The horrors of our shame

I am going to jump right into this by stating unequivocally, that there is a lot of pedophilia running rampant among black people. It’s not just the diaspora family, cut of from our authentic culture. It is also the continental family who are also cut off from their authentic culture.

The pedophilia runs across economic, reLIEgious and social lines. And we are destroying generation of children because some of the biggest enablers of the pedophilia are the women.

When i speak on pedophilia among us, i am talking strictly about adult male, female child or adult male, male child. While a few of us are alarmed at the increasing number of adult males molesting male children….which is devastating in it self….. or adult females molesting little girls and boys, we tend to cover up or become accepting of adult males molesting female children.

Cover up is the correct words. Unless we start killing these reprobates. Unless we stop looking the other way when your child complains about uncle Jerry touching her. Or your new man touching her. We are enabling pedophilia and covering up these sick acts, to the detriment of our children’s sanity and future.

Too many adults are careless, reckless and negligent in raising and protecting our children. Too many of us allowing our children to be little adults long before their minds and emotions are ready….if they ever become ready…and we parade them around dubious characters who we KNOW or suspect of being perverts.

Yet we act all shocked and surprised when they are molested. One of the worse behaviour though, comes from the single mothers who will pick up any shit bag as a sexual partner, never vetting them, nor setting a standard around their own needs, only to have these animals casting lascivious eyes on her daughters.

Unfortunately many single mothers who do this are themselves often molestation victims or women with severe daddy issues. Women with daddy issues forever seek to find that paternal love, denied her as a child by a dude who sired her but never fathered her.

And don’t get it twisted. Many of these dudes, live at home, compounding the desire of those emotionally broken women to have the love of their father extended to them.

ultimately the worst behaviour comes from whatever remnant of manhood we have left.  We not only refuse to kill a pedophile, but many of us will DEFEND a nukka lusting after a teenager or pre-teen. Once we look the other way as men. Once we choose to allow a pedophile to live, we fail our women and children.

The ancestors should sew our mouth up, when we twist it to talk grimy about white people and their own fuckery around pedophilia. Until we clean up this fuckery among ourselves, we should not be chastising what other people are doing.

This article was sent to me by a friend. This is the neighborhood I grew up in. I don’t care what the idiots with their heads in the sand feel, this nation is filled with sex predators of both genders.

Rent a girl problem

A sex offender, or pedophile, is a male who commits the offense, or the females who go along with it, participates in it, or defends the animal that does it.

The Afrikan has descended from a people spiritually obsessed ( if there is such a thing) to a low vibration being that is sex obsessed. We have transformed the healing frequency of sex into the destructive frequency of rape.

We have taken on the spirit or yurugu. A psychosexual, psychosocial, maladaptive and violently aggressive subhuman species. We have become what we once abhorred. And our children suffer for this. This is the horror of our shame. Forced removed from paradise to being forced on to plantation  sex farms and being forced/coerced into embracing a foreign culture through the deification of them and their excesses.

To be better we must do better. And it starts with protecting our honor, dignity and our children. Our most vulnerable assets.