Of eagles and turkeys

One cannot help aging. But one can help getting “old”. One cannot help aging. But one can help growing “mature”. If as you age, you remain immature. It is just the same as growing “old”.

This requires deep thought!

What makes a great person great, is not that they become a different version of someone else. Or a slightly better version of someone else. What makes a great person great, is that they become a better version of themselves.

An eagle living among a group of turkey. Who complains about all they turkeys around it,  acting like turkeys,  will be ignored by others. It doesn’t matter if the turkeys the eagle hangs around are caged or free range. They still remain turkeys.

Don’t try to change  the turkeys around you. They are being themselves. Change from being among a group of turkeys. Remove yourself from around turkeys if you are an eagle.  Or else the energies of the turkeys will forever prevent you from being an eagle.

This requires deep thought!

Many an eagle have been served up on a farmer’s “thanks taking” platter, because they hang around turkeys so much, they start to look and act like turkeys. So when the farmer comes with his butcher knife, one turkey looks the same as another.

Whoops…there it is!

Well how does an eagle know when it doesn’t belong among turkeys? The frustration from its inability to fly, even when it never saw turkeys fly, is one example. All the eagle has to do is see ONE eagle fly by and its natural instinct to fly will kick in. If the eagle cannot master flying, it is not because it can’t,  it’s because it doesn’t know how or wasn’t shown how.

But in order to learn how to fly, the eagle HAS to remove itself from around turkeys. For the turkey energy will drain the eagle energy. The turkey energy is numerous and infectious. And while the eagle energy is more powerful, an eagle that doesn’t know it’s an eagle yet hangs around turkeys,  can never be as powerful as it naturally should be.

All an eagle has to do is look up. Look up. Look up from where it is. Eventually it will see an eagle fly by. And even if in its turkey state, its brain doesn’t recognize an eagle, it’s heart will recognize one. And in following its heart the eagle will find the courage to not only leave all those turkeys behind. It will find the will to attempt to fly.

This requires deep thoughts!

One last thing! There are two states in life.  Movement…which is life. And stagnation which is death. Death is part of the cycle of life. Many of us are confused with the idea of living your life as if there is no tomorrow. So they live their life without ANY regard for tomorrow. This is not what is meant by that statement.

Living your life as if there is no tomorrow, instructs us to get the MOST out of what we are doing now. But the most we are getting right now, should be an investment into tomorrow. If we are already doing the same thing and are getting the same results, every single day.

This is stagnation. You are killing your spirit and your purpose in life.

This requires deep thoughts!

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