Chronicles of the long distance runner. pt4

Mind control

No! It’s not that one you’re thinking of. This is about controlling your own mind. This morning it was difficult to get up out of bed. The body was sore and my mind kept whispering seductively…”just lay down a little longer”.

The bed was so comfy….but my why was strong. Sun Tzu said ” every battle is won, before it is fought”. This is because one must first engage the mind. Introducing the WHY will create the how. Once the how is properly explored then it is that much easier and confidence evoking to initiate the battle on the physical level.

In this case the battle for me is to get through day twelve of my journey to the next level fitness. Yesterday i had introduced a nother exercise into the mix after my “road work”. It left me sore from my upper back down to my legs. So of course the body was protesting…”shit! Not again”!

Interestingly enough my surgical knee was not the biggest whiner. It was muscle soreness. To me this was good. The weakness was kicking and screaming as I expelled it from my body. Much too many times in our lives we face situations where the mind gets into conflict with itself. One section of the mind has already been given a vision of what we want and sometimes how to go about getting it. But there is another section that fears the discomfort of the work. Fears the discomfort of the pain. So it makes an emergency call to your heart for help.

The mind CAN make the body do things it doesn’t want to do OR didn’t know it could do. But the mind is fuelled by your emotional fire. And your emotional investment is what sustains you. Even after logic and intellectualization has run its course. The mind, that sneaky bastard, calls up on the emotion and filled it with all kinds of negative reasons why it can’t be done. Easily influenced just as much as it is easily influential, your emotions then run amok.

This is why controlling the mind and its influence on the emotion is crucial. Be like water. Calm yourself in the face of challenges. A calm state of mind quiets any emotional upheaval and allows for clarity of thinking.

A calm state of mind is more receptive to the why of your decision, when you need its reminder most. Discipline your mind is the first step in discipline your emotions. Once you have disciplined your emotions in all areas of people activity, your decision making process runs more efficient.

This requires some deep thinking.


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