Living between the numbers

The day you were born and the day you eventually die is designated as numbers written in stone. Mourners and birthers each express their specific joys or sorrows depending on which end of the number you appear on. Yet each unconsciously miss the important number. The numbered period between the day you were born and the day you die. These two dates. This period between the two written down numbers, will tell the universe and the ancestors on the other side of this realm, how you lived.

Many of us, when in our youthful stage, behave as if we have a thousand years of living to do. So we act as if there is no rush to do what is important and enduring. We waste time and we put of till tomorrow what we could have done today. As we move into the latter stages of our existence, we tend to lament on how little time we have left. Again we waste time dwelling on what we could have done, instead of looking at what more we could do.

A wise brother once told me that we must live as if we have to pay rent everyday. This is the old school hustler’s creed. The old school hustlers believe that once you stop moving you die. Today hustling takes on a singularly negative connotation and a distinctively modern apathy.

The urgency of fitting as much living into your day-to-day,  should drive you or inspire you to drive yourself to accomplish relevant things. I emphasise relevant, because many of us strive to fit irrelevant things into our lives when we are young, believing these things are part of our “thousand year”journey. Some of this adherence to irrelevancy carries over into our later years and tells the world we unnecessarily wasted years of our lives and have actually died inside before physical death occurs.

Living as if we have to pay rent everyday does not necessary mean you must approach life in a scared and stressful way. What it means though is to live your life as if it’s the last day of your life. The last month of your life. The last year of your life.

Live it with a sense of urgency that forces us to strip away things less important or needed in those last days, month or years.

To live as if it’s the last day, month or year of your life, either make you curl up impotently in fear, awaiting the inevitable OR it most likely will make you assess what is THE MOST important things to you. At this moment you begin to really see what is most relevant to you and what is most relevant to do before you transition.

The most valuable commodity we have on this earth……is time. Time for love, time to live. From the moment we are birth through the sacred portal and deposited here, we start to die. Let me repeat this truth. From the moment the hue-man body is born, it begins dying. Some happens faster. Some happens slower. Some of us help them die faster. And some of us prevent it from happening sooner than later.

We start to die because our time here is limited. If each of us were given $8640 to spend in a day, how would we spend it? Most of us would spend it on frivolous shit. Because we live our lives frivolously. The thing is each day we fail to spend the full $86400 we don’t carry over to the next day, that extra amount we finish the day with.

Back in my military days, when we went on the range, we are given a specific amount of ammo to use. What ever is left over at the end of the day is subtracted from the amount the next time we go out on the range. This would be awkward because it limits the amount of ammunition needed to obtain proficiency and it limits our time on the range on the follow-up day. So what we had to do was ensure every single ammunition is spent that day before turning in our weapons.

Now imagine if that $86400 was valuable time we have to spend in a day? Fact is 86400 is the amount of seconds we have in a day. The higher achievers among us spend a minimum of six hours or 21600 seconds, sleeping. Sometimes they even spend less time sleeping in order to achieve their goals. This leaves them with 64800 seconds or dollars to spend each day. Or 64800 seconds of valuable time left to live a meaningful life each day.

How many seconds and how many minutes do we waste everyday doing things that are nowhere near the goals and aspirations and passions that we have inside? How many times throughout the course of a day, we ask ourselves what “did i accomplish today”?

Do you have goals? What are they? What are you doing to achieve them? Are these goals set to elevate you? To make you a better person? Or are your goals that of impermanence. Are they goals that net you very little? If so do you have the courage and character to reset and restart?


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