Chronicles of a long distance runner; pt6

Success is the best revenge

Success is the accomplishing of an aim or purpose. Success is no accident. Nor is  success a product of “luck”. Success is getting what you want.  Success comes from putting your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts.

There are no secrets to success. Do you want to be some one who fears failure or someone who embraces success? Success is not final, though. Each moment of measurable, successful moment or achievements adds up over a period of time. But you have to measure them in order to recognize them. Failure is not fatal either. It is the courage to continue that counts.

Today is day 30 of the reset of a reset of my reset to transform my mind and body. They body feels good, which is what you feel long before you start seeing the effects of your efforts. Mind you, the longer you are at it the more will see the visual effects.

Slowly my body clock appears to be righting itself,  but because my mind has come to see waking up in the early morn as a habit, I wake up and get up and do my road work each day with less grumbling. Yesterday I incorporated 100 kettle bell swings to the double kettle bell press and other exercise. Today I took it to the next level by adding weighted vests to my power walk ( the knees and left calf is better, but the surgical knee runs hot and cold, so I am giving it more time).

It’s remarkable what 12.5 additional pounds does for your legs, core and lungs. Especially after hitting those stairs, 3/4 of the way into the route. I can just imagine when I add the whole 65lbs, how much more the effort and effect will explode through the roof. When I was in the army, when the older vets prepared themselves for physical evaluation, they always strap on a 60 lbs rucksacks and forced March themselves into shape. Back them I didn’t over stand.  Now I do.

Today was a victory on many fronts.  I made it to 30 days, with just one or two stumbles. I made it with renewed vigor and commitment to focus on the next 30 days, with the additional 30 days down the line being the graduated phase. 90 days…12 weeks…where the basics of fitness becomes entrenched and fitness training becomes a habit-forming “exercise” ( no pun intended) to take you to the intermediate level.

Success is the best revenge. 

Throughout our lives, we have had to deal with negative energies from people who see no value in us and who we are. These people will heap scorn on or have low expectations of us, especially when we stumble,  fall or even just because they see in us an excuse to hide their own sad existence. I mean who shits on people they don’t know, for shits and giggles? Who denigrate their supposed friends, associates or even family members?

Only an asshole or someone hiding their own issues by projecting negativity on to someone else. Soon we incorporate these same negative energies into our day-to-day existence. We become the lies that people say about us.

A few of us will choose to fight back. But not necessarily directing the fight physically at the assholes. Though that is often not a bad idea. At the end of the day though, the best way to shut up people like that is to successfully transform yourself into a new person.

Most people will clown us for being overweight, too short, not attractive enough,  too boring, too old, too young, or lacking enough money to make them ignore all the other stuff I mention.

The only thing you cannot change from the list above is your height. You can transform your body through diet and exercise. Your look in many instances do improve when you start glowing from inside and away from an unhealthy lifestyle. In transforming your body and begin to glow from inside, you will find that it has a positive impact on your personality.

Mind you…people’s basic personality never changes. But with a renewed and healthier outlook, you will be able to manage the unavoidable flaws, while improving or eliminating the avoidable ones. See you don’t have to remain boring. We all age but we all don’t have to get old. Viewing the world through a healthy positive prism, ensures that people will see your age, yet not see your age.

Meditate on that for a bit.

As for not having too much money? Becoming a man or woman of “power”, will often render financial lack obsolete.

Let me explain. ..

Once your physical fitness level increases, it normally impacts the mind and emotions in a positive way. Having a positive outlook about who you are and about how you see the world, alters your personality from a boring one, to one that is attractive. Most people love to be around positive people.  They enjoy the good feelings they get from your presence. Positive personalities are always sought out and invited to every social gathering.

The attraction we feel being around someone with a positive energy and a positive personality is what pseudo scientists call magnetism.  A magnetic personality is often associated with power. Social power. Which is all that matters in this day and age. Social power is sexy, compelling and creates followers. If you already have intelligence and some level of eloquence, buried under your previously boring persona,  then when it comes out you become a sort of celebrity.

People give you things,  including money, jobs, access to jobs, networking assistance and a bevy of other stuff, you wouldn’t have had if you had not transformed yourself. Thus you become successful. A picture of the success of transformation.  So much so that those people who previously saw you as a laughing-stock, will marvel at you. They will even attempt to insinuate themselves into your new circle. Heck some may even say they knew you had it in you.

You have successfully changed the old image into newer, much more enjoyable one. Now isn’t this form of revenge the best meal served cold? And isn’t success the best revenge? Because it usually take’s anywhere from 30 days to 12 weeks to 25 years of hard work and dedication to be “discovered” as an overnight success.

Keep your head down and grind it out as if you are getting up in the a.m. and doing road work with the goal of being at an elite level.

Better than an angry retort, physically kicking some ass or curling up into a ball and rolling and way,  becoming successful is always the best revenge.


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