Chronicles of the long distance runner; pt7

Today is day 45 of the reset of my reset of a another reset. Half way into my personal 90 day basic training. I told you all, that you will start to feel the transformation long before you start to seeing it. Boy am I seeing it now.

45 days in and I have no alarm clock to wake me in the wee hours to train. No alarm clock, because my motivation is my alarm clock. And a properly motivated individual can wear down even the Terminator. A properly motivated individual would outlast the energizer bunny.

Overstand that life has peaks and valleys. Accept it because life rides a wave. An energy wave. It is called a WAVE because it ebbs and then flows. Flows and the ebbs. Once we overstand that ebb and flow, peaks and valleys are part of this thing called life, we will stop seeing then as negative and positive. We will see them as challenges and opportunities.

Seeing opportunities in every challenges grows you. It grows your mind and spirit. Because nature is life and life is the best teacher. It is imperative that we become or once again become students of nature. Of life.

Everyday on the Afrikan savannah, the gazelle runs fast, to prevent being eaten by the lion. At the same time, every day in that same savannah, the lion runs fast in order to eat the gazelle.

Make a decision right now! Are you the gazelle? Or are you the lion?

Some people may have the talent. Some may have the genetics. Some may have been given a head start, via a network or seeded opportunities. Some may even have a combination of all those. However, for those combination to succeed, they all must have one attribute that ties them all together.

“One ring that binds them all”

These are habits that coincide with their goals.

We may not have the “right” genetics. We may not have the natural talent. But we can develop the habits that turn whatever gift we do have, into a talent that becomes infused into our DNA.

Remember hard work, beats talent, if talent does not work hard. Success is in our hands and it is up to us. Nature gives us multiple weapons and opportunities. But we waste these weapons worrying about what others think about us. What people think about us, especially those negative people, will never destroy us. It is what WE think about ourselves that destroy us.

Or lifts us up!

So form habits of success. Form good habits. Habits that moves you closer to your goals. But make sure your goals are sound. Make sure your goals are solid. Knowing and having sound goals will make the habits easier to sustain.

Now on to day number 46 —->