Playing the Game of Thrones

War is a game. War is business. War games are about the business of winning. Winning prescribed prizes, such as resources and power. Having resources can empower one. However, one can be powerful even when not in position of any viable resources. If the mind is more valuable than money, because it is the mind that makes money. How much more so is the mind vital to attaining power.  A powerful mind that can control people who own resources is a mind to be reckoned with.

Such a mind has skills far beyond the run of the mill player in the game of war. Life is a battle to maintain balance. If we say nature is pure, what does that mean? Are we saying nature does not offer us challenges? This is myopic and frankly parochial.

Meditate on this for a time.

If all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players, who each has their exits and their entrances, it is the one man who in his time plays many parts that is considered the man who rises above others. By his versatility. By his commitment not to be pigeon holed and placed in a box. For to be a player in the game of life, the greatest player must be able to play his position and some one else’s position. Such a player must often achieve the pinnacle of all games.

The championship. To be called a champion, which many consider as the greatest winner. Such a man wears a crown of success and as a champion, sits on a throne of fame and power. Power is nebulous. A cloudy, hazy, unclear, vague, or ill-defined thing. This is why many have created their own definition of what power means to them. Gaining power can be as simple as attaining a meager position as head barista at Starbucks, or one that runs a fortune 500 company that  controls both the pharmaceutical industry and chemicals industry which already controls mega farming.

Players in the Game of Thrones are not ultimately judged by their intent but by their results. The best players are subtle and congenial. They are the ones who often makes you feel their manipulation is your own idea. Thus when you do things that they want you to do, you are not upset at them. In fact you will feel good that they are placed in a powerful position.

Such is the skill of the greatest player. The ham handed player though is one who is brutish in his ways and behavior. His power mongering is done through threats and intimidation. Such a brute wins no favors and often conjures up a unity of purpose in others. The purpose of destroying him.

Politics is benign warfare. Politics is just a civilized way of power mongering. In seeing both war and politics as a game, one must first overstand how to marshal and discipline your emotion. To play the game of thrones is to ultimately be able to free your mind from cloudiness, that causes you to lose focus and eventually lose track of your ability to play the game.

All players in the Game of Thrones must never discriminate against who you trust and who you must learn from. The greatest end to power is power. Power is nebulous. It is merely the influence you have to achieve the things you want to achieve.

Those lacking the overstanding of what power is, will call it evil. They will say the power players are inhuman. Those are the ones who will be over powered. There are subtleties to power. There are various aspects to power. But power is in of itself and once you discipline your self and become educated in the Game of Thrones, you will realize that power is a force that can be used for good as well as bad. You be the judge. But whether you accept it or not, your feelings on the matter is immaterial, for power seeks the strongest and most willing to do its bidding.

Meditate on this for a time.

To become powerful, one must first define that power which you seek. Ultimately the power you seek must be an extension of the power in you. Meaning, if you seek to become wealthy, you must believe and behave like some one who is used to wealth. This is far different from some one who acts wealthy. The ignorant will believe acting wealthy means flaunting wealth. This is not the definition of behaving wealthy. This is the definition of an impoverished mentality, achieving some gain and showing off to the world about their gains. So it comes, so it goes.

This is not about faking it till you make it, because faking is not the real thing. Faith without works is no works. And works without faith is no faith. As you travel up the ladder to success, it is best to know why you are climbing, what you will do when you get to the top and how you will be when you get to the top. For the higher you climb, the more the light shines on you. Will you be able to handle the trappings of power? Only when you get there. Only when you journey to get there. then you will know.

Meditate on this for a time.