The most disrespected person in amurdikkka

The above was taken from a 1962 speech at the funeral of Ronald Stokes, who was assassinated by the race soldiers of white pathology.

1962! That’s 45 years ago.

45 years ago and in 2017 the black woman is even more disrespected, unprotected and a neglected person in amurdikkkka….and seeing the way amurdikkka influenced the world…. she is thus treated this way all across the globe.

The latest story circulating on the internet, about serial pedophile and kneegrow icon, Robert Kelly, and his legion of closeted pedophiles, rapists and celebrity worshippers, highlighted how the black woman is viewed, both by the black men and black women.

Mind you…the blackwomen does buy into the negative images of themselves that both create and suffer from disrespect, neglect and lack of protection. However, just because some black woman suffer from trauma and self-esteem issues, does not negate the reality of her status as…..

“The most disrespected woman in America, is the black woman. The most un-protected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America, is the black woman.”

….especially by the very same person who is supposedly her natural complement, protector and provider.

The black man!

Too many sisters have become disappointed in, untrusting and fearful of the black man. They have shared too many personal stories, with me, of childhood molestation, rapes and attempted rapes, physical abuses and the often over looked…..emotional abuse and manipulation.

As men we have to hold each other accountable for the wrongs we do and continue to do against each other, our women and children. As men we have to set a standard where any physical violation of our women and children will be met with the utmost prejudice. And as men, this standard should first be administered to those among us who are the main violators of our women and children.

Lets have a conversation around this issue. Let’s have this conversation for healing purposes and to appease the ancestors who have cried out to us to come home to them as fully healed and complete hue-man being.

Being, growing, coming into self!