The most important sexual organ is?

Yesterday i  recounted a conversation I had with an associate of mine, that occurred a couple of days ago. He had shared with me a certain philosophy he learned at the feet of his father. According to the kat his father initially peeped him to game by indicting his own wife…my associates mother with this statement.  This statement…“all women are whores“.

He told me that his father’s statement didn’t sit too well with his childhood self. However, he also admitted that, based on his own personal experience growing up, his father was spot on.

What is very interesting is that when I occasionally pass through his neighborhood, he seemed to attract so many young and very extra females around him. Females I have witnessed appeared to validate this man’s world-view. keep in mind he has three things women these days fall over for. He has money, he is kind of celebrity and he is a rough neck,

If you are like me,  viewing the world a certain way. Straight laced and not cynical. Statements like these seemed to conflict with our long held belief that women thus described are of a particular set. We were indoctrinated that most women are of a certain nature.  As men we were taught to project certain images onto women. You know the image… pristine, virginal, nice girls. ..etc! This came mainly from the suppressive Arab and European reLIEgion where the female is simultaneously a whore and a Virgin.

These projections are equally confusing to women as well as well, as us men. It’s confusing to us as men because majority of us embrace this image yet secretly yearn for that whore. I mean we have heard the little ditty. ..a lady in the streets, a cook in the kitchen and whore between the sheets.

It is also confusing to legions of impressionable young girls, weaned on the idea that “girl power” and “girls can do and any thing boys can do”. Their teachers, mothers aunts and grand mothers, were themselves reared in the free love and sexual revolution fervor of th 60s and 70s.

I have heard many variation of this theme my associate mentioned. And by women.  I never gave it much thought when I was young. And I chalked it up to the outlook of cynical men and a select few women who were excusing their specific misbehavior.

The theme keep cropping up often enough though, over and over a period of time, culminating in my associate’s declaration. And this made me truly start looking at it through different lenses.

We live in a highly and sexually charged society, not just in the west, but in many non European societies influenced by the overt sexuality of western countries. Let’s be real. Women love sex. You don’t believe me? Then explain all these women with multiple babies from different men. Explain all these unnecessary abortions. Explain all these men-women, sexual escapades that are being played out in public. It’s a testament to the powers of Arabism, Christianinsanity and Khazarism, that many older women, would lie about the escapades of their younger self. And while we observe most of the behavior we associate with loose sexuality with the younger women. These days more and more older females are unashamedly promoting their sexuality in very whorish ways.

My neck, my back by Kia was an anthem to many women.

A couple days ago my beautiful sister friend, Isa Malik, had gotten into a debate turned argument with some wild and unapologetic females on fucked up book. From that interaction she pen her thoughts in this way.

“Sistas is under the illusion that their pussy is the best.
News Flash: We ALL think we got that good good so you can tuck in your chest…
You got a fat ass Sis? I got one two.. You got nice titties?
Hmph! Mines perky too..
Your thighs is thick? Shit.. mines are too.. and I can do one better I gotta nice gap between mines Boo..

Pussy don’t mean nothing if that’s all you workin wit’
Can you hold a conversation about currents politics?
Can you touch a Brothas spirit and put his mind at ease?
When the pressure is mounting dealing wit this White Racist disease?
Can you help him build character leading by example?
Or are you simply a Sista that models herself after Scandal?
Are you that cheating’ ass Sista that thinks if men do it I can too?
So you let every Troy, D, n Larry run all up in you?
You Sistas give us Goddesses a real bad name.
Cuz you the one responsible for the image of Black woman being portrayed as fair game.
Our Mothers of Antiquity understood the power of the feminine.
They never spread their legs for the enemy or gave it up for the Benjamins…
A Black woman’s worth is much more than a fat ass n a swollen clit.
We’re the epitome of Divinity and the Power of the Spirit.
So when you sell yourself short, throwing your pussy around..
You make it hard for the rest of us to throw a fist in the air and scream…I’m Black and I’m Proud..


 This was beautifully stated. And it echoed things have told some all too young and fresh females,  when I used to counsel. I sincerely believe that a pure lie, dies a swift death due to the inability of the lie to sustain credibility. However most lies are given life when those lied upon embrace the lie as a truth and perpetuate it. My associate, his father, other men who believe in the same things, as well as countless females who embrace this idea, are all responsible for the belief that all women are whores.
Another beautiful sister, Adeyimika Ra Hanif shared another of Isa Malik’s post.
Pussy is plummeting.
Ya given’ pussy away like it’s a common
good instead of a rare commodity.
The value dun’ dropped

She then added her own thoughts to the issue.

(My response comment to attached post, some women think the responsibility is solely on men to respect our pussies).

Nowadays it’s been revered and glorified to be a ho, side bitch and to have a side man, some women are living out their personas in music they listen to and the crap they see on tv just like some of the men do.

Women like us are viewed as boring and lame because we set a standard for ourselves, they laugh at us because they go by the same mindset of men who think “pussy is pussy”, what they fail to realise is they devalue themselves with that mindset as they have a tunnel vision of wastemen. They are obviously giving their pussy to men who don’t value it, which quite understandably makes them upset, but they try to mask the upset with the fake confidence and self-esteem and walk around with a “I can fuck who I want” attitude.

Meanwhile subconsciously they know damn well it is them who is in control’s of their vehicle. They become frustrated with themselves knowing this but they are defiant, they are not ready. So now they take on a “feminizee” persona (Rihanna, Beyonce) of “men ain’t shit, I’m a strong independent woman, yaaaaasss bitch, I fuck who I want, bitch better have my money” because they are resentful of the cards they have been dealt by their own choices.

This is a classic deflection, these women spend so much time looking in the mirror beautifying themselves but they don’t actually LOOK at themselves, why? Because they lack the discipline of self accountability. That reflection isn’t always pretty, it can be pretty ugly at time’s.

Those women are not ready to see THEIR ugly it’s scary to them, they don’t want to confront those demons. Posts like this show them their ugly and they may flee or remain to battle, but instead of combating the demon they combat us with their defiance and stubbornness not realising this is a lesson to help them to fight and come out from the possession of the demon of white beast culture.

In order to be a true SiSTAR Warrior you have to slay your own demons before you can help a SiSTAR slay hers.

They are not ready.

in order to break the trend of over valuing the female sex organ below the waist, while devaluing the sexual organ above the neck, both women and men will see women as whores. And both will continue to perpetuate a very nasty stereotype.  At the end of the day when the vagina is used up her image is sullied, these are the types of females who will walk around angry, even jealous of the younger females, These same young females who watched and learned from them and are now pulling in men from all ages. All because we don’t know hoe to act righteous.

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