The most frustrated man

The most frustrated man is not he was born and brought up in poverty.

The most frustrated man is not he who experiences a loss of love or fortune.

The most frustrated man is not he who experience physical pain or debilitating diseases. Who exists in society’s cellar, looking up at those in society’s penthouse. Wishing he could partake of all the “good” things he sees there.

The most frustrated man is he who has or sees no purpose to his life. Such a man is dead before he dies. Such a man lives a life perpetually governed by fear. He is afraid to leave the security of his bed, his house and venture out into the world were nothing is guaranteed, yet everything is possible.

The most frustrated man will see excuses where solution resides. He will see failure where success awaits him. He will expect road blocks when the way has always been open.

Such a man has taken up space where purposeful living people tread. He has been found sleeping on life’s sidewalk, causing people who are purposely go about their lives, to step over him.

Such is the daily state of the frustrated man. A man who sees no joy where sunshine and warm days invite him. Who experience no love, even as love beckons to him.

This is the way of the most frustrated man.

But you don’t have to be that man. Here is why: