Deep thoughts

A woman lives unconditionally. This is the result of having feminine nurturing abilities. A woman who puts condition on her love runs the risk of losing her femininity. The unconditional love of a woman is not the same as having standards. Standards are the a set of principle’s that guides your life’s journey. Without standards then unconditionAL love becomes fickle.

A man loves with conditions. He is the protector and provider when in his natural state.  And in his natural state man has very strict standards. Without this strictness he is incapable of being strong provider and protector.  He cannot be trusted with that task.

If that which you love hurts you. Then you must let go of that which hurts you. Sometimes the strength of your love lies in the letting go. This is harsh, yet necessary.

Let go of ego. Let go of fear. Let go of pain. Let go of materialism. Let go of fame. Let go of love. These are all different types of attachments. It is from this letting go of “things” and other attachments, that you and I will find ourselves. And in finding ourselves we can then truly give of ourselves.

This requires deep reflections