The most disrespected person in amurdikkka

The above was taken from a 1962 speech at the funeral of Ronald Stokes, who was assassinated by the race soldiers of white pathology.

1962! That’s 45 years ago.

45 years ago and in 2017 the black woman is even more disrespected, unprotected and a neglected person in amurdikkkka….and seeing the way amurdikkka influenced the world…. she is thus treated this way all across the globe.

The latest story circulating on the internet, about serial pedophile and kneegrow icon, Robert Kelly, and his legion of closeted pedophiles, rapists and celebrity worshippers, highlighted how the black woman is viewed, both by the black men and black women.

Mind you…the blackwomen does buy into the negative images of themselves that both create and suffer from disrespect, neglect and lack of protection. However, just because some black woman suffer from trauma and self-esteem issues, does not negate the reality of her status as…..

“The most disrespected woman in America, is the black woman. The most un-protected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America, is the black woman.”

….especially by the very same person who is supposedly her natural complement, protector and provider.

The black man!

Too many sisters have become disappointed in, untrusting and fearful of the black man. They have shared too many personal stories, with me, of childhood molestation, rapes and attempted rapes, physical abuses and the often over looked…..emotional abuse and manipulation.

As men we have to hold each other accountable for the wrongs we do and continue to do against each other, our women and children. As men we have to set a standard where any physical violation of our women and children will be met with the utmost prejudice. And as men, this standard should first be administered to those among us who are the main violators of our women and children.

Lets have a conversation around this issue. Let’s have this conversation for healing purposes and to appease the ancestors who have cried out to us to come home to them as fully healed and complete hue-man being.

Being, growing, coming into self!

The most frustrated man

The most frustrated man is not he was born and brought up in poverty.

The most frustrated man is not he who experiences a loss of love or fortune.

The most frustrated man is not he who experience physical pain or debilitating diseases. Who exists in society’s cellar, looking up at those in society’s penthouse. Wishing he could partake of all the “good” things he sees there.

The most frustrated man is he who has or sees no purpose to his life. Such a man is dead before he dies. Such a man lives a life perpetually governed by fear. He is afraid to leave the security of his bed, his house and venture out into the world were nothing is guaranteed, yet everything is possible.

The most frustrated man will see excuses where solution resides. He will see failure where success awaits him. He will expect road blocks when the way has always been open.

Such a man has taken up space where purposeful living people tread. He has been found sleeping on life’s sidewalk, causing people who are purposely go about their lives, to step over him.

Such is the daily state of the frustrated man. A man who sees no joy where sunshine and warm days invite him. Who experience no love, even as love beckons to him.

This is the way of the most frustrated man.

But you don’t have to be that man. Here is why:

This is madness

“This is Truly disgusting and the comments of the brothas on this post clearly show that Black women who embrace Afurakan culture are ignored or viewed as non existent. Black ppl are really fucked up when you see shyt like this it shows that our brothas not only dislike us they also want to see us disgraced in the face of the world.” 

The above statement was sent to me by my sister friend Kentake Malopenza early this morning. She was making reference to this post below by well a known con man and pimp who goes by the name of Polight.

Before proceeding I would like to insert a disclaimer. I do not have a problem with white people who wear traditional Afrikan clothing, purchase traditional or use traditional Afrikan cultural items or even practice specific Afrikan cultural practices. Go ahead and make them paper. I say that because as long as we continue to engage in and immerse ourselves in specific European cultural practices and norms….including clothing….we are hypocritical in our response to them doing the same.

White people have no problem selling us their culture. Arabs have no problem selling us their culture. Asians have no problems selling us their culture. And I would bet that the creature from the black lagoon, would have no problem selling us his culture, once he came up out of the swamp and established a shop on a corner or inside a mall, situated in a neighborhood of kneegrows.

Everybody sells his culture to the kneegrow, yet retains 100 percent ownership of the production and distribution of these cultural image and effect. The kneegrow is the only ethnic entity. The only sentient being that would GIVE his and her culture AWAY to everybody else, because they neither respect or is interested in the preservation of Afrikan culture. For themselves and their children.

The kneegrow is the only ethnic group whose offspring is not taught to respect or carry Afrikan culture forward as a collective nor for relevancy.  The only exception for me would be when they give away our ancestral veneration practices, and teach white people our spiritual practices. It is not called ANCESTRAL practices without reason. But then again the kneegrow would rather bow to a foreign god than genuflect to the Orishas. Thus each generation renders our cultural practices irrelevant through neglect and personal shaming, because the previous generation see no value in Afrikan culture.

Now I would like to discuss the comment by Polight and the many black women hating/white woman loving, “nig nag pollywag see the dog with a boner” for white women. These males could not help showing their disdain and dislike of black women. So much so that they couldn’t defend white people wearing Afrikan clothes…like I did above…without resorting to taking large and sporadic shits on black women. If I criticize black people, Afrikans and kneegrows it is because of certain things they do that highlights their mental state and contradictory behavior. Even in pointing out specific negative behavior by a black woman, it is done so with in the context of offering a constructive solution afterwards.

But man…these self hating kneegrows show their asses when they tear into black women from any and all angles. The hatred looks, smells and even taste like genocidal rage and self-destruction. Any person bent on doing, saying or practicing something contrary or destructive will use “any excuse” to justify what thy do and say.


Thus we see Polight…a kat who made money from black people, turn around and talk grimy about black people not supporting him and would go out of his way to promote his friendship with white people, hookers and transsexuals. Clear contradiction to how he claimed to be, when back people where the only ones who supported him at a time when his hustle originally got started.

I am in the process of penning a post about the negative dynamics between black men and women, but felt compelled to interrupt it to voice my opinion on this travesty of kneegrow dumb proportion. Based on things I have seen, read and heard over the last decade, i have concluded that there is a segment of kneegrow males across the globe who have an almost reLIEgious hatred and disdain for black women. It appears Polight has quite a few of these types running behind him as his groupies.

It is sad, pathetic and tree times hurtful seeing males who are supposed to be the protector and provider of she who the universe gifted us as our natural complement, turn around and treat her like a mortal enemy. All the while treating the daughter of our natural enemy like SHE is his natural complement. Even though HER natural complement has historically and ourstorically, protected her by ritually murdering us while supporting her by stealing from us to uplift her way of life.

The kneegrow has abdicated his role as protector of the black woman and because of this its imperative that those asafos remaining, need to step up our game by defending and supporting her, through our leadership, as jegnas and if possible with, possible with corrective methods. Kneegrows at both extreme ends of the hatred brigade, like Polight, Tommy Sottomayor and those in between should serve as practice, for the other enemies at our gate.

This requires some deep meditation.