piece off for themselves. Better respect the game or the game wont respect you.


Today I commend all the Christianly folks who have finally embraced their ho self and have done a lot to catch up to society’s sexual, revolution. I hope you continue to celebrate in your own unique way and I wished to let you know, I am available to be saved every second Thursday of each month. This is when I get paid and have extra income that I am willing to share with an enterprising and willing Christianly lady, who wants to start her own dickmatized cow girl twerking business.

flagellation and tying up not accepted…….






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