Context is everything

Seen this picture being circulated a couple of times during the latest NFL draft. Of course people immediately chimed in to indict all the black prospects of willingly dating someone who does not “look like their mothers”.

The crying and gnashing of teeth is of biblical proportion. You would think many of respondents would’ve been numbed to these image’s in amurdikkka’s so-called, and obviously false, post racial society by now. For the longest time I have stated it doesn’t matter to me at this stage of my life who is screwing whom. Just as long as the kneegrow female of male don’t. …DON’T!  …. use their choice of sexual partners as an opportunity to bash African people, like a Serena Williams or a Tyrese. To name two.

In my small corner of the universe context is everything. And when viewing media related imagery, I believe one must see the big picture in order to have the proper perspective.

For instance.

I have seen the networks in the past, highlight ONLY the mothers of these athletes. Even when a biological father or step father is present in the young man’s life and home. But all people see are the mothers and thus they ignorantly echo the narrative of the single mothers, raising the athletes all by themselves.

We often ignore many of the tales, sitting right in front of us, how these mothers AND fathers….but so far mostly mothers, will try to live vicariously through their children. Pimping them and seeking to control their lives and finances, when some of them have given less input or even support,  than a stranger. Some have even sued the athletes for back pay.


Let that sink in for a moment. They consider themselves owed for being a mother.

Even the athletes with the father will adhere to the script of thanking the mother ONLY. Many of these athletes have a male presence in the home that is tantamount to a furniture in the living room. They do nothing but take up space. This is not the role of a father.

These males don’t lead the household and rarely have credible input themselves. Many would rather have the females be front and center. Also many themselves live vicariously through the athlete.

Many of these mothers (and fathers) of athletes dating white women, don’t object to their son’s choices. Do you really not see how the parent (s) act all happy and contented when a Robert Griffith III was at the draft with his white girlfriend?

No the parents instead view such dating choices not just as a “come up”, but many themselves approve of these images, because it makes the athletes and themselves “accepted” and “acceptable” to the powerful sports machinations.

So why are kneegrows ONLY angry at the athletes? Dont blame the athletes in a vacuum. And their choices shouldn’t make us so angry. Unless you overstand media propaganda, you will fall for quite a few things.

Folks talk about these kats ignoring available black females. Come on now? We have seen how many of these young kneegrow females on campus themselves are as much the blame for the athletes dating choices as the kneegrow athletes themselves.

Some of these females are just not into the athletes while they were relatively unknown, but will gas them for being traitorous after they blow up.

Many of these black females on campus, have failed to study how the white female play their role in catching the eye and interests of athletes. Dont be delusional. The dating scene is a game and failure to properly implement an effective strategy makes you a loser in this game. Opting out of the game is your choice. But don’t turn around and blame the others who are actually playing the game, for playing unfairly.

Finally many of these athletes lack all kinds of sexual or social discipline, get caught up in the hype of their own “legend”, end up falling for the easy sexual encounter’s and all manner of other things they feel will enhance their growing star dumb.

So they will have a white woman on their arms. Or a white man…if you remember Michael Sam. All with the blessing of their peers and often their parents. And many on the outside, looking in are unnecessarily outraged. It’s their choice at the end of the day. Just as long as they don’t use those choices as an excuse to beat up black men and women who date black men or women. Or beat up on past dating failures that they where 50 percent responsible for.

It’s all a game folks. And we get pulled into the game as rabid fanatics…fans for short. And as we get pulled in, we tend to overlook many issues closer to home. Never praise too much, nor chastise too much, the celebrities and their activities.

They are products of media strategy that still have most of us believing that every male athlete and celebrity has “another” woman on his arm. That every female athletes is a dyke or man less.

Contrary to the lies,  a majority of black male and black female athletes are happily married to black partners. Also a majority of black celebrities actually have long-term sustainable relationships.

Contrary to the media designed propaganda.

And while I will acknowledge the percentage of them having partners from other ethnicities appear higher than athletes of other ethnicities, we have to see the big picture. Why are these outliers promoted as the norm instead of the norm being promoted at all?

I guess in these times the truth is stranger than the fiction the media creates, so many will go with the fiction to fit their own narrative.

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