Something wicked this way comes

My friend just sent me this image. A river running red in Trelawny Jamaica. Of course the highly Christianized and superstitious people have claimed that this is a judgment from “god”…..

“yes he showed is self to me all the time for me to give my life to him and he vision me again last week this time he was standing outside the sky he was very pleasant this time with me maybe because I went to church 2 weeks ago he is not White his skin color is glowing like Carmel like brownish skin and when the sun blend in with his skin beautiful”

“christ is already here read your bible and do your research, the body is the temple and almighty dwell within. So how unnu a look fi him inna di sky. man divine, the almighty gave us dominion and power over all things. GOD= Geometry Of Dimension, we live on a dual plane”
Then of course there are the pseudo scientists who will automatically find a science based reason for this.
This is actually caused by the build-up of red algae. It’s called a “red tide.”
Know people would come wid that God nonsense.
The problem the red algae argument is that it only applies to stagnant or dead waters. This is obviously a free-flowing running water, so this does not apply. Some of the pseudo scientists insists this is a product of mineral run off into the waters. Now this has never happened before, therefore for minerals to be running into the water, it has to have done this in the past OR there are mining run offs that pollute the waters. Currently there are no mining being done there.
So what is causing this phenomena?
As for the bible thumpers….sigh! I could go into a vulgar rant about them and their slave mentality and backward ways, but I will refrain. I will speak on the ancestors though and what I learned from someone who does spiritual works.
Many will not over stand or will accept this. Nor should they.  This truth is only for those who are prepared to accept it. The rest of you will die in your ignorance and so must it be.
A confession: I have always been the kind of kat that is highly analytical and can intellectualize till the cows come home. I am the least spiritual person you will know. Not because I am not aware of it, but because my limited emotinally involved self could only accept it intellectually.
If I can’t touch it, see it, hear it or pee on it, it remains just a theory.  But spirituality goes beyond theory and is a real honest to goodness FEELING that not many today are lucky to be blessed with. By spirituality I am talking about the energies that my ancestors know of and use to navigate this minefield under white pathology.
Without going into too much details here, I will state this unequivocally. I have recentlt experienced the ancestors. This shit brought me to my knees and had me questioning so many years of intellectual masturbation.
I know people who practice ancestral rituals and I watch them with respect but without the emotional context necessary to truly embrace it.  Shout out to diary of a negress, is a Malik, Iya Nefertari Nzyngha and all my beloved sisters who are the tools of the ancestors to led us back to the ancient ways.
I truly over stand you and FEEL you now.
The ancestors are angry! They have been calling out to us from beyond the barrier to remember them. And to pay homage to them. Many of us are growing increasingly violent, deprived and insane, because those ignorant of the energies are spiritually closed and are frustrating the ancestors who have been trying to speak to us.
A small few who are aware of the energies are using them for destructive or personal purposes. Those ones have earned more than the ancestral wrath. It is mainly because of those one’s why a place like Jamaica is experiencing things that are unexplained there and totally ignored here.
It’s not just in Jamaica though, but across the globe, we are seeing things that are extremely ugly and are happening to African people beyond hue-man measures. We are so use to them that we accept them as normal.
This is sad.
We need to leave Christianinsanity, Arabism and all the other paths of people who don’t look like us or who have a different culture than us. We need to return to the path of our ancestors. They have been waiting for more than 1200 years. Certainly waiting for the last 500 years of the ma’afa.
Our arrogance has exposed our ass to the doers of ISFET,  who would gladly run up in there. Those who know will know why i am taking about. Those who don’t?  Well…Bob’s your uncle! And uncle bob is probably a savage anyway.
Stay tuned there is more to come as I work with this. Stay blessed but stay prepared.  Something wicked this way comes.

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