Convenient amnesia: a pretext for saber rattling

Embolden by a plethora of things, such as his selection as the fox in the hen-house; his gutting of everything single social, educational, employment and supplemental programs that kept amurdikkka afloat and delusional thinking they are a first-rate country. Embolden by his fan base and apologists, who insist that his small dick, small brain, loud mouth behavior represents manhood.

Assured that further enriching a class of malcontent and rotten personalities remain so rich, that the could throw money away for decades and remain so. President Tangerine, the orange orangutan has decided that he needed to top the bogey man, that preceded him. A man who he will eternally be compared to as much as you would compare two distinct personalities.

He of the small brain, small ideas, but bombastic character, not only dropped 59 million dollar missiles on an empty airfield and missed 54 targets. He had decided to shake his non-existent dick at North Korea. To show all the other dickless, homicidal, homophiles in his administration, and the war mongers in the Pentagon; many of whom have never had boots on the ground, because they came through officer training instead of real basic training; that he is a warrior.

The lying conniving two dollar whores in the media, the boot lickers and spit lickers in the Japanese government; and the crack heads talking out their asses on the Internet, conveniently forgot how the Korean peninsula was separated into North and South.

Let’s summarize the story of the two Korea’s now

After the United Snakes devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki after dropping atomic bombs (still the only country to use nuclear weapons on another country), Japan offered to surrender. Soviet troops, under mass murderer and Allied love child against Hitler, immediately began pouring into Korea. The US was appalled, and moved quickly to prevent all of Korea from becoming a Soviet satellite state. Dean Rusk, then a Colonel in the army, selected the 38th Parallel as the line that would divide the amurdikkklan controlled sector from the Soviet-controlled sector. General Douglas MacArthur divided Korea into two occupation zones in “General Order Number One”, which Stalin accepted. The US took control of South Korea, while the USSR controlled North Korea.

As US and USSR forces moved in, a coalition of Korean nationalists formed the Korean People’s Republic (KPR) as an interim government. Over time, the KPR became increasingly communist, and, through a policy of encouraging peasant seizure of Japanese property, extremely popular. The Soviet recognized the KPR, while the US did not, because of course they were communists. Kim Il-Sung, a Korean guerrilla leader from the 1930s, emerged as the leader of the pro-Soviet KPR in North Korea.

In the south, Lt.-General John Reed Hodge, who had commanded 29th Corps at Okinawa during World War II, oversaw the occupation of South Korea. Under Hodge, the amurdikkklan Military Government (AMG) became increasingly conservative. The AMG spokesperson was Syngman Rhee, a Korean nationalist just recently returned from a 33-year exile imposed by the Japanese. When, in 1946, Hodge decided to allow a free market in South Korea, speculators hoarded the rice, leading to high prices and famine. During this crisis, Hodge gave Rhee totalitarian powers. By September 1947, realizing that Korea was a political and social morass, Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff were suggesting the US should get out of Korea. To save face, the US turned the problem over to the UN, which proposed Korea-wide elections for March 31, 1948. Rhee’s gangs and police helped rig the election and coerce people. Despite Communist protests, Rhee’s party won in the south, and called itself the Republic of Korea. In Communist elections in the North, Kim Il-Sung won; immediately following his election, the North, rich in hydroelectric power sources, cut off power to the South.

By the late 1940s, the Cold War was heating up. In the summer of 1947, at Harvard commencement, General George C. Marshall announced the Marshall Plan for the economic recovery of West Germany. Germany and Berlin had already been split in two, occupied by amurdikkklan and Soviet forces, and more generally the US and USSR were contesting the political future of Europe, communist versus anti-communist. But after the Berlin Blockade and the formation of NATO, the Soviets began to look outside of Europe for places to expand. By 1949, the confrontation between the US and USSR escalated to another level: the Soviets had achieved the A-Bomb, setting off the arms race. Meanwhile, the United States was gearing up for even more adamant opposition of the Soviets based on the reasoning of NSC- 68, which portrayed communism as a monolithic, evil, and calculating enemy, and called for a huge American military buildup.

On October 1, 1949, Mao Zedong, having defeated Chiang Kai-Shek’s nationalist forces, proclaimed the communist People’s Republic of China (PRC). The news sent shock waves through the minds of amurdikkklan leaders. In an effort to make the PRC think of the US as a possible ally, the US abandoned Chang Kai-Shek and the Chinese nationalists on Formosa (now Taiwan). In a speech to the National Press Club, Dean Acheson, secretary of state for Truman, gave a speech on Asia, in which he mentioned that South Korea was not all that important to US security. According to his speech, keeping Japan anti-Communist was the most important part of America’s Asian defense perimeter.

At the end of World War II, the US was not ready for occupation of Korea. It had no Korean language officers, and no Korea experts. When he arrived in south Korea, Lt.-General Hodge was forced to leave most of the Japanese bureaucracy in place because he had no one to replace them with. Ironically enough, at this early conflict in the escalating cold war, politeness ruled the day: the US asked the Soviets to stop at the 38th Parallel, and they did. Surprised by the Soviet acquiescence, American policymakers failed to realize that the USSR probably didn’t want or care for more than the North, which was rich in minerals, hydroelectric power, and warm-water ports. Regardless, in 1945, the 38th Parallel was intended only as a temporary dividing line, not the permanent boundary it later became.

The KPR, initially meant to be an interim government based in Pyongyang, developed into North Korea’s government through fair elections. In amurdikkklan controlled South Korea, the KPR government was not acknowledged. Thus, ironically, the Soviets allowed the Koreans to determine the future of their own state while the Americans did not grant the South Koreans the same freedom to choose a government. Kim Il-sung did create a police state in North Korea, but almost all North Koreans vastly preferred his government to one run by Japanese Koreans.

Also ironically, Syngman Rhee’s regime in South Korea, accepted and supported by the US for its anti-communist bent, was no less repressive than Kim Il-sung’s government. Far from a simple American puppet, the 77-year old Rhee became a diplomatic liability, for he was incredibly obsessed with conquering North Korea and unifying Korea under his leadership. In the example of Rhee’s government can be seen the formulation of amurdikkklan strategic thought through much of the Cold War; the US saw communism as such a menace, that it was willing to overlook the fact that it was supporting non-democratic governments in its attempt to stop communist’s spread.

It is also important to note the arbitrary division nature of division at the 38th Parallel. Not only did that line have no historical or cultural significance, it also led to economic difficulties: the North needed rice, available only in the South, and the South needed Northern manufactures. Separating the two economies, which had been linked under Japanese rule, lead to some discomfort.

From the events described above, it is hard to immediately see why the United States would come to the Southern Republic of Korea’s rescue when the Communists invaded in 1950. Much of the rationale for the US action, however, can be traced back to memories of “appeasement”, the policy by which Britain and the United States allowed Nazi Germany to expand in Europe. Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, the US was now ready to go to war over any aggression by the USSR. It wasn’t so much that Korea was strategically significant, it was simply that the US had to fight back as a symbol of American opposition to Communist aggression anywhere.

Today Islam has supplanted communism as the present axis of evil in the minds of the “ice-man” a homicidal group that historically has a psycho-sexual, psycho-social inability to get along with each other, everybody else and the very nature which spawned him. A good friend asked me if we are entering into world war three. My view was we had already entered into that domain when amurdikkka, in conjunction with Israel and their puppets in Saudi Arabia and similar ass kissers, to create 911 and its subsequent fall out. There has been a steady march towards bringing violence and destruction to the four corners of the world.

War is business under white pathology, and business involves war to generate mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money. All for the corporation.

Who or what is the corporation?

Image result for 1984

Movies like Alien, Star Wars, Elysium  and others of similar genre, show us who they corporation is and what they are about. The corporation is a conglomerate of wealthy individuals on a board, whose very purpose in life is to make money and profit at the expense of people and nature. In these movies, the corporation has extended its thirst for ultimate power to space and other planets. Believe or not, this is a parallel goal of amurdikkka, with China, Russia and England close behind.

But before they move completely to outer space, meditate on this manifest:


This is from the Georgia Guide Stone. An almost forgotten piece of history that we fail to include into the dialogue when we debate where the western country is taking the planet.

3 thoughts on “Convenient amnesia: a pretext for saber rattling

  1. Another great post brother! It really looks like things are heating up in the world. Those in the know knew this was coming. It really didn’t matter if Clinton or Trump won the election. I tried to tell as many people as I could. You and I both know the American government is full of shit! They lie every chance they get. They don’t go to war to spread freedom or democracy. We don’t have freedom here so how the hell can you go somewhere else and spread it. Just more doublespeak. Also wars are started to get control over land and resources. We should know this by now. They lied to us about Iraq. They lied about Libya. And now we’re supposed to believe what they say about Syria??? No Way!!! I don’t think so!
    Amerikkka Playbook for starting WAR:
    1. First frame an aggression as an act of retaliation or defense. You must create the impression that the aggressor is acting in self defense.
    2.Build a crusade mythology. Present the aggressors as fighting for a higher ideal or the good of all humanity. Amerikka is very good at this one.
    3. De-Humanize the enemy. Present the other side as evil,savage,barbaric or subhuman is very important.
    And just one more thing now that I think of it. I could be wrong,you can correct me. But I think they’re only three countries left that don’t have a Jewish-controlled Rothschild Central Bank. That would be Syria,Iran and North Korea. And isn’t Amerikkka always at war with them. Hmmmmmmm… that a coincidence? I’m sure you know the answer to that one. And yes you’re correct about 9-11 and the Georgia Guide Stone. I hope people are paying attention to their surroundings. It’s getting real serious out here.


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