Deep thoughts

A woman loves unconditionally. This is the result of having feminine nurturing abilities. A woman who puts condition on her love, in general, runs the risk of losing her femininity. The unconditional love of a woman is not the same as having standards. Standards are the a set of principle’s that guides your life’s journey. Without standards then unconditional love becomes fickle.

A man loves with conditions. He is the protector and provider when in his natural state.  And in his natural state man has very strict standards. Without this strictness he is incapable of being strong provider and protector.  He cannot be trusted with that task.

If that which you love hurts you. Then you must let go of that which hurts you. Sometimes the strength of your love lies in the letting go. This is harsh, yet necessary.

Let go of ego. Let go of fear. Let go of pain. Let go of materialism. Let go of fame. Let go of love. These are all different types of attachments. It is from this letting go of “things” and other attachments, that you and I will find ourselves. And in finding ourselves we can then truly give of ourselves.

This requires deep reflections


Try not; Do or do not, there is no try

This is a direct quote by the character Yoda, the Jedi master from the movie Star Wars. Incidentally a movie I have never seen, because I am a Star Trek geek fan boy, when I was young. Also due to my personal protest of the Jedi Warriors as a rip off of the ancient priest cast of Kimit. A priest cast that rose to prominence under the order of the Djed.

The Djed is an ancient Egyptian symbol that resembles a column with a broad base and capital which is divided by four parallel bars.

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Some speculate that the symbol is an earlier depiction of the Kaduceus…the ancient healing symbol long since co-opted by  the Greeks and called caduceus, and itself is represented by their god Aesculapius.

Aesculapius is the Greek renaming of Imotep. The master builder, scientist, healer, administrator and consul to the ruler of the two kingdoms.

During the Old Kingdom, the Djed was associated with Ptah, who created man on his potters wheel from the black mud of the primordial slush. Star dust. Ptah is who was given the epithet “the Noble Djed”.

The title later became more closely associated with Ausar . In the story of Auset and Ausar, the Djed pillar is the dismembered Ausar’s backbone, which Auset found buried in Djedu. The city was renamed Pr-Ausar (“the house of Ausar”) which the Greeks translated as Busiris.

The word Wizard comes from those who held the Staff of Power, which was called the WSR (Wassar). Ausar is a principle  and represents the Life Force within creation, His backbone is the Djed, or Djedhi, hence the “Force” of the Jedi Knights of Star Wars. Ausar was called SR, or ASR (Ausir/Ausar), as well as Wassir.

The Wassir staffs were electrical conductors of power, hence the Wizards were Wassirs or Ausar’, using WSR Wands for their Hex’s (hexagon), in Kimit Heku.

The main tenet of the Star Wars universe is the completion of the circle, or finding the balance between good and evil. It is a metaphor for knowing whether you are on the wrong side and whether you are becoming destructive. Or self destructive.

All Afrikan ourstory of metaphysics and allegories are lessons about our personal journey. Ironically enough, the idea of completing the circle with rituals and of finding balance in awareness, was known in ancient Kimit as raising the Djed.

“Raising the dead?”

The purpose of the ritual was to preserve order and repel chaos. In order to do this there first had to be an effort to raise this “awareness’” or “Djed.” Those that did this were known as “Djedi.”

Raising the dead is metaphorically about reanimation and regenerating the life force that is dormant in all of us.

Archetypal symbols such as the circle, the spiral, trees, and a pillar or pole were magically and ritually employed to preserve essential order. These symbols all have a connection to the sun and worship of the sun.  Ourstorically, the Djed was raised at crucial transitional times between cycles, evoking light and stability to dispel darkness and disorder. Such periods were the Winter solstices, the failing years of a reigning monarch or the coronation of a new one.

A tower or an obelisk that is symbolic of the connection and balance of all things in heaven and in earth now represents the Djed. We see this symbol all over the world as secret societies have used it as a backdrop for their empires.

To know one thing is to know 10,000 things

I am sharing this bit of information, because this morning I completed my second day of another reset, of a reset, of a reset times 15, since the beginning of the year. The multiple reset centered around my renewed attempts to get back into fighting shape. Literally and figuratively. It does not matter if you have intellectual knowledge of fitness, if you don’t apply and translate that knowledge to the physicality of fitness.

Miyamoto Musashi is renowned as Japan”s greatest samurai.  His book…Go Rin no Sho…or the book of five rings, he repeatedly remarked that throughout his more than sixty years, technical flourishes are excessive, and contrasts worrying about such things with the principle that all technique is simply a method of cutting down one’s opponent. He also continually makes the point that the understandings expressed in the book are important for combat on any scale, whether a one-on-one duel or a massive battle.

Such is the basis for the overstanding that to know one thing is to know 10,000 things. In order to truly inculcate such a overstanding into your daily life, one must make ones everyday stance be your martial arts stance and your martial arts stance, your everyday stance. Again this is so deep, I once thought it actually meant something like a horse stance or some shit like that. When in reality it is about your mindset.

Do I possess the mind of an asafo? And if not can I raise that djed? How should I or can I go about raising the djed?

Again, in knowing 10,000 things, the pilgrims, which each of us are on this spaceship called life, must develop a simple and straight forward approach to everything you do and in applying one knowledge to all things.  Physical fitness is akin to mental and emotional fitness. Your approach to training is akin to your approach to your job, your social life and your education. It is not practice that makes perfect, as they like to say. It is perfect practice, makes for perfect results. Because one can practice in a way that is detrimental to your progress.

One cannot yearn for the simple life, yet alway engage in celebrity activities. One cannot aim for the stars by pointing at the  branch. One cannot learn to swim by standing on the shore. And one cannot hope for things to change. Instead …ask that you be better.

Similar to how you live your life. If your life is filled with haphazard and whimsical acts, you will net haphazard and non sustainable results. To act whimsical is to act or behave in a capricious manner.

Volatile, capricious, fickle, changeable, unpredictable, variable, erratic, mercurial, mutable, inconstant, inconsistent, unstable.

One cannot live ones life in such whimsical away’s,  once one passes the age of seven years, and hope to achieve much if any success at all.

When embarking on a monumental task. A task that will have an emotional or mental effect on your life, then you must start with a simple premise.

That simple premise is to start out small and make incremental additions.  Getting back in shape follows the same principles and preparing for a job. By embracing simplicity.  Or transforming your world view. Or recovering from an addiction. Or starting a new relationship. To know one thing is to know 10,000 things.

As I finished day two of my reset of a reset, I am embolden by the fact that I had become energized and carried with me throughout the day, some very positive vibrations.  Back in the day when I use to train hard and train people, I over stood that it takes 12 weeks to develop the basic foundation of fitness. From this one can then step up one’s efforts and intensity as the body is able to handle the work load.

Like wise for me it will take up to 12 days to develop a consistency with my reset. Reaching that 12th day, it is not a reset of a reset anymore. It is now becoming habit-forming. When I complete 30 straight days of training it now becomes second nature. It is now a full habit, and is so automatic to where missing one day will cause your body to get vexed with you.

However training doesn’t end when you reach a plateau. In fact now you refine. You chip away at the non-essential things that impedes your life, your progress or your focus.

This situation I just described can also be seen as a metaphor for life. Your life’s purpose is to magnify your gifts through thorough training. Thorough training? Well do you have an addictive personality? Addicted to being the center of attention? Addicted to being stubbornly indifferent the face of truth?

This is where training on these weaknesses enable you to either eliminate such addictive qualities or at least be able to recognize the potential challenges in and seek control over them.

To know one thing is to know 10, 000 things.

The magic of raising the djed and become the wssr of yourself lies in how you approach the day, task, qualities and challenges.

It is not to try, but to do. For when you are done trying, all that’s left is how much doing you have done.

So heed the sage advice from a badass djed master: ” if no mistake you have made. Losing you are. A different game you nuts play”!

In other words. Dont try, do let go of the fear of failure and the things that holds you back so that you too can raise the djed in yourself.