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I originally had collected some information on the very interesting phenomena called Afropunk, but hadn’t got around to making that post. However, Afropunk recently came to my attention again, but not for its music scene. For those of you who may not know much about Afropunk, below are a couple of images from the online site of the same name…Afropunk..that is.

Recently an article on this site caught my attention, because otherwise I wouldn’t care too much about emo kneegrows acting like retro hippies. This link details what emo is and how kneegrows being involved in that scene tells you all you need to know about their up bringing and world view. The article that caught my attention… Stop blaming single mothers for the toxic actions of men… was penned by something called Gender Bent.

And while I agree that blaming this mans action on single mothers, without a substantive research or information, is highly irresponsible and dangerous.  The article was short, but did make a salient point.

“If a man is deemed weak, emotional, or too attached to women, then he is assumed to have been raised by a single mother, meanwhile the image of a two parent (heterosexual) household is perfect and beyond critic. There is a myth within the black community that our women are to blame for poverty, their own abuse and failure within men. There women are doing the best that they can, at least offer support and love.

Men raised by other men are not always angels. The credit is not automatically given just because he is a male. There are fathers who teach sexism to their children as their daughters’ sexuality is under surveillance, the sons have the greenlight to date on their terms. They are thought girls are just a number, yet consent is rarely discussed. At times boys are on the receiving end in parental sexism as their vulnerability or lack of aggressiveness becomes a sign of questioning their sons’ sexuality and manhood.”

I highlighted two parts of this article the author uses recklessly, to prove his/her/its point (gender bent anyone?). The first one I call bull shit on, because I have never heard anyone state this, before reading this article. Everything I have read or heard, blames the absent black man for the poverty of black women, when he leaves her or ignores his responsibilities. Or the narrative was to blame systemic racism for placing us and keeping us in a position of being the underbelly of Babylon. Also the narrative on single mother and their struggle is less about absent men, although this is a significant something, considering each situation. However, kneegrows seem not to consider how context itself is a significant factor when debating single motherhood. Consider that many of these women end up pregnant and alone, not just because of the men that leaves them, but what is rarely discussed or glossed over is the choices in men, these women make, which does impact their struggle as sole support mother, in the long run. But to say shit like… “There is a myth within the black community that our women are to blame for poverty, their own abuse and failure within men… Afropunk need to explain where they got that information from.

Otherwise they are guilty of lazy writing, by utilizing the tried and really old practice of male bashing. The other part of the article about fathers teaching sexism to their sons is spot on. Even in a dual parent household, BOTH parents promote young male sexism AND discourage young female sexism. Both parents promote it because often mothers also believe in the boys sowing their wild oats. Many of us are well aware that in a dual parent home, as much as a sole support mother’s home, girl children as asked to carry more than their share of the domestic responsibilities and a carry a much greater outside expectation than the boys. Those outside expectations include education, employment, marriage, social responsibilities and social success. All are based on disparity in expectations of the black male, black female positioning and the comfort level with each by those high on the power structure.

I am aware, even from a young age, how the mother would be quicker to kick a female child out of the home, faster and earlier than the boys. Double that if she got pregnant. They don’t kick them out as fast when pregnant now, because child support money from the state, can soothe a lot of personal indignity for the grandmother. And speaking about child support money from the state. The less aware call it welfare. Welfare is how the government, in the guise of the white man, rides in on his white pathological and gelded horse to become the baby daddy of the black woman. If not as the original dead beat dad and rapist, he has become this symbolically in the dispensing of monies and other goodies.

This clip from the 1974 movie Claudine, attempted to explain, however briefly, what happened to the intact black family after the passage of the civil rights bill and integration as a public policy.  Those who can remember or who have spoken to adults from that period, overstood that political efforts in making black men unemployable by limiting their access to jobs. Jobs that we’re becoming increasingly scarce as amurdikkka over all, farmed manufacturing jobs out to foreign countries for cheaper labour and bigger profits. This one of many reason why the black community became impoverished.

Even today with the cry for the increase in minimum wages, we are hearing stories of how as the minimum wages increases in some jurisdictions, black teens and youth are being fired from the types of low skilled jobs, they used to have in significant numbers.

Embracing integration as encouraged by the church and academicians among us, made us lazy. Made us dump decades of self-sufficient practices to get a J.O.B, topped up by the influx of drugs as a balm to sooth restless souls, contributed to an increase in not only black poverty, but black despair. Our inability to be collectively self-sufficient was discarded in pursuit of and to embrace integration, caused a majority of black men and black women to suffer greatly, due to that now well-known policy. Yet non suffered as much as the children. And the children of sole support mothers suffer the most.

They suffer the most because there are more sole support mothers than sole support fathers…by a long shot. Sole support mothers tend to be more impoverished based on sheer numbers. As I said earlier, some of the suffering happen (s) because of repeated poor choices, especially around men, marriage, sex and pregnancies. But also overstand that all poor people….yes even white people…suffer under a system of scarcity, avarice and profit over people.

Some of the suffering occurs because both parties got caught up in the same welfare scam from the 1970s, where women who didn’t need to get on welfare anyway and become subject to the draconian rules of that system. Eventually scene like the one in the Claudine clip, became the norm, as black men went along with the program to be outside of the house when the welfare worker comes around. Eventually he, in dealing with his own troubles, got irritated when the woman would ask him to contribute financially as well. Rightly or wrongly, the man eventually told the woman to continue embracing the game she was playing with the welfare people and leave him the hell alone. Am I blaming sol support mothers for being on welfare? No! Welfare can be a stop-gap measure to re-right a listing ship. I blame the mentality among us, that believe welfare is a nice easy ride that lasts forever. The sad thing about this is I am seeing in my city, young women AND men automatically applying for welfare and behaving as if that money will last forever.

This reality, that I am seeing is the gist of my post.

This article ( black women are raising bitch ass niggaz) started out hitting hard and sharp:

“The way a man talks, thinks, and processes information is usually through the same lens that his mother seen the world, because his mother was his most influential figure.  She trained him how to think; she trained him how to handle his business and developed his communication skills. Since he was born, she was hard wiring his brain, but most men never really got the opportunity to realize how messy their mothers were, so he doesn’t know who’s at fault for him turning out to be a bitch ass nigga!”

The article is very eye-opening to many who are ignorant of how the game is played. It is shocking or upsetting to those who are ass up and head deep in the sand. Yet the article has validated what I have said for roughly 10 years now. That we live in a society that is matriarchy, fronting as a patriarchy and scripted and ran by homosexuals. We know homosexuals are anti family, anti femininity and definitely anti masculine. Anti masculinity is why many single mothers become embroiled in raising bitch kneegrows and emasculated boys in general. Anti masculinity is why the article zeroed in so harshly on single mothers. Overstand that I don’t believe being a sole support mother automatically reduce one to being an enabler of male emasculinity. But being a sole support mother, in these days, under the conditions fostered on us by white pathology and our own problematic behavior has created a whole new type of males all together.

You can see it in how so many bitch kneegrows will echo the deflecting, excuse making of a trifling kneegress, who will blame ALL black men for any and everything that befalls her. Yet never accepting that maybe she is 50% of that problem.

The defectors will cite individual situations or personal situations to explain a collective problem and see no issue with the fact that they are comparing two totally different scenarios.

When TI came out and proclaimed that his marriage distracted him from his mission is a cop-out, many rightfully lambasted him. He was deserving of derision because according to sources, this kat was doing his wife dirty of a long time, but put up a front of being that guy. And he constantly got away with it because he is a celebrity. And you know how kneegrows love their celebrities?

Ti is an example of a bitch ass kneegrow. Ti is a product of a sole support mother, who though they try to state he was co -parented by his grandparents, either indicts the grandparents for raising a trifling kneegrow or indicts the mother for not spending time raising him. Growing up poor in the South, maybe she was busy in trying to make ends meet and decided that her parents would be more of an influence and help than the father. What I do know though is very little information is giving about the father and what kind of influence he had on the boy.

The problem with SOME single mothers raising bitch ass, effeminized and hyper masculine punks, is that they also raise hyper masculine and overly aggressive females, who are hard-headed and highly deflective of their responsibility. Today the image of the sole support mother raising emasculated boys, raises the question. Which comes first, the emasculated boys who grow up in to weak ineffective men, who in turn co-parent emasculated and increasingly homosexuals? Or the masculine woman, bent on raising an emasculated boy, in order to control the image of the father she couldn’t control, just guaranteeing some woman’s daughter would have to deal with the mess she raised

Texas Mother Facing Child-Endangerment Charges After Recording Abuse of Toddler, Sending Images and Videos to Ex-Boyfriend

This picture shows the face of an increasing phenomena of kneegrow females who have resorted to harming or even killing their own children, because they have had issues with the fathers. And it’s not just the proverbial fuck boys or dead beat dads, but also responsible fathers who are subjected to the horrors of their children being harmed or murdered by bitter women. In this case it is obvious that this woman was with an irresponsible fuck boy, because according to reports, he was well aware of the crime and did nothing to thwart it at the start.

This is what I mean and will always scream about the poor choices women make. Of course men too make poor choices in women. Which makes narratives of their excesses, violence and irresponsibility well-known. Not so much with he females.

There are numerous news story I could have brought up to highlight the kneegrow female and her bad parenting ways. However I don’t want to appear bashing the female unnecessary. I point out a few instances to show the reader that the narrative that the media and many deflecting kneegrows promote in seemingly only blame the black men for the fucked up family situations that affect us, is imbalanced at best. Agenda driven for sure.

I want to end this post with an idea that has been talked about. One I wish to highlight from my perspective. And that is the mental health issues we have as a people. I will expand on this in another post of the same topic. But I will eave you with this fuckery. To show you how crown and mantles of goddesses and Kweens are not only being tarnished by harlots and tarts. But are equally being accepted as the norm by society that never had our best interest at heart.