The tragedy of an impoverished aspiration


Your aspiration should be a strong and all-consuming desire. It should be a longing, an aim or ambition that you intellectually use to infuse your emotional self with in order to animate your driving hunger to overcome your situation.

Your stated goal or objective should be as strongly desired and desirable as breathing. Without breath or a continuation of breath for more than what your body and mind can take… you will die.

For may of us, our lives are too comfortable. But most of us know that already. For each of us our potential is there, but it hasn’t been realized. Maybe we suffer from brain rot, brought on by negative conditioning that has been fostered on us through the killing fields of the public fool shitstym. And augmented and reinforced by the military propaganda wing of the elites. The media.

Maybe we’re easily distracted and can’t focus.

Whatever our issues, there is an easy fix for our poverty mindset. We must strive to live each day as if our lives depend on it. We must evoke and enable a death ground situation. According to Sun Tzu, he of the Art of War notoriety, death ground is a strategy of warfare. But an also viewed as a life lesson. Death ground is a reaction towards the threat of annihilation. Death ground is desperate ground, and it usually occurs when there is no place of refuge at all. It is desperate ground.

When pushed back against a physical boundary, an army can either fight their way out or be annihilated. There is no escape route. This is a zero-sum outcome. It’s kill or be killed.

Death is the ultimate motivator for high level achievement, especially during battle. Because of the human instinct to stay alive, an army fights with fierce determination when cornered or cut off. They will give everything they have, and even if they fall in battle, they will inflict maximum destruction before they do so.

Why then do some armies fail when surrounded and some come out victorious?  Why is it that some people faced with poverty, literally lay down and die, while some fight with every remaining breath to stave off death? The difference between success and failure, as long as there are no further external forces arrayed against us….lies in our aspirations. If we fight with all our might, there is a chance of life; where as death is certain if we cling to our corner, hopelessly and expectantly.

Out of options and faced with death, troops have been known to execute at an extremely high level. Thus it is the same with people who are desperate AND have a strong aspiration.

Of course having good strategy and resources helps a great deal. But many have failed when in possession of good resources and even with good strategy.

One can only be as effective and as successful as the effort one puts out. And such an effort relies on strong aspirations.  Without the strong aspiration… aspiration that is not impoverished and debilitating…many have  risen above a cannibalistic, mob like emotionalism.

Such a motivated person can create with hands and minds, great edifices and monuments of hue-man success and wealth.

The mind can make the body do things it doesn’t want to do. Or never thought it could do. Our minds are more important and valuable than money. Our minds are as strong as our heart’s desires. Combining the two, a strong desire or aspiration, with a strong will, is what we need to stave off the kind of illness that breeds physical poverty. That illness is an impoverished aspiration.

Look around you and you will see evidence of an impoverished mentality acting defeated  and defeatable. Look in the eyes of the mentally impoverished and you will see hopelessness and death. You will see death long before death has registered. For the impoverished mind kills the soul long before the body finally dies.