Fashion Kills: Death by a thousand cuts and squeezes

One of my face book sister friend, Isa Malik posted this comment on her page, after viewing a video of some female trying to fit her ginormous elephant ass and thunder thighs into a set of jeans, made for a six-year-old.

My only issue with this is the heightened chances of reoccurring yeast infections as well as the spiritual ramifications of wearing tight, constricting clothes regularly. The apex of a women’s vagina n womb is sacred n the energy needs to be circulating up from Motha Earth to your womb so that you continually receive healing as well as messages from the Great Mother as well as send energy down into the Earth to her. That is part of your purpose as a Womb-man walking upon the Earths surface. You are the healer by birth. When you put these tight clothes on you inhibit your ability to receive these sacred, psychic messages n deny yourself very powerful healing just to look tempting in a pair of jeans, so men will watch your ass as you walk. It kinda screams insecurity among other things but I think as women we kinda go threw phases as we mature n eventually break out of this self-destructive cycle so I’m not knocking her at all. I just learned better as I got older n now in my mid 30’s I feel less of a need to showcase that I have a big beautiful ass-set n want the Brothas to focus more on my face,intellect, n spiritual capacities that are far more valuable then my behind.

Raspect to you Sistas, young n old coming up out of the illusion of the external. When you realize you have the ability to feed a Brothas soul n spirit, the physical will become secondary.

I am unable to post the video because it comes from a Facebook page called…“BootyManiac“…! After going on the page and viewing the bevy of videos and images, I must say I am thoroughly disgusted. Not just by the amount of jiggly adipose tissues, but by the continual belief among males and females that a woman showing off her ass makes her some sort of catch.


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes and outdoor Image may contain: one or more people

Image may contain: one or more people Image may contain: one or more people

These are some of the pictures i took from the site. The response from the males, especially the kneegrows, are quite instructive and fascinating.

I mean yes! If you offer up greasy meat to junkyard dogs they will snap at it, but they are junkyard dogs, who will snap at a rat or any other small animals in the junkyard. What is even more nonsensical, is that on the page, most of thee females are non Afrikans (not that I care to see Afrikans exhibiting their asses for the viewing pleasure and masturbation impetus of strangers). The fact that these days so many mostly Caucasian females are doing the same ratchet shit that many kneegrow females are doing, highlights how much they envy Afrikan woman, want to entice Afrikan men AND shows how much men heavily influence the females into doing destructive behaviors, just for attention of men.

I admit that I am one of probably two Afrikan men on the planet that prefers a woman with a tight and smaller ass, over one whose ass can cover a whole family of homeless people from thunder showers. I prefer to see a woman with a fit over all body from hours spend eating properly and exercising, so that she is toned and healthy, instead of being disproportionately built from the ass down.

I never liked this pursuit of fashion for the sake of being seen as fashionable, because it seems like fashion today is more about how extreme you can go instead of how you can accentuate your body and features in a sublime way. This is why women will butter their thighs in order to slide into a pair of jeans their seven-year old nieces should be wearing. I remember listening to a lecture by Phil Valentine a while back where he spoke about the necessity for women to wear clothes that allows their vagina to breathe. Isa Malik confirmed that strangling the vagina, for the sake of fashion likes comes, does result in numerous unwanted side effects.

Any kind of constricting of the thighs, ass, vagina, breasts and stomach causes long-term health risk. The need for a woman to show off her breasts and ass, created a cosmetic surgery industry that makes millions for the butchers and has caused numerous disfigurations and death.

The other foolishness that women engage in is how they torture their ankles, Achilles heel, hips and spine, by forcing their feet into stilts.

Its interesting though that right after stating how high heels destroys the feet and body, this doctor turns around and suggest that women mix up the weapons of mass destruction of a womans body. But It’s not just stilettos and very high heels—pumps of all height can cause foot pain, heel pain, and seriously compromise your foot health. How high is too high?

Walking in three-and-a-quarter inch heels could prematurely age your joints, because it causes changes to your gait similar to what is seen in aging in those with arthritic knees, according to a study in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research.

The heels make it much harder to allow the knee to straighten when it needs to. This then puts more pressure for longer periods of time on the kneecap and the inside of the knee, making it more likely to wear away faster,”

So explains study author Constance Chu, M.D., professor of orthopaedic surgery at Stanford University.

And sky-high heels do more than just age your joints. Wearing them increases your risk for ankle sprains, stress fractures, pinched nerves, and shortening of the Achilles tendon, and exacerbate conditions like bunions and hammer toes. In addition to affecting other areas of your life (like simply walking), each of these foot issues can compromise your workout. Yikes!

Three and a quarter inches isn’t even that high compared to what most of the women wear! “The higher the heel, the more potential there is for problems, but this makes it hard for most of us who want to look sharp without compromising our health—even I find it hard to purchase attractive shoes with heels less than three inches high!” says Chu.

You’re safest with heels under two inches, and wedges or thick heels are preferable to stilettos, Brenner says. “The wider the surface of the heel, the more support there is for the arch of your foot, decreasing the risk for permanent damage,” she adds.

Overstand high heels takes us right back to the ass problem, because most heels are designed to elevate and make the ass stick out, appearing more defined than it normally is. Which can be a problem for those women who just can’t make it work. I guess this is why most now are opting for sticking bricks and Jello in their asses.

I could go on and on about other issues I have with the excesses that woman go through to alter their appearance to please men and make other women admire or get jealous. Which is the sum total of the monster the fashion industry created. But I will leave the lasting image below to show you how ridiculous we look, living in an age where beauty is not measured by your essence, brains or personality anymore, but by artificialities of the beauty industry. An industry mostly run by drug addicts, pedophiles and homosexuals.

These are the people at the fore front of telling low self-esteem females how to look presentable. Let that marinate for a minute or two.

I couldn’t readily find videos targeting black women, because black women are an irrelevant exotica within the industry. Even though black women buy so much shit geared towards white women. Self love and self-esteem, is a wonderful thing if you have it. But a terrible thing to lack.

3 thoughts on “Fashion Kills: Death by a thousand cuts and squeezes

  1. Those last two videos really drive home the point. The beauty industry is such a damn scam. It plays on the insecurities of women. And magazines show pics of near perfect looking women not telling you most of the images are photoshopped. To say the images are unrealistic would be an understatement.
    Those butt pics are something else. I will admit I am guilty of loving a nice But some of these butt implants have gotten out of hand. I like a woman that’s fit and in shape as well. But it has to look somewhat realistic to me. Many times you can tell it’s fake. If a white woman has a nice plump butt I would say 85% of the time it’s fake. Maybe with a few exceptions. And there are some Puerto rican women with nice butts but much of that is from their African genetics. I knew an African nurse that was a friend of my neighbor. She was a gorgeous woman. She had that coke bottle figure with the small waist and firm butt. I can’t lie brother! It made me weak in the knees every time I saw But she was a real cool lady and it was all natural. I’m just saying there are some women that do have it naturally. They don’t all need to go under the knife.

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    1. Listen I over stand a man’s prefect got a woman’s shape. I am very particular for a slim, toned woman with a nice but. But some kats go over board and are gassing up women too much. These females, many if them need to put down the fry chicken and pizza, think big means not shapely. Ad so they behave as if they could just throw anything out there and an ido5 will bite. As a matter of fact those types of males would hump a hitching post if they could. That’s how indiscriminate they are

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      1. Oh yeah I definitely know the type of guys you’re talking about. I work a few that have that same mentality. They really don’t discriminate at all. They’ll screw anything walking!


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